Why rats work, new line type, Best of Icast part 2

See y’all at ICAST! Look me up if’n yer there….

Today’s Top 5

Why rats work.


I’m beginning to see the attraction…and looks like it has more action than one of those 2×4 swimbaits….

Great shot.

New 4th type of line?




Mono, braid, fluoro and now…Gliss? Coming to the U.S. through a partnership with Ardent reels:

> Gliss is an extrusion of high-modulus polyethylene fibers…designed during a 5 year process. Gliss performance characteristics…:
  1. Soft form provides superior castability and distance.
  2. Zero stretch produces incredible sensitivity.
  3. Zero line twist provides greater line management.
  4. High strength to diameter ratio results in strength comparable to braid. [!!]
  5. Retail price 15-20% less than braid.

Freddie Boom-Boom seems to like it:

> “I caught fish with Gliss that I could not have caught with other line. The softness of the line produces superior castability resulting in increased distance I can’t get with braid. The zero stretch of Gliss produces strike sensitivity not achievable in mono or fluorocarbon, and with the incredible strength to diameter ratio Gliss is quiet and manageable at strength levels close to braid. I am convinced this is a competitive advantage for me until the other Pro’s switch to Gliss.”

Polyethylene is one of the world’s most-used forms of plastics, and according to Wikipedia causes issues because it’s not biodegradable.

> Applications for polyethylenes are many and varied, including: packaging films; trash, garment, grocery and shopping bags; molded housewares; toys; containers; pipe; drums; gasoline tanks; coatings and many others. [From here.]




Some baits, some other stuff, check it here. Part 1 is here.

What the heck is the Eye-shot?




Supposedly hot in Japan. Anyone ever hear of it? Fish it?

Can these hawg bluegills make huge bass?




Ran across these pics of obese 3-lb bluegills:

That crazy or what?? Caused the following Qs:

1. Could bass be grown to be obese like that?

2. Would bass that ate bluegills like that get enormous too?

3. Can someone please hire the guy that grew those pigs to grow some bass?

That is all. If anyone knows the answers to those Qs, please auction them off on eBay….




1. Ike gets Dr. Dan.

No, not a shrink…a sun-car company.

2. Dave Mercer gets Huked.

MLFers also got Huked.

3. What’s Lunkerhunt got?

FLWer Matt Arey with a ???

4. CO: Catch, keep tourney for smallies…

…at Ridgway Reservoir, sponsored by the DNR (CPW).

> CPW will be tagging 10 smallmouth bass of all sizes at Ridgway this week, making any smallmouth an angler harvests eligible to win prizes…. Live fish cannot be checked.

I get it, but love this quote:

> “We would stock thousands of fingerling trout in the lake, and the bass would eat them.”

5. WI: Teen with health issues gets bass boat.

Awesome story.

6. NH: Lead-poisoned loon found…

…on Lake Winnipesaukee. Because of this happening in NH:

> …a new law goes into effect in New Hampshire on June 1, 2016, banning the sale and freshwater use of lead fishing sinkers and jigs (lead-weighted hooks) weighing 1 oz or less.

7. New Strike King color.

Plum-apple, here with the Thumper worm:

8. IL: Kankakee River smallies tagged.

For prizes.

9. BPS taps GE Capital for Fishing Holdings.

Fishing Holdings = Ranger, Triton, etc. Sounds like the deal is to help finance inventory.

10. Engine makers want biobutanol…

…instead of ethanol. #ethanolsux

11. Eric Naig promoted to VP sales/marketing.

For Northland Tackle.

> “I’m extremely honored and grateful that Northland Fishing Tackle has provided me this opportunity,. I look forward to working with our customers, rep groups and others to expand our business, while maintaining our commitment to offer high-quality, value-conscious products that are ‘Made by Fishermen for Fishermen.'”

K2 Cooler winners…

…coming next week. Mucho sorry, out today and don’t have the stuff with me. Next week. Winners will get a new one of these in that same gray color! #shweet

Tip of the Day


Quote of the Day

Information and experience gained on Mother Nature’s water environments, automatically shared with the people you love and care about, is giving back to the world on a global scale.

– Uhhh, yeeeeeeeeaah man. This guy maybe?

Hahaha! Nope, from a company that has a popper with a camera in it that transmits a live stream when it hits the water. Artist’s rendition:

Shot of the Day


Guess Mexican wrestlers who live in Japan love to fish too?



In honor of Shark Week — dayum!

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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