BassBlaster 9/25/12: Evers’ Patterns

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Today’s Top 3

1. Mark Rose long-lined at Wheeler.

Interesting stuff from Bassin’Fan:

> He spent hours upon hours on the water, idling around and examining his sonar screen to watch how fish were relating to changes in current and bait movement on the ledges that the Tennessee River is famous for. He’s to a point now where he can pull up on a school of fish, no matter how small, and get a good feel for whether they’re in a feeding mood.

> “I wasn’t really worried about the weather or the wind. These fish were down where the water was a little clearer and I just felt like I could give them a different presentation. If the wind blew I could throw something heavier down there. The temperature didn’t affect them as much either because they were so deep.”

> He did employ the long-lining method to help his shad-imitating plugs reach the target depth…. “I’d get as tight as I could to the spot without getting on top of my fish and then I’d make a long cast and just back off 50 to 75 yards on my spool,” he said.

> “A big key to my success this week was casting distance and it’s been a big key on all of my wins on the Tennessee River.”

2. All-Star: How Edwin Evers fished.

These 2-lake, mulciple-cut tourneys are weird. If you combined the weights from Shelbyville and Decatur, Edwin Evers easily won the All-Star. That wasn’t the format, but guess it’s one way of saying that he really was the All-Star in the group. So here’s what he did:

> The first 2 days were on Shelbyville. Evers fished shallow fast with an XCalibur Xr50 One Knocker lipless crankbait (chrome/blue back), and offshore rockpiles and stumps with a 5″ Yum Dinger on a Yum Pumpkin Ed standup jighead, and a Booyah Finesse Jig.

> Days 3-4 on Decatur he fished like winner Aaron Martens – flipped and cranked squarebills – except he was way up the Decatur River and Martens was in the main lake. Evers flipped a Booyah Pro Boo finesse jig (green pumpkin) to wood.

Up the river:



Lookin’ like a YUM F2 Crawbug on there. Full pattern deets soon in

3. Feds blocking fishing funds.

What you need to know: Our fish and game depts are funded by licenses sales and mostly funds from a federal excise tax program – meaning every time we buy some hunt/fish gear (including boat gas), it is taxed and those funds are earmarked for fish and game and can’t be raided by Congress. So far, anyway. That in mind, here you go:

> On Sept. 14, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released its recommendations for budget cuts that include withholding parts of the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, a move that would have a significant impact on fisheries conservation and the jobs it supports.

> OMB’s action was triggered by the failure of the Congress and the Administration to enact a plan to reduce the deficit by $1.2 trillion, as required by the Budget Control Act of 2011. [Thanks you frickin’ useless bunch!]

> “The angling and boating community was shocked to learn that for the first time in its 62-year history, the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund – the backbone of fisheries conservation in the United States – is recommended for a cut under sequestration totaling $34 million,” said Gordon Robertson, VP of the American Sportfishing Association. [ASA represents fishing interests in Wash, DC.]

> “Withholding funds from this essential program at a time when state fishery programs are already struggling to ensure the best quality service to anglers and resource management will only cause fishery resources to suffer even more and cause job losses associated with the loss of recreation fishing boating programs.



Tip of the Day

Get a coach?

From the above Bassin’Fan article on Mark Rose:

> “I’ve got a really good friend who’s one of the best I know at it named Randy Haynes,” Rose said. “I spent some time with Randy one winter about 5 years ago and I took what was I taught and tried to take it to the next level.”

> “Three days a week, we’re on the phone talking about ledge fishing. It’s pretty cool to know someone who has such a passion for it like I do because I love it.”

> “It’s really revived my career so to speak. You do this for 13 years and you start to get a little bit of complacency or a little bit of burn out from time to time and it’s good to have something that you really enjoy.”

Quote of the Day

Carhartt and Toyota have made me look good for the Classic. Now I’ve got to concentrate on my fishing so I’ll look like I know what I’m doing in Oklahoma.

– Bassmaster College winner Matt Lee after getting a free wrapped truck and boat. He also said:

I’m not just going to be happy to be at the Classic. I want to perform well and earn [the pros’] respect.


Shot of the Day

One of several NICE limits weighed in last weekend’s Lake Erie Fishers of Men Eastern Regional Championship.


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