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Science: Bait Color and Selection

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Response was great to our Science post a couple weeks ago on Shad Dynamics. Check it out at the link if you haven’t seen it already. It was listed as a “Top-5” favorite science piece, which brought out the questions about what were the other four. So, we thought we’d dig out another one to share with Bass Parade readers. Again, you’ll have to do homework on this one and read when you have the time.

What’s the topic? How about we talk color this time. Seems to be a favorite message board topic, and every bassin’ man worth his salt has an opinion on the subject. Some think it’s all a bunch of bull, and others pay really good money for custom painted baits. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, or even if you haven’t completely formed an opinion, this next piece is worth a read.

Many will remember the Color-C-Lector, created by Loren Hill. Took the angling world by storm. What you may not have seen is the patent application which describes and summarizes a lot of not only Dr. Hill’s research and testing on color, but also what was known at the time from others who did color research on bass. It’s a long but interesting read.

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