Skeet’s Ike test, Tree assaults boat, Homer Simpson bass

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Today’s Top 5

Skeet’s Ike test.


At the Big G. Check it:

> He caught a 2 3/4-pounder on the dropshot, then picked up the swimbait and popped one more than twice that size. He lifted that 6-pounder from the water in full view of Mike Iaconelli, and Iaconelli’s non-reaction told Reese that the former already had a crowded livewell (that was the day Ike weighed a tournament-best 28-02).

> “It didn’t even faze him,” Reese said. “I knew right then that he’d already caught them real good.”

Two questions:

> How awesome is that?
> What would Ike’s reaction have been if he didn’t have ’em?

Word is Skeet likes to walk around eating Corn Pops talkin’ like the “big yella hat” guy just to tick other Elites off. He’s a psy-ops master.



Virginia B.A.S.S. Nation (I think) derby on Buggs Island/Kerr, NC:

> …heard a loud “crack” and a 40-foot poplar tree fell on his boat.

> His nonboater jumped off the end and lost his rod and reel.
> Lots of damage to the boat.

> Then the ants, who had eaten the dead tree causing it to fall, got into the boat and bit the guys as they made it back to the ramp.
> Lucky for them that they were not severely injured or killed.
Great to hear they are okay. Ever hear of this happening to anyone else??




Ray “hotter ‘n a fox in a forest fire” Hanselman won his second Rayostart in a row last weekend:

> “I was looking for fish that had already spawned [he did not follow the rising water up shallow]. I specifically focused on those drains, or pinch points, where they’re forced to go in and out of the beds.”

> …using an Okeechobee Craw-colored Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Slither Rig [with a Beaver-type bait]…. “It really did what the name suggests. When I was flipping it slid right into that thick cover where I needed it.”

Some guy named Dennis finished 5th — and is he throwing a new fishing gang sign here??

> …with Strike King Rage Craws and Rage Bugs. The latter seemed to produce best in the afternoons and in muddy water.
6th was Joe Don “Funky Cold” Setina, who fished “Strike King Rodents in junebug and watermelon red with chartreuse tips.”

‘Nother fishing gang sign spotted.




This time it’s a Lee:

Wonder if his gang has anything to do with the Q symbol on his hat. Very mysterious.

Here’s the down-undah version of a gang signal I guess:

Dude, that’s how us northern hemispherers tell people we need a ride!

Btw, Z went fishin’ with that kid, who reminds me of Tak Omori back in the day — whatever it took to make it happen mang = cool.

Quote from an Aussie newspaper on Jocumsen’s 6th-place finish:

> Top 100 anglers in the world fighting it out at Lake Guntersville and he came 6th. Proud day for Australian fishing.


Homer Simpson bass.





Is this:




1. KVD, other pros form company…

…to help you be a pro angler. Already got a customer, looks like:

2. Hilarious Ike surgery article.

Don’t think it was supposed to be funny (glad iKe is oK — blood clot removed), but it cracked me up:

> …for the next month, all the way through Kentucky Lake, wear a compression sock, which is not very attractive. [Dude I am begging you, wear that skin-colored compression sock. Too funny.]

> “That actually opens up a good sponsor category for me. HurryCane Ike.” [If anyone can make this happen, Ike can.]

> Iaconelli’s visibly swollen right calf was mentioned several times during weigh-in by emcee Dave Mercer. [Bwahahahaha! Mercer couldn’t resist…the “several times” part cracks me up.]


3. FLWer Clausen gets Dirty Jigs.

4. OK: 3 hurt in Tenkiller bass boat crash.

All okay, but here’s the killer line:

> The OHP says no one on either boat was wearing a life jacket.

And both boats were running! C’mon folks, be safe out there.

5. Good column from Brasher.

Bryan Brasher is one of the BrASS new guys this year and wrote a cool column about his kids, John Crews and autism. #stout

6. CA: Delta ‘Trap Open this weekend.

Couple more tidbits from FLWer Mark Daniels Jr — first one from here:

> A lot of guys like to throw ‘Traps on braided line and that works great for poppin’ ’em free from the grass, because braid has no stretch.

> With that said, personally I have lost a lot of fish using braid because of that “no stretch” quality that it has.

> I like to throw a Rat-L-Trap on fluorocarbon. I use 15-lb-test on the 1/2-oz ‘Trap or upsize to 20-lb with the 3/4-oz size.

> Brand new from Rat-L-Trap is the Echo 1.75. It is a squarebill crankbait that dives 3-5 ft. This will be a perfect addition to the Rat-L-Trap Open…considering the event will be in the later part of April.

> I would use the Echo to concentrate on some of the flooded islands…Big Break, Frank’s Tract, Little Frank’s Tract, Mildred and Mandeville. Fish will be in varying stages of the spawn in these areas.

> I would target rip rap banks that have a nice trough in them, meaning the distance between the rocks and the initial weedline need to be about 5 to 6 ft in width. I would crank that trough, banging those rocks with the squarebill. If there is grass, I would be trying to get hung up in it and deliberately pop it free from the grass to trigger the strike.


7. CA: More on the Delta 36-lb limit.

> The three morning fish were caught on a bank within 50 yards of each other, on the incoming tide. Mah was using a red crankbait and Austin enticed the 11 with a Spook.

> Moving to the central Delta, they filled out their limit with two more that went less than 3 lbs each.

> Later in the day, Mah punched a 6-lber with a Rhythm and Blues Sweet Beav. By 1:30 p.m., Jason culled the last fish with a 4-plus, flippin’ a Bloody Mary Beaver.

> The majority of their fish were caught out of 4 to 7 ft….



9. TN: $5K 1st at Paris Landing May 16.

10. MD: Potomac bass change sex…

…from birth control pills.

11. ON: KY men fined for too many smallies.

Had 56, but the possession limit was 16….

Line of the Day


Esports should be aiming higher than what collegiate softball and pro bass fishing have attained.


Talkin’ ’bout video gaming on TV should be aimin’ higher than bassin’. Good luck, dorks!

Tip of the Day



> My choice is a 1/2-oz War Eagle spinnerbait in chartreuse/white or white. I like one silver blade and one gold blade — a Colorado blade up front and a willow leaf in back – but I want smaller blades than most anglers choose at this time. Instead of the #4 or 4 1/2 blades that typically come on such a spinnerbait, I drop down a size to a #3 1/2 and 4…or even smaller.

> The smaller blades give the bait a lot less lift. That lets me keep it under the surface even on a very fast retrieve.

> I can cover a lot of water with this bait, fishing it faster than the guys using bigger blades, and I get more reaction strikes because of the speed and because the fish don’t get such a good look at my lure.

> The spinnerbait’s deadly in dingy water, but when the water’s clearer – several feet of visibility – I love to throw a white Zoom Horny Toad. Some guys will tell you that the water’s a little cool for a great topwater bite, but they don’t know what they’re missing.

> Bass in clear water will climb all over that Horny Toad even when water temperatures are still in the 50s.

Too busy chomping on Edwin’s most excellent pecans to hear a word he’s saying….

Quote of the Day

Can you make more bad decisions than that?

Greg Hackney in his column talkin’ ’bout the Gville Elite:

> Practice went OK. When the tournament started the weather changed. I stuck with my practice pattern. (I don’t know why.)

> Then, on Friday, the weather changed back to what it was during practice. I abandoned my practice pattern. (I don’t know why I did that, either.)

> At the same time I passed over 3 pound bass on the beds because I didn’t think they were big enough. I didn’t even make a cast towards them. (That was one more good decision.)

Btw, yes Hack. Yes I can make worse decisions than that…like breaking a $200 rod trying to get a $5 lure out of a tree. Just once. I swear.

Shot of the Day


Shot from Japan. Can’t tell if that’s a wooden box or an I-beam, either way looks cool:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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