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As the Rev. Billy F. Gibbons would say: A-how-how-how…. Dang! How to squeeze that under a 9.9 cowling….

Will Ranger come out with a 25-footer….

I finally might be able to replace this setup:

Merc Racing also made a diesel outboard for the Dept of Defense called the Stealth…

…the same name as Ed VH’s current fave geetar:

Solution for giant swimbaits…




…fished from shore. But first, the need — in case you didn’t think swimbaits were stupidly large, presenting the Deps Proto Giant Bait:

It’s in Japanese, here’s the Google translate of the Japanese below the vid:

> 2014 Ever since then exhibited at the depth booth of Nagoya keep cast , ” still do ? ” And query many items proto giant Beit code name of : BASS. From silhouette to color , Giant bait of the bus itself -looking , serious lure in earnest originally born from shaving hand of Okumura ‘s . Really is the spirit that this guy was born ? Depth Kazumasa Mr. Okumura is , Gekishiro the reason


Whoever sold Google that translate software was a friggin’ genius. Anyhow, here’s the solution mang:

Tater gun bait delivery — PHOOM!

[Cool swimbait news at Swimbait Underground.]




I’m assuming not, but this post is interesting — dude said he was a marshal, describing fish with a pro:

> …after he made a cast and let the rig settle to the bottom, he would get on the trolling motor and power into the wind for 10 to 20 yards. I wasn’t sure if he was moving to keep the boat in the position he wanted or just to fight the wind, but he was definitely dragging the jig or worm through structure on the bottom (and manipulating it as he did so).

> He seemed to do it as was moving from one piece of cover to another, a way to keep fishing while moving (as opposed to finishing the cast, moving the boat and making the next cast). He didn’t do it every cast, just mostly when he was moving from one target to another.

> Now I know what “strolling” is, the technique of making a cast, letting out line as you move the boat and then retrieving the lure after you stop the boat. What he was doing was not strolling, the reel was engaged.


Well? Kosher or not? Post any feelin’s on BassBlaster Facebook.

…anglers spent 81,000 hours chasing largemouth bass on the open lake (not including harbors and bays) compared with 67,000 hours fishing for smallmouth.




That’s for 2014 on Lake Erie, believe it or not. Wow.

Pretty soon it may be…Asian carp….

Girl power…doesn’t matter?




Have said for years the bass don’t know who’s on the other end of the line, guy or gal…or, I guess according to the University of Vermont, “neutral.” [Can’t make that up.]

Anyhow, some girl stuff:

You’ve got to come and prove that you’re supposed to be there.


Nobody wants to lose to somebody else. But NOOOOBODY wants to lose to a girl.


[Except Chris Zaldain — heehee!] That’s northern-tier competitor Mandy Uhrich speaking:

Boyle County, KY high school angler Tesa Hacker:

> Tesa Hacker admits she felt a bit intimidated when she joined the Boyle County bass fishing team because not only were most of the team members boys, but most of the competitors she would face would be boys also. “Now it’s really exciting to compete against the boys and do so well.”


Lots of good gal anglers out there, reached out to Trait Crist about this boys vs girls thing and she said:

I feel if we were as good as the men, we would have everything. The problem is we think we deserve more, and we haven’t done anything.


You just have to be good. We make differences, we want to play the female card, but there’s really no difference. You just need to be on your A game.


Yeah! Tell your brotha, your sista and your muthah too: W-O-R-D UP!





1. Schultz: marshals vs. co-anglers.

2. Elite pro Joe Sancho at work.

Just in case you think being an Elite pro always pays the bills.

3. Win a fishing trip with Z!

This might be the only way I can get on his boat too, so I’m a-enterin’!

4. NY derps ridiculous new rule.

You can get a fine or JAIL TIME for taking a pic of a fish caught out of season…because I guess bass and walleye are endangered in NY (#dumb). But this:

Yep, that’s the NY DEC handling a white sturgeon…give ’em a fine! #triplederp

5. AL: Pickwick needs a cleanup?


One of several shots sent in:

6. OH: Buckeye Lake will have low water.

7. CA: Diamond Valley will extend ramp.

Rumor is true but holy cow how bad do you want to fish??

8. LA: Record red caught.

Not a bass, but it took 2 people to hold up! 53.5 inches long, girth of more than 31 inches, weighed approx 65 lbs, caught by Darrel Gilbert out of Capt. Mike Frenette’s boat after a 70 MINUTE fight. Record is 61 lbs — still the record because Frenette release the fish (props).

Bait was a pumpkin and chartreuse Strike King Redfish Magic glass minnow on a 3/8-oz jighead about 2.5 feet under a popping cork in shallow water.

Tip of the Day



Some misc ones I found interesting — Dean’s frog is the Spro Bronzeye:

> I didn’t want a flat bottomed frog — I wanted one that had some contour to it [so] I could skip the frog way back into cover, and it would “walk” well around the cover. A frog with too flat of a bottom will move forward too much on a retrieve and leave the strike zone too early.

> Walking Kermit is easier than most people think. It just takes a little bit of practice. The problem most people have with it is they keep too tight of a line to the bait when they twitch it. You need a little bit of slack line to make it move side to side. If your line is too tight, it will only pull straight towards you.

> The reel is important, for two reasons. First, when a fish strikes the Bronzeye Frog, they are hot. I mean, really hot. They can move so far so fast that I need to be able to pick up a lot of line in a hurry to stay in contact with them.

> The other reason I use the high speed reel is to be more efficient in covering water. When I am casting, I am fishing targets that may only be 4 or 5 feet in size. The higher-speed reel allows me to work the lure around the cover, then quickly bring the bait back in to make another cast.

> If I had one color that has become my go to, it would be midnight walker, the all black one with the bright red eyes. I’ve caught more big fish on that color, and while I know I’m not going to get a lot of bites on it, I’m usually going to get some really good ones.

> I trim the legs back about 3/4 to 1 inch to make it a little easier to walk because it does help some. The other thing I do is use a pair of pliers and open the hook gap just slightly, about 1/16th of an inch. It may make the bait just a little less weedless, but when the cover is more sparse, it can help slightly in the hookup ratio.

Quote of the Day


In these multi-day events, you’re looking for 20 fish. And not only are you looking for more fish, but the other anglers are looking for 20 fish too.


Jason Christie talkin’ on ’bout the difference between a 4-dayer and a 1-dayer. Sounds obvious, but think about it:

> It’s not like you’re the only angler on the lake and you have to catch 20 fish. There are 112 of us out there (in an Elite event). Not only do you have to think about how you’re going to catch 20 fish, you also have to play a little defense.

> What are these guys not looking for? What’s something that might not be as good and they might overlook?

Also this:

> In a multi-day tournament, you can’t win unless you’re fishing on the last day. So in an Elite Series event, I don’t manage for 4 days, I manage for 3. I’ll burn everything I have to make it to Sunday.

> I’d rather be fishing on Sunday and be out of fish, than to have saved some fish and not be fishing on Sunday.


Innerestin’ eh?

Shot of the Day


Who wouldn’t look that happy with that fish? Love it:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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