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Round so you can apparently use any knot you want…but only 20-lb for now:

> A new braid going on sale later this year is believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

> …from World Fishing Tackle in Germany (WFT) [shoulda been World Tackle Fishing lol] is the 12+1 Braid, so called because the 13th carrier is threaded through the hollow core of the braid. …threading a single, fine carrier into the hole that exists in the of the braid.

> This firms up the inner core and maintains roundness, even under pressure. It also overcomes the problem of the large bore in a 12-carrier soaking up water, creating spray and impairing casting….

> …currently being manufactured in one diameter of 0.09mm (9kg/20lb breaking strain)….although bigger diameters can be produced if there is a demand.

> “We wanted to satisfy ourselves that there would be advantages over an 8-carrier braid, otherwise there was no point in doing it. In fact, it exceeds all the performance characteristics of an 8-carrier braid. The 13th carrier makes it stronger and more durable, giving the line an amazingly long life due to maximum abrasion resistance.

> “It has better roundness than 8-carrier braid, which means a better line lay on the spool and longer, more accurate casting. The slightly undulating nature of the line’s surface also makes it incredibly good for knotting. You can use any knot you want.”


You may not know that Germany is a hotbed for line technology, but apparently they haven’t heard of the American bassin’ market…the biggest in the world….

Was this a record Florida largie?




Current record is 17.27 caught from an “unnamed lake” in Polk County in July 1986 by Billy O’Berry:

The detail in that photo is AMAZING…lol.

Remember this pic from a few weeks back? New deets: This XXXL fencing panda was caught by Dave Ochs on the Kissimmee Chain, went 19 POUNDS on an older spring-style scale, 30″ long and “massive” girth.

Wish the photo was better but if he was by himself that’s not bad. Sounds like it very well could’ve been the record. But Dave wanted to release it — props!




From James “Captain Donuts” Elam, here you go — more deets on

Top to bottom:

> Zoom Brush Hog (green pumpkin blue), 3/8-oz weight, 4/0 Owner All Purpose Worm Hook.

> 10″ Berkley Power Worm (red bug, discontinued color), same weight and hook.

> Homemade 1/2-oz football jig (black/ blue) with Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw (green pumpkin).

> 3/16-oz Owner Shakey Ultrahead with unnamed 7″ worm (green pumpkin).

He calls the weights — made by his dad — “rock weights.” Said: “I use them in non-grass lakes. They are rounded and do well in the offshore rock. They don’t wedge. And a lot cheaper than breaking off tungsten.”

More deets here on




Won it this weekend on Mead. Congrats! And his son recently won the co side of the FLW Cup….

Here are his winning baits:

About 90% of Roy’s fish came on a Duo Realis Pencil topwater (shad color). If it got windy, the fish wouldn’t come out of 15 feet to get that bait. “It was more like 3-10 feet,” he said.

If it was just too windy for a topwater, he threw a Spro Baby Little John DD (clear chartreuse). He also fished it around schooling fish, but it was mainly a bait for the wind.

Another bait he used to catch a few was a 3/4-oz Pepper Custom Baits football jighead (black, no skirt) with a Yamamoto Double Tail Grub (smoke hologram).

Pattern deets here on

7-03 “smallie.”




Check this 7-03 smallie (biggie?):

Fooled by a Rapala BX Swimmer — and the fish had a bird down its throat. Bass are greedier than the Donald, man!

Here’s that bait:

If Rapala ever made a big swimbait it would be bada$$ yo!




1. Ott wins marshal contest.

2. What the Elites are facing.

Shot from Brandon Palaniuk’s boat:

Starting to think BP is one of the top 5 picture shooters in bassin’.

3. James Niggemeyer’s Ft Gibson baits.

Deets at the link but…Strike King!

4. CA: FLW Clear Lake derbies rescheduled.

Wild fires.

5. TX may rethink regs on tidal bass.

6. NJ: Ramapo wins northern collegiate.

Jersey yo!

7. FL: Okeehobee on fire?

Averaging 5-7 lbs??

8. FL: Fish the Chipola for big shoalies.

9. NH: Bass boat and jet ski collide.

On Winnipesaukee.




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Tip of the Day

James Elam: Fishing community holes.

As we all know, the dangnabbit things about fishing community holes in derbies are:
1. Everyone knows about ’em.
2. Everyone fishes them, even guys not in the derby.
3. Even so, you KNOW there are fish there.

With that in mind, here’s the most interesting thing James Elam said to me about his Fort Gibson win, where he did fish community holes:

> “Sometimes you can find a little bitty place on a popular place — off to the side. Stuff like that came into play. There’s little tricks you can do, like fishing different directions and stuff like that.”

Mucho interesting, eh? More on that next week.

Quote of the Day

I would hate to be on the bubble right now — I would not be able to sleep.

Elitist Bill Lowen talkin‘ ’bout the Classic bubble and the stupidly tough (maybe?) fishing at Sturgeon Bay.

Shot of the Day


Bassin’ magic: “And now I will make the bass reappear!”


They told me not to score.

Giants RB Rashad Jennings talkin’
, after the Giants derped their way to a loss to the Cowboys Sunday. Pretty sure that is never a good way to win…trying not to score.

Still can’t believe I read that.

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

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