Lane’s tourney undies, Tail cheater caught, Best spinnerbaiter dies

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I wouldn’t make that up…probably. From another great don barone interview, Bobby talkin’:

> “Every year I buy new underwear to wear during the tournaments — not cheap you know, we go online and find just the right ones….”

> “You see here db, day 1, I wear the green camo pair. Day 2 I wear the stars and stripes ones. Day 3 once I make the cut then I wear the boxers with the $100 dollar bills on them, and the final day, day 4 when I’m fishing in the top 12, that day I wear my Superman underwear.”

So — the best undies are online eh? How surprising….

I told the queen about Bobby and she was like:

The greatest bass angler that no one probably knows outside the state of Texas or under the age of 30 died last week.




Rick Clunn talkin‘ ’bout Elroy Krueger:

> I later got to know him when he allowed this broke young angler to share a room with him at several of my early B.A.S.S. events in the early 70s. In many ways he became my mentor. I learned from him and Tommy Martin a fishing work ethic that no one had at that time.

> Elroy was the best spinnerbait angler I have ever known. I have known no others that are even half as good. I include myself in the lesser group even though he tried to teach me it all. He could fish it in a foot or in 30 ft.. He could fish it fast or slow, but mostly he understood water displacement and when to use what blade configurations.

Wow. Wish I got to fish with him. RIP bassin’ brother.

Pretty sure this was Elroy back in the day:

Short Elroy bio here.

Tail shears on Fork.




From the Texas Game Wardens Facebook page on Sep 29:

> Game wardens working Lake Fork encountered a subject fishing a tournament who admitted to allegedly cutting the tail on a bass to make the overall fish length fall within the slot limit. This allegation constitutes fishing tournament fraud and is a Felony (TPW Code 66.023). Case and restitution pending. The winning prize was a truck and boat.

Not the first time it’s happened and won’t be the last. Is the slot on Fork a good thing? I don’t know, just asking. Let me know.




Check this dude fishin’ a Roman Mother swimbait:

Those some low-rider johnny-pants or what? He did catch one though:

Bass prefer…carp?




Attention hard bait manufacturers:

> ….tested the bass’ dietary decisions by placing it in experimental pools with shad, bluegills, shiners, and two species of Asian carp — the bighead carp and the silver carp. The bass ate more bighead carp than any of the other species of fish.

Excerpt from here. Carp don’t even look appetizing cooked:





1. Win Randy Howell’s boat.

King’s Home auction. $100/ticket (NOT $25 as I said in the last Blaster). Awesomely #stout of Randy.

2. FLWers Lefebre, Avena shooting for Elites.

Avena said:

> “I still believe the Opens are the toughest competition out there.”

And he believes that because he hasn’t fished the Elites yet.

3. Shin Fukae missing an FI.

On his license plate. Looks like somebody stole it:

Why Shin, a long-time FLWer, is featured on is an interesting question.

4. pro survey.

Got a few issues with it, like it seems to equate the Elites and FLW Tour and mix the responses, but here are a couple nuggets:

> Less than 2/3 of anglers made money in 2014. [Actually more than I thought.]

Check this chart:

5. Bass club reaches out to heart patient.


6. Wooley cracks ’em at TN River Run derby.

FLWer Michael Wooley crushed everybody so bad. Here’s what he did:

> We were Texas-rigging a 6″ Strike King Ocho (green pumpkin) with a 3/16-oz Strike King tungsten weight.

> I was fishing around the grasslines on the main river channel that had 6-8 ft of water on them. There are matted grasslines that run up and down the river channel — we were fishing on the inside of the grasslines, just sitting out a cast length away, throwing up to the edge.

> We went through about 5 limits of fish for the day and ended up with 27.39 and a 8.05 big fish.


7. FLW Cup champ Brad Knight on Bass Edge Radio.

8. Gal catches big fish, wins boat.

GoProfessional contest.

9. Some guys don’t fish BFL Regionals…

…because they can’t get any more vacation days. Should this be fixed schedule-wise?

10. TX: SE TX bass need different limits?

11. LA: Team Championship Red River Oct 10-11.

12. GA: Blue Ridge Lake smallies going.

Spots out-competing them.

13. Mike Auten goes hunting.

Former Bassmaster Tour pro (back when it was called that) and GREAT Kentucky Lake stick, created the Classic Patterns vids, got hired to do stuff for Pradco, now is a marketing director for Pradco hunting. Congrats dude…now give me back my amp (lol).




1. Tackle Warehouse: Fall pros’ picks.

Baits they like to use in the fall. Good info.

2. Nichols’ Ben Parker hair jig now for sale.

3. 11″ wood snake swimbait.

Get a 9′ flip stick and heave!

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Tip of the Day



From Bassin’

> If you haven’t been to a lake in a while, a drawdown is a good time to go. You can see the shallow rocks, logs, brush and anything else that looks good.

> I have a rule: If it looks good, it probably is good. That’s why I use the fall drawdown to mark a lot of new spots that I’ll come back and fish the following year during normal water levels.

> …the spots I fish during the current fall season…you can catch them on just about any type of structure, but as far as location, I like spots closest to deep water.

> I feel like the bite is going to last a lot longer in these areas because, as the weather gets cooler, those fish are starting to think about moving out to their deeper winter spots.

> If you’re catching fish in the back of a creek, those fish are going to leave when it gets cooler. But if you’re catching them somewhere with deep water close by, they’re more likely to stay there a week or two.

> I keep a Heddon One Knocker Spook and a Booyah Boss Pop on my deck. Some days in the fall, you might be catching them on one or the other, so you want to be ready for whatever the fish want.

Spooks have been mentioned in more than a few tourney wins in the last month. Jason likes the One Knocker Spook. This guy, who caught an 11.4 on Toledo Bend recently, used a Super Spook.

Quote of the Day

Waterlogged sticks make lines too.

Greg Hackney talkin ’bout not bein’ able to tell fo sho what a mark is on your sonar.

Here’s what my screen looks like…lol:

Shot of the Day


This dog will not allow legal fish released. Little dude is serious!

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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