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Back in the day I would’ve killed to see a video like this and now they’re all over the place…but I don’t think peeps be watchin’. This “Ten minutes of ledge fishing with Kevin VanDam” Bassmaster vid has just 5,200 views on YouTube yet tells a lot:

Btw, the crankbait is a Strike King 6XD Silent. The baits you don’t see — the fast wind then pause baits — are a Strike King Shadalicious swimmybait and a hair jig, which he fished the same way.

Bodybuildin’ bass!




Sent in by BB reader Sam R [tx mang!], looks like this dude did too many shrugs:

I would rather use a tree limb than a bobber stop.




Greg Hackney talkin‘ ’bout keepin’ his flippin’ weight in place. More in today’s tip below.

New way to fish a swimbait?




Just dip it up and down so slow that a turtle can almost get it. Check the vid:

I’m makin’ a new swimbait!




Speakin’ uh swimbaits, me and the fellers been a-watchin’ this-here swimbait deal, and decided we be needin’ to make us one. Ever-body got to show theirs, here’s the winnin’ entry:

I know — genius! Gonna call it the Squirrel Nut Zipper.

[All you non-fans of the “redneck on crack” BassBlaster lingo, that-a-one’s fer you! Blame it on Don Wirth ‘n Harry ‘n Charlie….]




1. Menendez harasser pleads guilty.

Awesome, though only a $175 fine. Here’s a representation of what the guy felt like:

Hahahaha! Let’s hope so anyway….

2. Great breakdown of AOY derby…

…and Classic qualification by Kenny “take me to your leader” Duke. Sounds like Ish Monroe is gonna win the derby.

3. CA Delta threatened by state water needs?

Would be a travesty with a capital T.

4. OR: Bass limits now officially gone…

…for Columbia (walleye limits also were eliminated), Umpqua and John Day rivers. B.A.S.S. conservation director Gene “Steve” [first name in that article] Gilliland told OR they were smoking too much legal weed but….

5. AL looking at $300mm shortfall.

> These cuts could lead to department-wide layoffs resulting in fewer hunting and fishing days, a reduction in conservation-related public services, and limited access to public lands….


Only one person is happy about this:

6. Pro boats for sale.


Johnny Crews’ very pretty Bassin’ Cat.

Jordan Lee’s cool-lookin’ Legend:

7. TX: Sealy Big Bass on Fork.

Sept 18-20. This got my attention:

8. Stratos military incentives.

Cool but not a lot of pesos:

> …any current or former member of the U.S. Armed Forces…an incentive package including a factory rebate of $2 per engine horsepower from Stratos, as well as a $100 certificate for custom Stratos apparel and accessories.


9. MA: Patriots LB Collins loves bassin’.

> …unless the topic is bass fishing, he doesn’t like to say much.

Reminds me of a line in the Skynyrd tune, “Don’t Ask Me No Questions.”

Since Collins plays for the Pats, gotta polygraph….

10. There’s bassin’ in Hungary?

11. CA: Wardens’ boat explodes.

Salt water. Sounds like they were okay. Also sounds suspicious….

Tip of the Day



Good tip from Bassin’Fan:

> “When my line goes slack, I know my bait is on bottom or that a fish has it. If you don’t peg your weight, there’s a chance that when that bait is falling, the weight will go away from it.”

> …detractors say an unpegged presentation will fall slower. To that, he suggests they use a lighter weight.

> …fishing with his nephew a few years back, Hackney ran out of pegs and opted to use a bobber stop that was given to him. Paired with 20-pound Gamma Edge fluorocarbon that he never breaks, Hackney broke off fish on the next three hooksets.

> “I pulled up on a willow limb and cut me a small peg and I flipped the rest of the day with it and never broke off. The next two days, I fished with my dad where we got 50 bites and I was waiting to see how long it takes me to break off. I don’t remember that I ever broke the line.”

> He believes that the weight was cutting the line or turning on the bobber stop — that doesn’t happen when he pegs.

> …a pegged sinker keeps it from pushing down on his plastics and beating them up. “With the bobber stop, your weight will have a tendency to (push down) on the bait, it’ll be crooked. I want my weight and bait straight on the hook until the fish has it.”

> He’s used a variety of different pegs but prefers the Peg-Its from Top Brass Tackle….


Check out all the Top Brass pegging systems on Tackle Warehouse.

Quote of the Day

September is the worst month to fish here…and just about anywhere.


Tommy Biffle runnin’ for the Fort Gibson Chamber of Commerce…NOT. Was talkin’ ’bout this week’s Open there. Hahaha love it man!

Tommy’s been known to weigh a few bags in OK so he’s also probly sandbaggin’ a little….

Shot of the Day


Struck gold yo! Great shot:



This thing just came up from behind the [outboard] motor and grabbed him.

Australian lady talkin‘ ’bout a 15-foot croc grabbing her husband outta the boat:

> “And that was it. He was gone.”

Dang. Time to start culling some gators. Don’t believe me? In July some guys in TX killed an 11-footer that ate their bud. I see no reason to be nice to man-eating reptiles. You?

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

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