Today’s BassBlaster 6/28/2012

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Today’s Top 3

1. The Green Bay conspiracy theory.

That’s the title of my BassParade post today. Could that whole mess be even worse than it seems? Couple tidbits from the post:

The reason the Elites are supposedly restricted to the bathtub they’re fishing is to conserve bass. But….

The fishing isn’t very good. Anglers will be bunched up in one area. The water’s very warm.

Does that sound like a recipe for fish conservation to you?

Btw, word is that the Elites might catch them well on moving baits today, not so much the other days.

2. After a full day on the water, I have caught exactly one 3-pound smallmouth bass. She (or he) grabbed a spinnerbait. About all that’ll get me is a butt whipping and the weekend off. I’ve had enough butt whippings in my life – I don’t need any more.

Chris Lane talking about how smallie country isn’t as easy as some think it is.

He also said: About all I could find was current, open water, bridges and big buildings.

3. TX basser catches record…carpsucker?

What the heck is that?!

In a tournament? In the mouth? Cranking a DD22?!

> Brandon Hollaway landed a 5-pound, 8-ounce quillback carpsucker on Boone Lake Saturday evening. The fish has been certified as a new state record.

> While cranking a Bill Norman DD-22 over a rock pile in 35 feet, Holloway felt the fish hit. “I thought I had a 6-to-7 pound largemouth bass. I got it up to the top and netted it, and I didn’t know what I had.”

> Holloway began texting pictures from his phone of the fish to other tournament fishermen and no one could identify the fish. The TWRA hosted webpage,, aided him in making a positive ID.

Two questions:

1. The cell phone thing: Is that not a rules violation?

2. Would you have brought in that fish or chucked it and kept crankin’?


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Tip of the Day

Mimicking a goby.

> Retrieves should closely resemble the natural swimming pattern of a goby. An easy lift-drop is better than aggressive jigging. Gobies pop up off the bottom, glide, and settle back down.

> I’ve found that this retrieve is best done using only the reel. Cast out…and let it settle to the bottom. Point the rod at the lure and crank two to four turns. Now watch the line. Strikes occur as bait settles back to the bottom.



Quote of the Day

We always told each other we loved each other.

Renowned largie filmer Glen Lau on his longtime fishing partner and best friend, the recently deceased fishing writer Homer Circle.


Shot of the Day

A shot from the Sturgeon Bay Open earlier this year. Man, that looks like fun!

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