BassBlaster 1/4/13: KVD Loves the A-rig


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Today’s Top 3

1. Hotel marketing nearby bassin’ tourneys!

Nice! How cool izzat?

> Hampton Inn & Suites Scottsboro Hotel offers nearby lodging to participants and fans attending upcoming bass fishing tournaments on north Alabama’s Lake Guntersville. Hosted at Goose Pond Colony in Scottsboro, AL, upcoming 2013 bass fishing tournaments including….

2. With the Alabama rig, it’s to the point where the fish can’t even help themselves. It’s sensory overload—they can’t help but bite it.

– KVD on the rig. Also said:

> The Alabama rig is super effective. I have a lot of fun throwing it when I’m fishing just for kicks. But I think in professional tournaments, I like the idea of just one lure.

3. I was out there on crutches fishing with all the crocodiles and alligators all around me.

Kendall Newson, former NFL and Middle Tennessee State receiver, on bassin’ while rehabbin’ after surgery in FL. Also:

> He’s now on the American Bass Anglers Bassmaster Weekend Series circuit where he advanced to the championship in November.

> “Even when I was at MTSU I was fishing. When I wasn’t practicing or working out I’d get out to Old Hickory, Percy Priest (lakes) and just all over. That was the great thing about being in Murfreesboro, there were a lot of great places to fish.”

> “When I say fishing is harder than playing football people laugh,” Newson said. “But it is. You have control over what you do in football whereas in fishing there are so many things where you have no control. Fish patterns, weather, all kinds of things are constantly changing. It’s like a head football coach having to come up with a completely new game plan during the game. ”

> Newson will be a seminar speaker at the Nashville Boat and Sportshow, Jan. 10-13, at Nashville Convention Center.



1. Dave Mercer’s show now on the OC.

Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing: Thursdays at 12.30pm, Fridays at 6pm and Sundays at 11am. In other words, it’s airing today. What’s this episode about?

Dave says, “A bigtime TV executive would probably call tonight’s show something catchy like ‘The Dream Shot, Drop Shot, Slam-Fest.’ But as I remember it I get bug bites and almost break my two front chick-lets all in the name of big bass. Soooo…how about we call it what it is: ‘Bug Bites, Broken Chick-Lets & Big Bass.'”

Set your DVRs peeps! And Z’s Awesome Fishin’ Show is airing now too, don’t forget to DVR that either and DO NOT MISS this Z highlight vid.

2. Walleye-ers get NA Bass Circuit.

3. Nixon, Yelas add sponsors after losing Berkley.

4. Horton jumps into Amphibia.

5. Duckett will get into reels.



1. Fish with Ike and win his stuff.

2. Can you beat Scott Martin?


Quote of the Day

Jim Swann can convert a $2 pair of flip-flops into $500 worth of fishing lures in one day.

– Article about a fly-tier. Wish that worked for bassin’ baits!


Shot of the Day

A 10.25 (27″) FL TrophyCatch bass from Istokpoga. WTH is up with that eye?? Couldn’t have been caught that deep. Didn’t even think it was a bass at first.


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