World’s biggest outboard, Top baits this weekend, Heat front lizards


Today’s Top 5

400 hp outboard? How about 557?




Small-block Chevy meets cowling, the Seven Marine 557:

Dang! I can see one on Randy Hopper’s personal 30-foot Ranger….

Top baits from the TTBC.





Brent Ehrler won it thanks to an 11th-hour 10-lber and because Keith Combs wanted someone else to win it this time…lol. Anyhoo, Brent texted me the follerin’:

> Fished deep the entire tournament. Points and humps offshore, 15 to 25 feet.

> Lucky Craft 3.5 DD, 3/4-oz Boss Football Jig with a 5″ Yamamoto Double Tail Grub, and 3/4-oz Boss jighead with a 6″ swimbait. Pearl threadfin for the crank, green pumpkin on the jig and multiple different shad colors on the swimmer. Didn’t matter, if it was shaddy and swam, they bit it.

Roger that. So…I buy all this stuff — plus Sunline fluoro — and I’m good? HAHAHA! Dang straight, here’s 2nd and 3rd:

> Jason Christie: …fished a myriad of deep diving crankbaits, but caught several key fish on a silent Bomber Fat Free Shad BD7. He also threw different 6″ to 7″ hollo- bodied swimbaits, including an out-of-production YUM Money Minnow, rigged on a 1-oz jighead. …Sunline fluorocarbon….

> Andy Morgan: “Every fish I ended up weighing in came on a Zoom Magnum Trick Worm in green pumpkin rigged with a 1/2-oz weight.”

Btw check the size of this trophy…

…but WWE wins: #goingblind




Won by Clint “make my day, punk” Brown by bed- and junk-fishing:

> …a 3/8-ounce Dirty Jigs swim jig in a shad color with a white NetBait Paca Craw….
> …1/2-ounce Bass Pro Shops buzzbait [white/chartreuse]…
> …sight-fishing bait was a Okeechobee craw-colored Bruiser Baits Intruder on a 1/4-ounce weight….
> …a Spro Bronzeye Popping Frog fished around bream beds….

Used 65-lb PowerPro braid because:

Lake Seminole bass have the biggest, sharpest teeth I’ve ever seen on bass. Too many times they’ve cut my line, so I go big with braid almost all the time now.

Other nos — baits were all over the map, interesting:

> 3rd: Tim Reneau, 1.25-ounce [heavy!] Strike King Hack Attack jigs in blue craw and candy craw tipped with Strike King Rage Bugs. [combo=M-O-N-E-Y]

> 4th: Scott Wiley caught all his keepers with a SPRO Bronzeye Frog in rainforest black.

> 5th: John Hunter fished deep with a Zoom Ol’ Monster worm (plum) and a Strike King 10XD (citrus shad) — is this the first recorded instance of a 10XD whackin’ ’em on Seminole??




Friggin’ California. That’s the conclusion of a report:

> A ban on lead fishing tackle would likely reduce angler activity in CA….

> A survey of tackle manufacturers indicated that the price impact of producing lures…and terminal tackle with lead substitutes would double costs on average.

> …approximately 5 percent of anglers would leave the sport or nearly 80,000 anglers.

> …anglers who continue to fish, 18 percent would fish fewer days, each fishing 21 percent fewer days on average.

Whachoo you say about this Mr. Lazarus?

Howell’s pond rig.





Word is you can fit 17 clowns in that car.




1. Watch Evers fish live.

2. New McKinnis autobiography.

Don’t think it’ll have the story about how Mercer got hired, but it’s a good one!

3. AL: Dude catches $25,000 bass.

Exact 7-lber in Marks Outdoors derby. His girl ran the net. Awesome.

4. TN: Charity derby on Pickwick this weekend.

5. Echo wins again.


Bob McDaniel and Rick Browning weighed 21.33 and had the beeg feesh (7.8) at the Toho ‘Trap-only darby. The big’un was caught on the new ECHO 1.75 squarebill in sexy chrome:

If yer countin’, that makes two Rat-L-Trap Opens in a row won on the new ECHO. Check ’em here on

6. TX: Scroggins, VanDam think Fork over-fished?

You tell me.

7. AR: Great tribute to Ronnie Everett.

Big C got him. RIP bassin’ brother.

8. SC: Bass boat crash at Marion.

9. MI: Bass boat hits pontoon on Templene.

10. TN: FL fingerlings in Ft Loudoun.

11. WI: Check the WI River Series.

12. KY/TN: Yak Open on Kentucky/Barkley.

This weekend. Yak say:

13. MO: Helias Catholic adds bass team.

14. Triple Fish line relaunches.

15. Marty Robinson on Bass Edge Radio.

16. New 4.5″ Keitech Swing Impact.

EVERYBODY uses these, so this is fo sho news:

17. Huk sponsors Chesapeake Elite.

18. MO: Republic HS champs.

19. The one-eyed soldier.

Great article on a bassin’ hero by Alan “Guck” McGuckin.

Headline of the Day

Bass live long and feed a lot

Peas are round and green a lot. Word.

Tip of the Day



> When you get a week of average temps and all of a sudden the temperature sky-rockets into the 80s or 90s (or higher), water temps change drastically. It’s like what happens during a cold front, but in reverse. And the effects on bass and other fish are the same — their movements slow.

> I often hold off fishing my best spots until late in the day when temperatures stabilize somewhat. By this time, the biggest fish with the most mass will have had time to acclimate to the change and will be more active.

> The bass that do feed during these dramatic shifts in water temperature often look for the biggest meal with the least amount of metabolic effort. Like any host of large amphibians, salamanders and the like.

> With its many appendages, a lizard displaces more water and produces more vibrations, which the bass picks up via its lateral line.

Quote of the Day


I fished a lot of dead water today.


Johnny Crews at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic…which used to be conducted by a group called the PAA — anyone remember them?

Crews, I’m not pro, man, but not thinking that’s a good strategy?

Shot of the Day


Don’t think we’ve run this shot yet. Killer.

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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