Weird non-herring pattern, Fewer ams in Classic, Picking apart mats


YO! Guess what tomorrow is? The perfect dang day for a BassBlaster stuffed with stuff that may or may not be true…but you’ll have to wait til Thurs, Apr 2. Just the way the schedule is rolling this year. So for now here are

Today’s Top 5




Dave Lefebre won the Smith Lake, AL FLW by 2 lbs over Clark Wendlandt. Pattern was bizarre because usually the deal is to fish where the herring ARE, not where they WERE:

> …he found the herring spawning in pockets off of Rock Creek. The herring would only spawn in the mornings, from about 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. Lefebre says he could visually locate the herring spawn because they would get right up on the bank in shallow water in a big ball and thrash the surface, usually on single boulders at the water’s edge.

> “I would throw my bait up there, and the herring would bump and attack my lure like shad do during a shad spawn. But there was nothing eating them.”

> …the trick to the herring pattern was to return to an exact herring spawn location late in the afternoon, fire a Rapala BX Waking Minnow to the exact spot where the herring had been spawning that morning and big largemouth would suddenly start fighting over his lure. “Make the exact cast with the Waking Minnow to the rock where the herring had been spawning and the bass would blast it.”

Here’s a BX Waking Minnow in the blue back herring color, his main color of a few he had tied on:

Other pattern highlights from the FLW.



Stuff that stuck out for me (from here):

1. Keitech Swing Impact swimmy-baits are a requirement in cold water. It was used in the cold-water Classic, and Jason Reyes (3rd) used one (bluegill) in this derby.

2. Zack Birge, who led days 2-3 and ended up 6th, fished a dang buzzbait! Did you know buzzbaits still catch fish?! (lol) Used a 1/4-oz white Santone buzzbait tied to 14-pound-test Sunline fluorocarbon.

3. Drew Benton (8th) used a Bass Assassin lure! Thought they were only saltwater baits now…. Sight-fished with a Bass Assassin Pure Craw (gp).

And…a boat accident.




Same Smith Lake derby, final day. Below from Bassin’Fan:

> John Cox and his marshal Bryan New were thrown from the FLW-issued Ranger boat driven by Cox around noon during the final day of competition….

> Cox…suffered a gash on his head that required staples and possibly a concussion. Cox also said he almost bit through his tongue. New, who was already nursing an unrelated collarbone injury, suffered a bump on his forehead.

> Cox: “I may have been turning left barely and going 50 mph tops when the boat went into a 360. I don’t even remember hitting the water. I’ve been doing this for a while and the only thing I can describe it being like is when you hit something and knock off the lower unit and the boat spins.”

> Cox and New were launched into the 52-degree water, but their infla PFDs did not deploy and they quickly dropped to the bottom as both were wearing their foul-weather bibs and extra layers of clothing. Cox pointed out that may have saved both from suffering additional and possibly more severe injuries [from the boat/prop]. He said the water was approximately 10 feet deep….


Here’s all FLW had on it that I could find — though that new website is VERY tough to navigate:

> Florida pro John Cox, who started the day in 8th place, was involved in a single-boat accident on Lewis Smith Lake shortly after noon. Cox declined medical treatment following the accident but has voluntarily decided to end his day early. Those are all the details we have at this time…. We’ll update fans when more information is available.


John did have the kill switch engaged, got stitches, possibly a concussion. Glad they’re both okay, I guess. Wow. Who makes those PFDs??

Fewest Nation Classic spots.




A minus or a plus depending on your side of the fence, but basically B.A.S.S. seems to be going to 3 Nation slots in the Classic while expanding the Regionals (no more Divisionals) and Nationals.

Good summaries on the Alabama Nation and Kansas Nation pages.

Here’s an open letter from Nation arch rival head honcho Rob “Kung Fu” Cartlidge addressing it, though honestly most guys fish both:

That is NOT a comment on the physique of bass anglers btw…or is it?

Why’s this a top BB item? Because the Ray Scott-created five “everyman” dudes in the Super Bowl of bassin’ days appear to be over…at least qualifying by that route.

Say yo to stubby!




Looks like someone painted bass markings on a saltwater/Amazon fish:





1. Mike Kernan Elite DQ overturned.

Finished 12th at the Sabine. Sounds like the whole process worked like it should. Props to B.A.S.S.

2. Kurt Dove’s truck stolen/recovered.


3. Bertrand gets building sponsor.

Lincoln Logs…just kidding. Legos.


4. New Humminbird/Lakemaster maps.


5. Win a Ranger, support an officer.

Fund-raiser for an officer wounded in the line of duty — career-ending wounded. $20 a ticket, I bought one, hope you do too.

Tip of the Day



Great vid from the Mule.

My fave line from it: “The whole key when you’re fishing a mat like this is there’s gotta be water underneath it.”


Quote of the Day


There are a lot of places accessible off the Sabine River over in Louisiana that might look really good on Google Earth. But you can spend a lot of time trying to find them, risk tearing your equipment up, and when you get there, they’ll be posted as private property.


Casey Ashley talkin’ on, makin’ me think why anyone would bring an out of state derby to LA (sorry LA folks!). Casey added:

> Even worse, you might find some fish in an area like that during practice without seeing a “posted” sign. Then when you come back during the tournament, someone might come out and ask you to leave.


Shot of the Day


Gotta give this spot to Brandon Palaniuk, who caught this 12-04 PB (BP PB?) using a 8″ Huddleston Deluxe swimbait (ROF12) — should be renamed the Choker — from a Texas lake which he doesn’t want to reveal but everyone on the TexasFishingForum says it’s Austin.

Btw, check that shot. Right light, right angle, showing all the gear. BP IS A FREAKIN’ PRO YO!

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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