Just swing already, African goldfish bass, Practice is a killer!


Today’s Top 5

Don’t be afraid to swing.




I guess? Justin Lucas at the Delta:

J-Lu at Havasu (rhymes mang!) today:

Is that youth? Confidence? Recklessness? A new kind of hook? Nope. One of J-Lu’s baby pics ‘splains all:

Speaking of swinging…




one guy’s experience fishing an Alabama rig for the first time:

If you’ve never used one but want to know what it’s like, tie three and a half pounds of silverware to the line on one of your rods and throw it.


Hahahaha! Also be sayin’:

> I was having a great workout heaving it with my flippin’ rod until I went to set the hook for the first time and snapped it off. For a minute, I just sat there and stared at the water, like I was half expecting it to come shooting back out of the water into the boat with a fish attached to it.

> I was using the line I had on my rod at the time, which was 40 lb. braid tied with one of those good knots where you end up with three tag ends, but I clearly should have been using something stronger. Like anchor rope.

He was like:

On the other hand, this guy:

Goldfish bass are in Africa too.




Huh. I now want to catch one.

Sent in by one of our South African brothers, tx man!

Vid: Shad spawn bite.




Cool quick clip from Mikey B./Gambler — lookit the shad jump on the hookset:

Check this GA bucket!




Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaail no I’m not touchin’ that with my bare hands:

Hahaha great catch darlin’! Weighed 12.




1. Wheeler wins derby with BBall bbud.

Indiana Pacers playah Paul George fish’t a Tuesday-nighter with J-Wheels on Geist Reservoir, just outside Indy, and won it:

Did I mention it’s Wheels’ home lake??

2. Does G-Man sing?

Is it just me or does it look like he’s doing a little “la-la-la-la” here?

3. TX/LA: T-Bend has had record DD bass…

…3 years in a row.

4. Guido Hibdon’s derby start.

Betcha didn’t know:

> Hibdon’s customers urged him to try fishing one of the major tournaments that were coming to the [Lake of the Ozarks], but he declined at first. The loss of scheduled guide trips meant the loss of income…Hibdon couldn’t afford to lose guaranteed money.

> He changed his mind when his customers…offered to pay for his entry fee to the tournaments.

> Hibdon won the first BASS tournament he ever competed in when he weighed in 56 pounds, 4 ounces in a 3-day competition in 1980 on…Lake of the Ozarks. He went on to establish a career that few can match. He won the Bassmaster Classic in 1988 and Angler of the Year honors in 1990 and 1991. He finished in the top 50 of BASS tournaments 110 times.

Guido, Larry, Gent George, Denny, Shuffield, Cook, etc — all those guys can still beat pretty much anyone any time mang!

As my Ukrainian soccer coach used to say: “This makes no logic.”

6. CO: How to fish for smallies class May 20.

I will save you the trouble: Rig up something chartreuse or green pumpkin, then reel.

7. Now Humminbirds play nice together.


> …a free download available through each unit owner’s “My Humminbird” account that seamlessly integrates 800, 900 and 1100 Series units with ONIX.

> …offers significant performance upgrades and features, including the ability to share waypoint data (and Spot-Locks) in both directions between core units and ONIX.

> …a new waypoint list view that allows easy viewing of map areas with dense waypoint clustering, which will be of particular interest to tournament anglers and guides.

> …imports and converts Raymarine, Lowrance, Garmin and Google Earth waypoints, which can be immediately shared between ONIX and core units on the same network. No PC or laptop required.

8. MS: Lamar open again.

500K FL-strain basses in there.

20K basses. It’s a start.

10. NJ: Fishing buddy license update.

Senate approved, odd idea?

> The bill would allow both New Jersey residents and nonresidents older than 16 to apply for a fishing buddy license when someone who hasn’t bought one since 2010 applies at the same time, according to a news release and the bill itself.

11. B.A.S.S. telemarketing too much?

Could this be true B.A.S.S.? If so, needs a wrench…for fixin’….

12. BoatUS now part of GEICO.

‘Yoots’ News


1. First bassin’ All-America team.

Stoke it! Congrats to the kids.

2. LA: Oak Hill wins state title.

3. KY: Only all-girls HS fishing team.

Cool! Z — check this: Name is Notre Dame Pandas…need a Fence in there….

4. SC SNR has youth bassin’ league.

Cool. Because:

> “Jerome Singleton, commissioner of the South Carolina High School League, said the possibility of bass fishing becoming an official high school sport would be only speculation at this date.”

Wait..the possibility is speculation? Isn’t that like saying…nothing?

Tip of the Day



…and if you can’t, here’s some perspective:

> You’ll never really understand the difference between dragging and hopping a jig until you’ve done it for days at a time. The same thing is true about the different performance characteristics of heavy jigs as opposed to lightweight jigs.

> The same thing is true when we talk about seasonal patterns, fishing the first break, starting at the second point back in a creek or anything else. To truly understand those concepts you have to experience them on the water. There’s no other way to learn.

> The tough part about all of this is that there isn’t any realistic way for most guys to spend the time on the water that we do. Most guys are lucky if they can fish one day a week. Most of the pros I know fish at least five and have for years.

> If you have a job and can’t fish as much as you’d like, it’s OK. Don’t compare yourself to what some of us do. That’s unrealistic.

> Keep something else in mind, too. Not all the Elite anglers catch lots of big fish in our tournaments. Look at what some of us have done (or not done) when we finish way down the list.

> Don’t get sucked into watching only the top finishers. They’re top finishers because they caught more than the rest of us.

> Don’t lose sight of the big picture. It’s about having fun.

Hackney’s awesome, muh-yan (how Overstreet says “man”).

I will say this: Almost everyone has NO IDEA how great the top pros are. You think you know, but until you see it in person — in the boat — you seriously don’t. It’s unreal.

Quote of the Day


The actual tournament is nothing — it’s the practice that kills you.


FLWer Tom Monsoor talkin‘ ’bout not bein’ a spring chix no more:

> “You fish from daylight ’til dark. A tournament is only 8 hours. That is nothing.”

Shot of the Day


How you get a clue when you’re on the smalls:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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