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Today’s Top 3

Bait-related today, but first, wanted to convey my great sympathy to both families affected by the recent vehicle accident in Georgia involving Brent Ehrler and another party who died at the scene. Tragic, and obviously even unintentionally making it sound anything less than very serious ain’t cool.

1. Fat Free Shad gets square.

Don’t know if you caught this coming outta ICAST, but the always-reliable Bomber Fat Free Shad now has 2 models with square lips.

> The BDSL6F runs to 9 feet and the BDSL7F (below) to about 12 feet, and both come in eight of the most effective, cutting-edge and fish-catching color patterns.

> Both sizes ride with a more nose-down attitude that places the treble hooks behind the body to further reduce snags.

2. Does fluorescent stuff really work?

From a post:

> [A study took] a look at the preference of largemouth bass when faced with the option of eating normal-colored zebra danios, or selecting genetically modified zebra danios that were altered to produce a red fluorescent color.

> In experiments including habitat complexity, red-fluorescent-protein zebra danios were approximately twice as vulnerable as [normal colored fish] to predation by largemouth bass.

Hmm. Reminds me: Seen a lot of Brent Chapman’s Tightlines UV shirt and boat this year, thanks to his tail-kicking on the Elites, so at ICAST I wandered over to the TUV booth and got the tour. The gist is simple: Fish apparently can see in the UV spectrum and we can’t. Here’s an example of what they see with tightlines baits, in case you missed it in the ICAST BassBlasters (top is white light, bottom is UV light):

Guess there’s something to this….

3. YUMphibian a customizable bait.

You could really fish this like a craw, a worm or a lizard, and can adjust it to taste. Ever fished with one of these multi-purpose plastics? Specs:

> The multiple appendages kick out more water displacement and disturbance than any other creature bait.

> Any of the appendages can be pinched off if the fish want a more subtle action to match any condition.

> The YUMphibian comes in three sizes (4 ½-, 5 ¼- and 6-inches) and 10 color patterns. With YUM F2 Attractant infused into the bait during the molding process, it constantly and consistently releases a strong scent trail.


Tip of the Day

Pinning a swimbait deep.

Interesting stuff from big bass guru Bill Siemantel, one of those things I read and can’t wait to try:

> The classic late-summer big-bait spot is a deep hump with weeds down to 25 or 30 feet. I’ll put on a black-and-white swimbait and cast well over the hump. I then slow-roll along bottom up toward the hump. As soon as I start to feel the resistance of the weeds, I kill the retrieve. This puts the nose of the bait inside the weedline, with the tail sticking out.

> At this point, I begin to experiment. I’ll deadstick it, I’ll shake it, I’ll pop it, all the while being careful not to force the whole bait into the weeds.

> Bass really like to pin preyfish against that grass, and when they see that tail sticking out, they’ll come right up and strike the bait. You may not get them on the first hit, but keep working the bait, because they’ll come back and try three, even four times.

> You have to think of that deep weededge just like you would a bluff wall or vertical channel edge. The wolfpacks hover in deeper water, running and pinning fish against that weed wall. Get your bait up against that weed wall, and you’ll get bit.



Quote of the Day

For me when it’s game time, I just have the ability to have total focus…absolute total focus. The competitive spirit doesn’t matter – you have to bring a totally different mentality to it.

When you say, ‘Let’s go’…everything changes…everything in my body…my mind…changes.

KVD to B.A.S.S.’s don barone about…well, it’s obvious ain’t it?


Shot of the Day

A 13.30 caught from the CA Delta. In May, but who cares – look at that thing!


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