KVD over the hill??, BB wins again, Cool: SmartStrike

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Today's Top 3

1. The past two seasons, KVD has been quiet…too quiet.

Line from a good slideshow on bassin' about 14 thangs to watch for 2014. More:

> He hasn't won an event or even qualified for the finals in almost two years. [Dang, Kev, what's a matta yo?]

> No one is suggesting he's over the hill, but are his greatest achievements now behind him?

Then…what are you suggesting??

2. BB Cricket = Big O win…again!

The Gambler BB Cricket is to Okeechobee like what the Strike King 6XD is to crankin' derbies – kinda as close to a gimme as yer a-gonna git.

Last weekend Mike Keyso Jr. won the Gator BFL there with 24-14, 4 fish (just kiddin'):

> “There was a ton of boat traffic in the area I started out at. I stuck it out through the boats but somewhere around 11 o’clock I decided to make a move and downsize baits.”

> He started the day flipping a Gambler Crawdaddy on a 2-ounce weight and switched to a Gambler BB Cricket with a 1.5-ounce weight to catch his big fish in the afternoon.

> “Slowing way down and thoroughly punching through where the green hyacinths met the dead hyacinths was the exact key."

3. Humminbird SmartStrike – could it really help?

Was told this wasn't bein' announced yet but looks like someone did!

> SmartStrike is a powerful software program contained on an SD card that allows anglers to utilize LakeMaster® map data and extensive search algorithms to pattern and locate fish like never before.

> Based on search parameters like fish species, season, time of day, and temperature, SmartStrike highlights areas of the lake map where your prey is most likely to be located—before you even wet a line. It’s like having your own personal fishing guide with decades of experience.

Will confess to bein' fully ignorant here, but…doubt it. That's why fish predictors don't work – cuz they're not based on ACTUAL PATTERNS, like BassGold – and only BassGold – is. Just sayin'…(you got my phone number Humminbird!).

But this part is cool:

> Click on any location on a lake, select Find Similar Areas, and millions of data points are searched to return other areas like the one you selected.



1. Rojas gets Duckett, Rigid.

No more Quantum after 20 years.

2. Ish on BassEdge Ray-dee-o.

3. KS: Merc advisory.

> The public throughout the state also is advised to restrict consumption of black bass species (largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass) to one meal per week because of mercury.

4. Ranger Gear Up & Go promo.



1. Cabela's color-change camo.

But…deer are color-blind….



Tip of the Day

U-rig tips.

AL fishin' guide Tim Chandler:

> “The umbrella rig can be hugely effective in shallow water. Try not to limit yourself by adopting a one-track mindset. I have a lot of success with the rig in the same areas you’d throw a four to six-foot diving squarebill crankbait."

> "More times than not, the trailer that stands out the most will be the first one to get bit. For this reason, I’ll dip the tail of the middle swimbait in chartreuse dye to set it apart from the others. It may not look like a big difference…but it can really fire-up the bass.”

> "There are times you can straight-reel an umbrella rig and catch fish, but you’ll have a lot more success if you can actively fish it and constant adjust your retrieve."

> “I’ve recently started putting a jig skirt behind the head of some of my umbrella rigs,” Chandler said. “It gives the head a spinnerbait-type appearance, which gives the bass something extra to hone-in on.”



Quote of the Day

I didn’t think I had a shot at the top five – I’d been fishing out there the past few weeks and catching 30- to 35-pound bags.

– Big O BFL winnah Mike Keyso Jr. Dang, son! Time for me to take a vacation….


Shot of the Day

Guess it depends which species the postman likes more?


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