Thrift waddled swimbaits, Lucas not an idiot, 4-lber wins $10K


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B-ry Thrift won the Eufaula, AL FLW this weekend by “waddling” a swimbait. He didn’t use that term, FLW reporter Robbie “danger Will Robinson” Newell did. Makes me think of obese penguins, but whatever:

> …offshore objects sitting in…5 to 15 feet deep…as many as 70 targets per day. Thrift uses his electronics to idle to within 50 feet of the target. He breaks his forward momentum with reverse throttle, hops to the deck and fires a swimbait beyond the target.

> The object of his game is to waddle the swimbait right into the target…. If he doesn’t get a bite the first time, Thrift might sling the swimbait out there a time or two more, but then he is gone….

> It’s the size of the object that matters to him. “I don’t really care about the big stuff. I like for it to be small and compact — something that others won’t fool with and that I can cover in about two to three casts. It might only hold a single fish, but that’s why I want to have so many of those places to throw at.”

Reminds me of a guy named David “watermelon” Fritts.

Baits from Bassin’Fan: 4″ and 5″ paddletail swimbaits (no brand given) on 1/4-oz unnamed jighead.

> The bigger bait was Thrift’s first offering on most spots and if he’d feel fish nip it or tap it, he’d follow up with the smaller bait on lighter line to catch them.

Here’s the bait shot from FLW — does that look bigger than 5 inches or is it me?




Sounds like Thrift fished shallow, but all of the top finishers didn’t do that:

> At least 6 out of the 10 fished deep, no baits being the Zoom Ol’ Monster worm (plum apple and redbug) and a Rapala DT-14 (chartreuse/blue back).

> Two guys fished real shallow: Wesley Strader (4th) fished a Texas-rigged Zoom Magnum Trick Worm (redbug), and Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson stayed on with a Jackall Binksy (HL Chart Strike Gill) and a Rebel Pop-R. [Gussy, with a name like that, you should be fishing walleye derbies! lol just kidding man]

> Only swimbaits named: Mister Twister Swimsation and Nichols prototype (Clent Davis, 3rd), and a Strike King Caffeine Shad (John Cox, 10th).

> Weirdest bait mentioned: Missile Baits Tomahawk (Zack Birge, 8th). That worm has two tails. I need to fish it…Crews!


Props to FLW for covering baits WAY better than B.A.S.S. C’mon man!


I don’t think I am a complete idiot! Lol




Justin “just gimme 2 gallons” Lucas talkin’ ’bout detailin’ the, uh, details of running out of gas on the Delta on day 3.

Check what else he said:

> I loaded my fish into Ish’s live well, and my marshal [and] I jumped into Ish’s boat to finish the run upriver.

That sound sketchy? Course not, but that’s what Mark Rose was DQd for in a recent FLW Tour derby. Our office manager’s reaction:

I can’t have specific items for every type of fishing that I do because I’m not rich.




– Word! Mikey B in this vid, talkin’ ’bout needing “bi” (dual purpose) fishin’ equipment. Yep. Dude is an interwebz phenom!

Love all the fishin’ bums out there, and Mikey B is one fo sho.

Wishin’ it was you?




Big bass from a dock — every kid’s dream. Love it…this one’s from Japan:



1. Fish live against double-E on Grand.

You vs Edwin Evers, and streamed live. If your buddies watching you fish against EE on ain’t cool (or at least hilarious), don’t know what is. I’m taking bets on Evers….

2. AR: 4.12-lber wins 10 GRAND on Ouachita River.

WTH!! University of Louisiana at Monroe bass teamer Tyler Stewart, 2015 Ronald McDonald House Big Bass Tournament. Not even worth showing the fish!

3. WI: 0.01-lb margin at Sturgeon Bay.

> Canadian brothers Cory and Chris Johnston — with 55.75 lbs on the allowed 12 bass over two days — edged the Green Bay duo of Chad Adrians and Caleb Colwell [by 0.01 lb].

Note that the 2nd-placers weighed 30.26 on day 1!

Would love to show you drool-worthy shots of pillow-sized smallies — like the 6.93 beeg feesh — but NO shots have been posted other than the one above. #uberfail

4. AR: Ronnie Everett passes on.

Ronnie of the Mr. Bass of Arkansas derbies is gone from this world. Kevin Short posted a tribute to him. RIP bassin’ brother.

5. AR: Bass Cat’s Ron Pierce turns 80.

Happy bday mang!

6. CA: Frogs-only Delta event.

Any make or model. If I was there I’d be fishing the Frog Brigade yo!

7. Zippo top sponsor of BASSFestivus.

8. PA: DNR pulling hair out over smallie issue…

…on Susquehanna. DNR exec director talking:

> “My frustration is we’ve known about this for 10 years and still don’t know what the problem is.”

> “The federal EPA has told the [state] DEP that they have to come to a conclusion about whether the river is sick or not by January 2016.”

Maybe if the DEP studies it long enough, it ill go away…or people will forget….

10. Merc summer promo.

11. LiveTarget ISO natl sales mgr.

Sounds like a move to Canadia not required.

12. IN: Man falls out of boat, drowns.

During bass derby. No PFD. RIP bassin’ brother.

13. If you work for Shimano…

…this happens:

Old saw in the fishing biz is that once you’re in it, you fish a lot less (just ask my kids). But when you DO fish, it tends to be awesome.

My fave comment left on the post:

> hey zona do you give any tips on fishing for bass or baits used?

Hahahaha! Doesn’t Z do some sort of, you know, fishing show??

14. PowerPro IS all that.

Informal poll on the Gambler FB page, most peeps prefer PowerPro. You?




1. AR: Cedar Ridge wins state title.

2. OH: Gallia Academy twins win state title.

3. IL: McGivney Catholic wins first state HS title.

Tip of the Day



Okay you know how he caught ’em, but have you heard him talk about it yet? Here ’tis, good stuff. Btw, he said most of his fish came on the Strike King Rage Craw.

Quote of the Day


If bass learn to avoid lures, as studies have shown, the ever-changing menu of lures presents a steep learning curve for a critter with the brain the size of an 8-oz slip sinker.

Bassin’ biologist Dr. Hal Schramm. Think about that the next time you’re cryin’ in yer beer….


Shot of the Day


Cool shot from Swimbait Underground of a bassin’ catch on the full size Deps Bullshooter…which is an even-cooler name:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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