World record bass caught, Fence panda pics, New bait in works


Welcome to the April 1 edition of the BassBlaster…the joke I guess being that you’re getting it April 2…. And dig the new logo yo!

Today’s Top 5

World record bass caught!




Is it this one?
How ’bout this?
Maybe this one? [Lookit the size of the swimbait compared to that bass!]

Ain’t this neither…

…nor this:

But there WAS a WR largie caught in the U.S., and here it is:

That’s dead Dottie, from Dixon Lake, CA. But here she was alive:

All 25-01 of her. A world record, but as you might remember she was foul-hooked with a jig while on a bed. (Full story on that fish is here.)

So is this an April Fool’s joke? It was to Ike:

Don’t lip a panda!



Sent to me by Ray Sasser, legendary outdoor writer at the Dallas Morning News:

> Three of the five ShareLunkers in this year’s program have died. The [La Perla] fish had a broken jaw and so did a fish caught in a Rayburn tournament. Catch-and-release only works when the fish survives.

> Big bass are like the senior citizens of the fishery. They can’t survive the same treatment that a 2-pounder can take.

Dang straight. Tempted to put a pic of a fat grandma here but I can’t do it, so here’s Gilbert Brown, former Pack Attack nose tackle looking for a place to eat that football:

Big bass secrets.




Suuuuuuuuure you could listen to guys like Bill Siemantel and use stuff like giant tubes:

But if you truly want big bass secrets, here are two key tips:

1. Capture a fish and make it tell you where the big bass are, like this guy…I think his name is Dork:

2. Wear something that I guess shocks the fish into submission:

[If you’re not blind now and can still read this, that fish actually is some kind of saltwater bass record.]

Fence panda pics!




Bet you didn’t know they get so big by eating the fence….

New fence panda bait in development.




Since Z made up the “fence panda” name for hawgs like this one…

…and it seems to have stuck in bassin’, and since pandas eat bamboo stalks as we saw above, Zona sponsor Strike King is working on a bait called — wait for it — the:

KVD Sexy Stalk

Word is it’s like hard stickbait with treble hooks….




1. GA: 17-lber caught!

Keith Watkins, 17 lbs 9.6 oz, caught it on his birthday which was 3 days ago. 4th largest fish ever in GA (state of the George perry 22-04) and biggest since 1987.

> “…I threw crossways across this point, and she nailed it. It took me 20 minutes to get it in the net. This fish fought so hard. She went under the boat five times. I was in the front of the boat, then in the back of the boat. It was almost a dead miracle that I got her in.”


> Keith was fishing a green-pumpkin Zoom Trick Worm on a 3/8-oz Gambler Giggy Head. He was using just 12-lb. test line on a spinning reel [!!!!].


Call me crazy, but my money’s on Keith Combs, who’s already won tres:

3. Chad Pipkens gets Flow-Rite.

Marine plumbing products. I know, I know, I thought it was all about the hair flow thing too, but no.

4. MLF gets 1.1 mil viewers?


5. CA: All fish being removed from Corona Lake.

Because of low water.

6. CA: $150 ramp fee!!!!

Vail Lake.

7. FL: Another record shoal bass.

Sorta. 6 ounces heavier, but not enough to break the record so it’s a tie with the teen who broke it also in March, also in the Chipola River and both fish had the exact same length and girth. Except this one was caught on a topwater:

8. S-trike K-ing gets T-roy.

Hackney to act as t-ranslator…lol.

9. CA: Gitcha ‘Trap on!

10. Sturgeon Bay derby May 15-17.

Entry form here (pdf). Anyone need a partner??

11. AR: Corps issues Bull Shoals warning.

Flooded shoreline areas. Get out there and fish!


Seems the TBF board of directors spilled their tea and crumpets because, among other things, I said in the last BB that their open letter to members was from Robert Cartlidge when it was in fact from the board. So at their request I am correcting it here FOR ALL TIME AND ETERNITY NO BACKSIES.

Sheesh…tough to love those guys, but will keep tryin’….

Tip of the Day



Yep, I’m serious. Or rather, Matt of Tactical Bassin’ is, and glad he is because I have no idea if there’s a right way to toss a brick into the water (lol). Seriously, this is good!

Quote of the Day


It was a floating, expired duck that had met his demise after meeting Bill Lowen’s face at 70 miles per hour.


James Overstreet talkin‘ ’bout Bill killin’ a coot during an Elite. JO actually got pics of it, which you can see here. While you’re there, go ahead and read JO’s column and tell me it isn’t one of the best pieces of bass fishin’ writin’ you ever read. #stout

If I could hire him, Bowman and Steve Wright, I’d have the best funniest craziest rootin’ tootin’ shootin’/writin’ team in bassin’. Somebody get on that….

Reminds me: Long while back I did a story in B.A.S.S. Times about a coot leaving an imprint on someone’s face — I think it was Alton Jones. Yes, an imprint. Lasted a while.

Shot of the Day


Don’t normally dig carpet bass shots, but when I do they have to be this good — from J-Lu (Justin Lucas):


If you’ve made it all the way to here, congrats, you will own the Chocolate Factory one day.

No wait…actually, you get to learn that the BassBlaster is giving away ONE SHIMANO CURADO REEL A WEEK THIS MONTH TO LUCKY BB READERS YO! All you have to do to be eligible is either:

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Please DO NOT email me entries because my inbox looks like Ozzy Osbourne’s medicine cabinet…. Winners randomly chosen from folks who do the above. Good luck!


Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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