Here’s Oldham’s Tilapia Color for Falcon


Didja hear about the Bass Champs derby on Falcon last month where 45.52 pounds won it (5 fish) – and 43.80 was 2nd? If not, yep, you’re reading right. A 9+ average – guys were culling 7-pounders!


The winning team of Jaime Buitron and Terry Oldham used two baits to catch that huge string: a custom-painted crankbait and an Oldham Jig in a new color: tilapia.

Talked to Terry for a while yesterday and will have a breakdown of and more deets about his pattern on the BassGold Blog, but thought I’d share first here exactly what a tilapia-colored jig looks like. Here ’tis:


A little blurry but you can see the colors.... Terry's not a tech guy!

Look like anything currently in your arsenal? Anyone else fish a jig or spinnerbait colored to mimic tilapia?

Don’t miss the rest of the pattern deets on the BassGold Blog – including a pic of that crankbait, a prototype color Norman will be producing. Couple more things about the blog:

> There’ll be a bunch o’ fishing-catching tidbits on that blog this fishin’ season, stuff you’re not going to read anywhere else. So you may want to Like, RSS, bookmark or whatever else you need to do to remind yourself to pay attention over there. Won’t be every day, but definitely regular.

> As of today, all 2012 Bass Champs tournaments though Feb. 11 (Amistad) are uploaded into BassGold, and the database also has all Bass Champs tournaments from 2006 through 2008: 2009-2011 will be in soon.

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