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I think this works! Posting today’s daily BassBlaster email that just went out. Peeps have been wantin’ to comment on items and look up old ones so….

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Today’s Top 3

1. Looks like Bagley’s is now officially back in biz.

Prominent on the homepage is that Bagely baits have figured in four Classic wins: 1974, 1976, 2000 and 2004. Cool. Here’s a shot of the new/old Balsa B:

2. Fishing pioneer dies.

Ray Ostrom recently passed on, an important dude. Here’s some info from the Minneapolis newspaper and BassFan:

> After proudly serving in the United States Coast Guard aboard the USS Sheliak during WWII, he followed his passions for fishing and hunting, and along with his wife Norma, they opened Ostrom’s Marine and Sporting Goods in 1948.

> Always looking for ways to encourage his business, he started hosting Muskie Tournaments on Lake of the Woods. He introduced snowmobiles to the midwest.

> But it was his passion for fishing that led him to co-found The Rapala Co. which evolved to become Normark Corp. Through his contributions to the economy and culture of Finland, the Finnish Government awarded him Knight First Class of the Order of the Lion of Finland.

> “He was a tireless promoter,” Ron Lindner, a longtime friend of Ostrom’s. “He gave us our first sponsorship.”

Cool things:

> Pioneers often give other pioneers (like Ron) their starts.

> The popularity of Rapala lures in the U.S. exploded in 1962 when an article entitled “A Lure the Fish Can’t Pass Up” was published in an issue of Life magazine that featured Marilyn Monroe on the cover shortly after her death. Requests for the lures poured in.

> Ray’s wife’s name: Norma.

3. Some MNers getting nutty about invasive species.

Look, invasive species are like your kids getting a cold. You might as well breathe in their sneeze or whatever because you’re getting it. In other words, it’s only a matter of time. Making it tough for people to fish in the meantime ain’t good.

> Park leaders in Minneapolis have imposed new restrictions on boat traffic on city lakes, a drastic effort….

> The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board unanimously approved an emergency resolution Wednesday that will require boats entering its lakes to be inspected, chaining off boat launches during weekday afternoons and other times when inspectors aren’t present.

> The new rules go beyond state law….

That reaction reminds me of this dude:



Tip of the Day

Ish Monroe froggin’ tips

> I like to use a 7 ft. rod or longer when fishing a frog with a high-speed reel 6:3 to 1 or 7:1 to 1 for working the frog with 50 lb. braided line for open water and 65 lb. for matted grass. [Lol! That’s verbatim from the Snagproof website.]

> Painting designs or coloring dots on the bottom of you frog will give it more natural appeal to bass.

> Trim the skirts on your frog to reduce short strikes.

> Take a pair of pliers and crush the rattle inside your Phat frog for more noise.

> Bend the hooks up just a little for better hookset in open water.



Quote of the Day

The upper Mississippi has a lot of fish…not necessarily basses. From and

Today I think I caught half the pike that live in this river.

– Kelly Jordon

Between the bass and the northern pike, you’re gonna get bit all day long.

– Jamie Horton

Cost me seven thousand dollars in tungsten weights today, swinging on pike.

– Gerald Swindle

I didn’t have much going on. I caught a lot of pike and (stuff) like that.

– David Walker


Shot of the Day

Nice bass, nice pic. Now, now…remember that commandment – I think it’s the 10th?


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chad Keogh

    June 22, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    Now G-Man knows how it feels to fish in most Canadian lakes… Gotta get some fine-wire titanium leaders!

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