Biggest A-rig double, Pro bassin’ evil derp, When your fish disappear


Today’s Top 5


Anyone seen a bigger double?

Dude used a Yum Flash Mob Jr. (the best, along with the Strike King Titanium U-Rig and Shane’s Baits rigs), and of course Keitech swimmers.

I have come to realize that professional bass tournaments and professional bass anglers have adversely affected the heart and soul of recreational fishing.



– This guy:

Okay, really was Ned Kehde, father of the do-nothing “Ned Rig” and In-Fisherman writer. Pretty sure he never got pro bass fishing in the first place — here’s more in case you doubt:

> “Too many recreational anglers try to parrot the ways of the professional tournament anglers, who spend thousands and thousands of dollars and use tactics aimed at catching only five big black bass across 8 hours of fishing.”

Holy cow, is THAT what they’re doing out there? Hey guys — just stop at 5!




The Hibdons said back in Jan they were struggling for sponsor $. Struggling so much that they’ve now opted out of the FLW Tour for the year.

Reason they’ve been hit was Chevy pulled out of FLW last fall — apparently because bass fishermen don’t buy trucks…. If’n yer keepin’ score, this is the second time Chevy has bailed, and after the first time they came back with their tail between their legs.

Here’s the thing: These deals come through FLW. Nothing wrong with that, but if the deals disappear and the anglers are dependent on FLW for their major sponsor(s), then what? Have you the angler spent years NOT cultivating the relationships that will allow you to continue your career?

No one to blame, just maybe league-provided deals might not be the best long-term strategy for anglers.

Re: the Hibdons, if any folks can make it just fishing for $, they can. Watch out.

Luke Bryan fishes with fingers??



No idea who Luke Bryan is, but at last check 350K people liked that picture. What freaks me out is it looks like he uses fingers for bait??





Chris Zaldaingerous, Gville, front coming in, stokin’ the water:

I wish. How ’bout you?




1. BP, J-Lu get Bolt lockage.

2. BP’s PB vid.

The 12-04 Hudd fish.

3. TX: 12-04 Alan Henry fish.

Speaking of 12-04s in TX, here’s another — head was cut off, guess the guy’s in witness protection or undercover 5-0:

4. Duckett taking Mark Davis’ 2014 approach.


5. Greg Vinson gets Fish Head Spinners.

SHL lures.

6. New KY smallie license plate.

7. TN: Hawkins County wants HS bassin’.

8. New St. Croix spinnerbait rods.

Ye olde schoolin’ it.

9. Boat tax break for zillionaires…

…but not for folks like us. #SSDD

10. Spro continues with Cabela’s college bassin’.

11. Help Officer Pearson’s family.

Little update on the Ranger raffle, Lew’s backing it too. Officer Pearson apparently up and walking (in the helmet), very cool:


Win a Shimano Curado yo!

Last week’s winner: John Wilder of Michigan. Email me your addy and EXACTLY which Curado you want man! Congrats….but if I don’t hear from you by the end of the week, I’m pickin’ someone else!


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DO NOT email me entries because my inbox looks like Ozzy Osbourne’s medicine cabinet…. Good luck!


Tip of the Day


Good tip from Rapala and Fuji pro Bernie Schultz on, worth a full read:

> The first tendency is to believe the fish have left, but chances are they haven’t gone anywhere. More than likely they’re right where you found them, just not biting.


> Rather than run haphazardly all over the lake looking for new fish, the smart move may be to experiment right where you started — first by changing lures, then your presentation.


> …in most cases it’s much easier to modify an approach on the fish you’ve already located than it is to find news ones, especially within the time constraints of competition. And it’s likely the bite’s not going to be any better elsewhere either, so forget that…try to figure out how to catch the fish you’ve already found.


> …try backing off and using a slower presentation. The bass may very well be relating to the same cover, just not aggressive…that’s when a slower presentation with some type of soft-plastic might work.


> Often, the key is putting some space between you and the target, and then slowing way down. The tougher the bite, the slower I try to fish.

> Let’s say you’ve done all you can to salvage a pattern but nothing is working. When vegetation is involved, the fish may have relocated to another part of the grassbed (such as the deeper edge) or buried themselves in the densest part. The point is they don’t usually travel far. And once you relocate them, they can be caught.

Quote of the Day


He decided that was his spot today, and he started right where I was fishing Thursday.


Shaw Grigsby talkin‘ ’bout Aaron Martens at the last Elite. Aaron didn’t see it thataway:

> “I had no idea Shaw was even upset. Hole-jumping is something I’ve never done in my career.”


Wow, that was an intense battle! Almost as intense as Violet and Bubbles going at it:

Shot of the Day


Great shot of an awesome Jackall Gantarel swimbait, which with any luck I’ll be throwing today since the ice here in NJ just went out this weekend…seriously.

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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