Delta gives up skull, 400hp on bass boat, 12 on swimbait vid

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Delta gives up skull.




And I quote: “My buddy caught this in the CA Delta. Depth 2-3′. Lure: R2S S-Waver 200.”

From BB reader Travis T., who also be sayin’:

> Cops were called after fishing trip was over! Cops said because of bone structure and discoloration of skull it was probably a Native American skull from a long time ago. Crazy!


Almost as crazy as Paul Elias catching Jimmy Hoffa’s wallet at Beaver…which never happened but back in the BassFan days we ran that on April 1, and it got picked up by the national news hahaha! #suckahs

Merc 400 on bassin’ boat!




Guess it can be done!

#whiplash #deadcoots #faceprotectionneeded

Vid: 12+ on a swimbait…




…off a dock! I’d never make a cast like that — you?

Actually was a 12.72-lber caught on the 11″ Hinkle trout. Mike Long reviews that bait here.

Soundtrack: Wish the geetar player in that band spent a little more time honing his craft, like Stevie Vai. (No EVH — that’s fer you Menendez!)

Btw, if 11″ ain’t enough for ya, how ’bout the Gan Craft Jointed Claw Super Magnum 303 yo!

Watch XRay of a bass inhaling fish.




Study found:

> In the debate about how fish generate their suction, few if any scientists have given the swimming muscles this much of a role. “I think everyone would be surprised by the extent to which the swimming muscles are really the source of power.” [Meaning not the jaw/head muscles.]

Elites safer on the water.




Bobby Lane’s foot with a piece of glass in it….

…and Edwin Evers’ finger after trying to land on it after falling off his mountain bike…or something like that:

Give em 70 mph in an open cockpit and sharp hooks, and they’re fine — get ’em back where they belong!




1. Elitist Mike Kernan on BassEdge Ray-o-dee.

2. don barone app now on iTunes.

Git it!

3. Kurt Dove Youth Camp recap.

4. Cosner still looking for funding.

Our bassin’ brother David Cosner is fighting for his life and still looking for help if you’re able.

5. TX officially drought free.

Hope it lasts.

6. TX: Getting rid of grass carp in Austin.

7. PA: Susquehanna funding campaign nears $10K.

8. MO wants input on bass stream regs.

9. FL: Tomoka has lots of bass for some reason.

10. MotorGuide intros X5.

If you can find any info on it whatsoever, let me know because I couldn’t (doh!).

11. New Bullet Weights tungsten flip weights.

12. SCers are TBF/FLW HS champs.

Couple weeks back:

> The T.L. Hanna High School team of Derek Freeman and Trevor Callaham from Anderson, SC, brought a five-bass limit to the scale weighing 20-02 ounces to win the final round of the 2015 TBF/FLW High School Fishing World Finals on Pickwick Lake in Florence, AL. The win earned the team earned more than $20,000 in college scholarships, prizes and Cabela’s gift cards….

13. Ike and Gluszek live.

8 pm tonight at, ICAST stuff.

14. Salmo using one lure to push into bass?

Euro manufacturer and its walnut-shaped Bass Bug:

> The company is working with a large team of bass anglers from around the US to generate photos and stories about the Bass Bug in preparation for the Classic.

It better win a derby!


Line o’ the Day

Fishermen are boaters, and they’re particularly passionate about spending time on the water.


Last line in this article. #megawin

Tip of the Day


Why a couple baits work better.


Typical reaction at ICAST when a company comes out with a new bait is “so and so copied the such and such.” But…not really. The folks who design baits know their stuff and DESIGN them for a reason. Couple examples:

Terminator Walking Frog

Lots of frogs have rear-ward weights, which can compromise the hook gap. Terminator moved the weight forward, which increases the hook gap (see pic) also helps the frog “walk.”

Find it here on

Strike King Ocho

If you’ve fished the Senko-like Strike King Ocho, you’ve noticed it’s not round like most soft stickbaits. It has sides or “edges.” Here’s Strike King Rage Tail baits designer Steve Parks on why it’s designed that way — and btw the Senko is now available in more sizes:

Get ’em here on

Quote of the Day


Can’t rush those big-current smallmouth like I can largemouth.


Rick “Obi-Wan” Clunn talkin’ ’bout the Elites headin’ up north agin. Bet none of us know all the tricks he has for “rushing” largies. Would love to know…a couple?

Problem is, last thing I can remember Clunn saying to me is:

Shot of the Day


11.5 lbs of Mexican bigness. All needed at that point is some ceviche, a corm tortilla and una cerveza:



Check these guys snorkeling with bluefin tunas. Sounds cool but…great whites eat those things man.

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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