Sick Hudd swimbait vids, Oddball bass shots, High speed reels

Today’s Top 5

SICK Hudd swimbait vids!




Bass takes a good look:

Bass whomps it:

Not a swimbait guy, so surprised to see the bait being dragged across the bottom.

Oddball bass shots.




Largie-smallie hybrid:

Hybrid #2, sent in by BB reader Brad R.:

This a largie or a smallie? Let me know here on Facebook.

Got any odd/weird bass shots? Email ’em to me!

Humans go after mature adult fish at a rate 14 times higher than any natural predator.




– Duh! Pretty sure other predators are just happy to catch what they can. From a “study” that claims:

> “Our wickedly efficient killing technology, global economic systems and resource management that prioritize short-term benefits to humanity have given rise to the human super predator. Our impacts are as extreme as our behavior, and the planet bears the burden of our predatory dominance.”




> If you’ve got 7 or 8 figures backing you up, then at some point in your life you’ve probably known some pretty substantial success. In fact, you may be used to being successful at everything you’ve ever tried. So why do you continually subject yourself to the “Thank you, sir, may I have another” treatment?

Bass scribbler Pete Robbins asking a question about rich dudes who get their tails kicked on the Elites and FLW but keep going back for more. My guesses:

> Fame, limelight.
> They think at some point they will figure it out, maybe because they’ve figured out how to win at the $$$ game.
> They don’t care man, they’re having fun bass fishin’!

Besides, don’t think KVD and the fellers care who shows up at the poker ….

Memes of the week.




Judging by the # of times this one was shared, the boyz at Tackle Warehouse must be partying like rap stars:





1. Awesome Brandon Card Erie vid.

Check out those rollers mang!

Water like that you need to be fishin’ outta this:

2. Stephen Browning gets Plano.

3. ‘Lectronics helped A-Mart win?

> …the tide charts are on my Humminbird Onix units. I was using them to keep track of the tides — how many inches, how many feet it was fluctuating. I’ve never had that before on my graphs. It helped me make sure I was where I needed to be when the fish were going to bite, basically the last 2.5 hours of the outgoing tide. It’s super neat….”

Aaron says “super neat” all the time. I wonder if he is…super neat.

4. Cool story about J-Pow’s home base.

Would rather fish for Aaron’s magic-colored cobia.

5. Doesn’t Bernie look like a stockbroker here?

The wolf of bass street.

6. Peter T loving the FLWs.

Great dude, glad to know he’s been back at it.

7. Cup winner Brad Knight back home.

Not sure if this counts as infidelity? lol

8. CA/AZ: New Wild West Bass Trail deets.

Here’s the intro vid. Not sure who it is targeted at?

9. CA: 2016 CTT schedule.

10. For kids: Brian Robison and Golden Tate talk feeshn.

11. FLW Cup Top 10 patterns.

To me this is the weirdest one — anyone ever try it? 3rd, Brandon Cobb, Big Blakely Creek, Ouachita:

> Cobb caught his fish off wood targets on shallow flats on a Knight’s Custom Lures buzzbait with a white or green pumpkin Zoom Horny Toad as a trailer.

Jacob Wheeler had a cool pattern, only fishing clear water with topwaters, including the new Storm Arashi Top Walker.

12. TN: Noogastrong bass derby.

Sept 12. Always thought Nooga was that stuff in candy bars….

13. TN: Boone Lake in 5-7 year drawdown.

14. LA: Fishermen getting tickets in Terrebonne.

Ponds. Remember water can be private in LA…because that “makes sense.”

15. TX: White Oak wants HS bassin’ club.

16. WI: New fish head.

Head of fisheries, gal born in England, land of no bass. Here’s the quote that may tell all, from her boss:

> “Few states offer the diverse angling opportunities we provide in Wisconsin, with exceptional trout and salmon fishing in the Great Lakes, trophy musky and walleye in the north, and incredibly productive trout streams throughout the state.”

Yep, fer sher WI is known more for trout streams than bass [eyeroll]. Bassmaster mag was mention in the next quote, but not bass. I know — you are shocked…

17. Digging this Yum shirt!

18. Vid: How to make a cheap marker buoy.

19. Ticks now poison venison??

Okay not bass, but SUX!

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Tip of the Day



> …super high-speed reels, let’s say 7.5:1 and up, are very niche-specific reels. For me, these speedster reels are excellent for flipping and pitching.

> Contrary to what it may seem, flipping and pitching is not a slow, pokey way to fish. It’s actually a game of multiple presentations, and there is no doubt that a super high-speed reel helps with this.

> Once a presentation has been made, being able to zip your line in quickly and get it right back out there is key. Also, when a fish bites and swims at you, being able to take up that slack quickly to catch up to the fish and set the hook is a big plus.

> But for me, that’s where the benefits of speed end. Any lure that involves casting and reeling back in can be handled with anything in the 6:1 to 7:1 range. In fact I still prefer the “slower” 6.1:1 ratio reels when using lures that require a specific speed to work correctly.

> For instance, a Chatterbait is a deadly lure that requires just the right speed to reach its optimum vibration. Burning a Chatterbait with an 8.1:1 reel probably is not going to do you any favors.

Quote of the Day


I get to see things that most people are sleeping through.


– KVD talkin’ ’bout bad movies bein’ a fisherman, from a cool GOfishPROfessional vid:

Did he pronounce “fog” like “fowg”? Sometimes Kevin throws out some southernisms….

Shot of the Day


This perfect timing or what?



The best superconductor in the world right now is rotten egg gas.

> Researchers in Germany have confirmed that hydrogen sulphide — the compound that gives rotten eggs and farts their distinctive odor — can conduct electricity without resistance….

Since we’ve all been in the boat with someone who had “issues” like that, and been in the boat with storms coming in, you now see that having that dude in the boat in a storm is a pretty bad deal!

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Gitcha a K2 cooler cuz!

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