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Won this weekend’s Central Open, won a PAA derby in 2013 doin’ the same thang — which is why PATTERNS (BassGold hint) work mang! Stuff from BassFan I found interesting:

> “We weren’t eliminating water — we were eliminating unproductive size and the most productive-size fish [in practice] were caught on that Luck E Strike Frantic Frog [black].” [That’s a Ribbit-style bait.]

> He added another keeper snapping a spoon [unnamed] around a boat dock…. [Anyone else do this?]

> He said he’d position his boat in 6 to 8 feet and make 45-degree angle casts toward the bank. Most of the fish would gulp the bait in the 2-foot range. “I was looking for rocks and running water that looked good and kept my trolling motor on high and fished fast.”

The other key bait for him was a River2Sea Whopper Plopper (loon, pictured), a 747-looking bait that’s buzzbait-like:

Here’s a vid of Ish fishing it:


Watson warned everyone…




…or at least Swindle. Check it, posted on Gerald’s Facebook:

Is that cojones or what? G-Man said:

> Watson himself stuck this sticker on my boat at a MLF event. I left it there and maybe I should have listened. Congrats on his win on ‘ Rock!!

My fave word in there: “maybe” he should’ve listened. Spoken like a true bass fisherman. Lol!



Waited too long, I did.




Mark Davis talkin‘ like Yoda ’bout waiting too long to get a growth on his lip removed. The growth morphed into cancer:

> “The docs don’t know how much of my lower lip they will take, they go down layer by layer until they get to the layer that doesn’t have any cancer in it.”

Then reconstructive surgery. Here’s a fact I didn’t know:

> From the skin cancer folks…Your lower lip, like Mark’s, is 12 times more likely to get skin cancer than the upper lip.

Gittin’ me some lip balm. Please send up some prayers for Mark.



They give the illusion that they are fishing away from the juice when in reality they are inconspicuously moving towards the juice.

Brett Hite talkin’ ’bout guys “encroaching” on spots. Seriously one of those most entertaining columns I’ve read on Bassin’ He lists 6 types of encroachments:

  • Charade Shutdown
  • Death Spiral
  • Hypotenuse to the Juice
  • S-Wave
  • Drifter
  • Moonwalk

What surprises me the most about this: Brett knows how to spell inconspicuous and hypotenuse. Then again, he is a Spelling Bee winner. Check him out back in the day before flat-brims and such (how funny is it that they spelled his name wrong):


Senko vs Twizzler bassin’.




Let’s face it…bass are just a hair smarter than one o’ these:

Which is just one reason this whole bassin’ world is so funny. Anyhow, here’s a vid that proves it — sorta: Senko vs Twizzler fish-off. Sorta proves it because looks like they’re fishing a Bill Dance-type pond so I’m sure a picture frame with hooks would work….

Kid who catches one on a Twizzler flips out, like he’s been hitting the candy all day:





1. MO: Dude wins $71K for one fish!

> John Hertzler, of Wichita, Kan. caught a 6.88-lb fish during the Big Bass Bash, held on Oct. 3-4 [Lake of the Ozarks].

DANG! Organization said the dude was polygraphed — good, that’s a lotta jack.

2. Southeastern, western anglers are dropouts.

I KNEW it (lol):

> A new report about recreational fishing in the U.S. found that anglers in the Midwest and Northeast had the lowest drop-out rate compared to anglers in other parts of the country. The report examined fishing license purchases in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and West.

3. ABA adds new Ram Open Series.

Pro-am, $5K for 1st. Deets at link. ABA’s expanding faster than foam on a hot day yo!

4. TX: There’s bass in Amistad?!

Kurt “I’ll ketch ’em anywhar” Dove went a-feeshin’ thar recent-like and:


5. TN: Ott Defoe derby on Douglas Oct 31.

6. VA: Hokie bassers fundraiser on Smith Mntn Oct 31.

7. OK: Kerr Lake Bassnanza Oct 31.

8. Winn Grips adds Guy Johnson.

Former Shimano dude.

9. OH: D’Arcy Egan says bye.

Cleveland Plain Dealer outdoor writer, a good one. Tx much D’Arcy we will miss you man!

10. “Glamping” comes to US?

Sounds like a word Reaction Innovations would use, but it’s this:

#dorky #tommywouldflipit

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Tip of the Day

Talks about why he fishes the Shad Rap, one of the most productive cranks of all time:

If you don’t have some for fall fishin’, stock up here on So many good colors but I like (no particular order): gold, dark brown crawdad, silver, red crawdad, bluegill and, for smallies, silver fluorescent chartreuse.

Btw J Wheels ended up 2nd at the T Rock Open also fishing topwater: a Rapala Skitter Walk “with a shaved-off side that made it translucent” and an Accent Game Changer buzzbait. More deets in the next BassBlaster.


Shot of the Day 1

Since we had two quotes in the top 5, doin’ two shots here. #1 is Dave Mercer’s on-the-water meat market — those be some HAMS yo!

Shot of the Day 2

XXL beefy brisket caught outta Rodman, FL. Why is this dude frowning?? Does Mr. Largie smell…like weeds?

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


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