Couple giants, Best braid-fluoro knot, 25-lber in Japan


Today’s Top 5




David Perciful at a derby — congrats man!

Assuming it went to the ShareLunker breeding program, but not sure.




Guess they get big in South Africa too — here’s a hefty 11 and HELD RIGHT:

The Florida bass is genetically and behaviorally different from the largemouth bass.




Former yes, latter…uh, no. That’s Mike Allen, “a professor of fisheries and aquatic sciences at the University of Florida who specializes in bass,” talkin’ in this article. Wonder if Mike has ever done that rod and reel thing.

[That article — a surprisingly decent one by a non-fisherman — has some other gems sprinkled around in this BassBlaster.]




Anyone fish wif ’em? Stacey be sayin’:

> Who says Rock doesn’t have giant smallmouths! I got to see a bunch of them today. I am really sold on Gamakatsu’s new treble hook design by Aaron Martens. I can’t believe it hooks fish as good as it does. I’m putting them on all my Wiggle Warts and C-Flash crankbaits. If they breath on it, you’ve got em!


That Martens guy does know a thing or two about fishin’…but is an enigma….




FLWer Dave Lefebre was selling some Shimano Chronarchs — because HE’S CRAZY! Hahahaha! Anyhow, here’s what 20 look like…

…and here’s what we look like looking at that:




1. Crews promoting Autism Awareness.

Cool. All the Elites are running flags like this-a-here:

2. CA: Not just lipless at ‘Trap Delta Open.

Don’t forget that Bill Lewis Lures now has the Echo 1.75 squarebill, and word from the top is that those are allowed in these Trap-only derbies like the one coming up at the Delta:

Get ’em at

3. CA: 30-10 sack leads Nation Divisional.

Most impressive. Clear Lake:

4. CA: Christian Bass League schedule out.

5. FLW gets Typhoon optics.

6. GA: Wounded Warriors derby on Mayer.


7. Erie smallie fishing should be good in ’15.

8. NC/SC: Gator spotted in Wylie.

9. College kid breaks down pattern…

…from Norman B.A.S.S. College derby. Elites take notice. Elite sponsors take notice.

Btw is he throwing a fishing gang sign there? Gman does it too:

10. Cool Gambler shirt.

I’m not a gambler, but if I was:

If I lived in Florida, I would have to be a part-time Gambler….

11. Help Rick Pelletier fish for St. Jude.

Donation page here, derby page here. Cool.

12. Control your trolling motor with your phone.

New ProNav Marine standalone unit.


Cool idear for TX. No idea how good it is — anyone?

14. Al Lindner’s biggest bass in years.

That’s the werd — about a 9. That’s saying something because Al fishes 10x more than anyone, even the Elite dudes. Btw, caught it on a Shadow Rap Deep.



Line of the Day

During the 1980s, the fledgling Bassmasters professional tour grew into an ESPN-owned and corporate-branded behemoth.


Yepper, ‘cept ESPN bought B.A.S.S. — renamed BASS — in 2001. #derp

[From here.]



Tip of the Day



Good vid to learn how to tie the knot, which is supposedly better (stronger) than the regular double uni. Interesting is it’s the braid that gets doubled for a stronger knot:

Quote of the Day


Kurita claims he’s seen a 25-pounder paddling through Lake Biwa.


– Bass don’t “paddle,” but this is talking about co-world record-holder Manabu Kurita saying he’s seen the next record largie swimming in that famed Japanese lake. Don’t doubt it a bit. Interesting background:

> “Old days of Lake Biwa fishing, I could catch a lot, but could not get over 10 pounds,” he said. Then, around 2001, Japanese authorities started to treat bass less as a trophy fish and more as a foreign organism to exterminate. As their numbers dropped, the size of the bass Kurita caught grew — for a time.

> Since 2010, new extermination strategies, including electrification of spawning bass, has made all sizes of bass harder to find, he says.

Shot of the Day


Pete Gluszek’s son gittin’ ‘er done — in NJ, no less, where the air temp remains in the 30s dang it (#iwannamove):

Win a Shimano Curado yo!


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Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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