Weekend’s giant bass parade, Derby win details, Jordon’s big spoons


Today’s Top 4


This weekend’s lunky donker parade.

First 3 from Texas, believe all went into the TX ShareLunker breeding program.

15.18, caught by Shannon Elvington (left) on Lake Ray Roberts (new lake record) with Dannie Golden of Git Bit Guide Service. Lucky Craft jerkbait in 22 feet. He caught a 10 that morning too!

14.32, Darrell Tompkins on Rayburn, spinnerbait shallow.

13.43, Wayne Triana at the Bass Champs derby on Rayburn, on a 6th Sense Crush 500DD crankbait.

Now one from Cali, Ralph Encizo won a derby at Don Pedro with a limit that included a 13.80 (left).

Won by 15-ox with 76-00, most weight from spawners. Best rig was:

> … black-and-blue Gambler Fat Ace stickworm rigged with a 3/8-oz Reins tungsten sinker and a TroKar TK130 5/0 hook.

[Not black-n-blue but here’s a pic:]
> …corners of smaller, broken pad fields where bass could easily access the stems and roots as nesting sites.

> He slowly shook the Fat Ace into the key corner clump and waited for the bite.

Said key was Power-Poles holding him in place.

A more interesting pattern…

…happened at the BFL on Grand Lake. Dude won with 4 fish for 22-14, longlined and threw an A-rig:

> “The fish were headed back towards those steep [creek] banks to spawn.”

> Moore sat in about 30 feet [and] threw up to 15 feet. His baits of choice were a sexy shad-colored Skirmish Jerkbait and an umbrella rig rigged with Gene Larew Sweet Swimmers and blue smoke-colored Strike King KVD swimbaits.
> “If there were a lot of dead shad in the water due to the cold, the Skirmish jerkbait worked really well. I’d spool line out, and work it to get it deep, a technique called longlining. If that wasn’t working I’d throw the umbrella rig.”

Tulsa again, but is the Classic migrating?

> …moved to March 4-6, 2016, to better accommodate anglers’ and sponsors’ preseason schedules and other industry events.

I guess by “other industry events” they mean WINTER hahaha!

Seriously, if the Classic doesn’t have to be in Feb that means August is theoretically possibile again, which would be sweet…like it was in Pittsburgh:

Okay, maybe a bad example….


1. King finished 4th.

Biggest news from the Toho FLW: Stacey King finished 4th, his first derby back since beating cancer (and he’s still a bit weak from it). AWESOME.

2. Evers-Optima warriors tour…

…starts this weekend, benefits Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation = cool.

  • March 14 – Orange, TX
  • April 4 – Guntersville, AL
  • May 30 – Paris, TN
  • July 25 – Waddington, NY
  • Aug. 8 – Cecil County, MD

3. Brent Chapman wants to fish against you.

Dare to compare:

> “We will be selecting 13 challengers in 2015 from all over the country. We’ll be filming most of the shows on off weeks between Elite Series events. This year we’ll be traveling from coast to coast which makes filming in almost any state a possibility.”

4. Dennis TJ gets Bayou Rum.

I’m diggin’ the gator:

5. Allison/Yammy mpg record?

> Paired with a Yamaha SHO 4-stroke outboard, a 21-foot 2014 Allison XB-21 BasSport Pro has produced test results that are previously unheard of in the fishing industry. The combo reached a peak efficiency of 5.75 MPG at 27 MPH. Even at the full speed of 84.9 MPH, the efficiency of the combo was 4.02 MPG.

6. Deets behind the Shadow Rap.

Interesting piece by Bernie Schultz on how and why Rapala’s new bait was developed and constructed. I read it 2x.

7. Pradco reshuffles again.

Glad to see Bruce Stanton still in charge of fishing. No reason to doubt Ebsco, but hope all the new bureaucracy has a point….

Word is this guy was responsible:

8. MD: 2 bull sharks in lower Potomac!!

No more wading there!

9. TX: TTBC musical lineup.

Billy Currington, Lee Brice, Rodney Atkins and Joe Nichols. No idea who they are. Next time get King’s X — they’re from Texas!

10. Cousins, Castaway merge.

11. G. Loomis’ Guaranteed Love for 2015.

> G.Loomis continues its ‘Guaranteed Love’ program for 2015, enabling anglers to purchase any G. Loomis fishing rod – from the just announced E6X bass rods through the NRX series – and have a full 30 days to fall in lover with it. And if you don’t? Just bring it back.

Tip of the Day

He said it, I didn’t:

> “I had known about the big 6-inch flutter spoons for some time…but I just never had considered using them. Then, when I found a school of bass suspended about 25 feet deep off an old sunken bridge and didn’t have any other lures I could use efficiently at that depth, I put one on.

> “On my first cast, I counted it down to what I thought would be the right depth, jerked it once, and a 6-pound bass just slammed it. I caught a 4-pounder the next cast, and that’s how it started. I caught 15 bass on my first 15 casts before I lost one.”

> “The winter months are a good time to use big spoons because they do work so well in deep water, especially when the fish are very close to the bottom. I like to make a cast, let the spoon sink completely to the bottom, then hop it lightly. I do this with my rod tip and only hop the lure 6-12 inches up above the bottom at a time, and after two or three hops, I’ll just let the spoon lie motionless.

> “I have actually had bass pick up my spoon when it is lying on the bottom, but not often. Most strikes come either as the spoon begins its upward movement, or when it’s falling.”

> If he locates bass suspended five or six feet above the bottom, Jordon will still begin by making short bottom hops with the spoon, but then he’ll suddenly rip the lure up through the fish and let it fall again. When fish are suspended even higher, he’ll cast beyond them, let the spoon sink, then begin swimming it back, sometimes reeling really fast, then stopping so the spoon sinks.

Check out flutter spoons on here.

Quote of the Day

I think the Most Interesting Man Alive has a poster of Tommy Sanders on his wall.

Dave Mercer talkin’ on ’bout the one and only T-Dog Sanders, simply the best. Glad B.A.S.S. gave him a little limelight. Other choice quotes from the article:

> Jerry McKinnis: “It’s almost like you’ve done a really great job if they don’t even know you showed up. That’s almost kind of an insult. Tommy’s great at disappearing, but that’s what that guy is supposed to do, make that other guy the star.”

> Zona: “He’s the Al Michaels of The Bassmasters. He could literally leave The Bassmasters tomorrow and do Monday Night Football.” [True statement — though Z could too.]

My fave line:

> Sanders serves as the face of Bassmaters TV….

BassMATERS sounds a little…TV-14, if you know what I mean….

Little-known fact (possibly) is Tommy got his start doing many of the voices behind these well-known characters from the He-Man series:

Okay, okay — Tommy deserves WAY more props than he gets. He makes everyone around him look and feel better. Amazing dude…and wittier than any 10 peep combined.

Shot of the Day

Not the biggest bass today, but the purtiest fer sher — Joe Bruce, 9.21 from New Melones, CA:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!


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