Kids crack Kentucky Lake, Bass knocks out angler, Fishing voids

Today’s Top 4

LA kids crack open Kentucky Lake.



Ledge fishing blah, blah, blah…! Justin “left fist” Watts (left) and Alex “right fist” Heintze SMOKED the field at the Bassmaster high school championship on Kentucky Lake last weekend. Put 66 lbs of bass in the boat, beating 2nd by 14-01!!

How? Everyone else banked on the deep bite, but these Louisiana boys wanted no part of that. They went shallow with a Strike King Denny Brauer tube (I think, in black/blue) and a Spro Bronzeye Frog (midnight walker).


The rod slammed down against the boat gunnel and exploded in a half-dozen pieces…the rod handle then shot straight up and back, and cracked me solidly between the eyes…so hard it almost knocked me cold and out of the boat.



Guy talkin’ ’bout a bass slammin’ his mat-punched bait that hard from 12 feet down. Went with heavier tackle later, ended up catching it, a 12-04. More in today’s tip o’ the day below.

Fish was like — BAAAM!

Check this swimbait!


Can I put that on a cracker?

The Onimasu gives off a natural profile, increased surface area for directing water unique retainer and keel slope to free hook movement increasing hooking ratio (and much more). All in one lure!




No hablo, mang! That’s Duo’s description of this bait:

Pre-order the Onimasu here on




1. Jared Miller out of Elites for season.

Appendectomy. Been there man, good luck!

> Kelly Jordon has also withdrawn with a broken wrist and Yusuke Miyazaki has pulled out due to an unspecified illness that required hospitalization in Japan.

Told you…Elites are safer on the water than on land!

2. Lake ON off-limits in St. Lawrence Elite.

Can we call this the anti-Palaniuk/youth/crazy man/hero or zero rule?

Not really a rule but you git it….

3. Young bass angler dies.

Heartbreak. RIP fishing brother.

4. Largies make top 10 worst invasives list.

> Their big appetite and position at the top of the food chain mean that other native fish species are driven to extinction. They are responsible for the decline of native frogs in California as well as the California tiger salamander, the Chiricahua leopard frog in Arizona, and a wide variety of fish species across the world.

5. MD: Snakeheads found in upper Potomac.

Bummer. Awesome smallie fishery.

6. AZ: Largie consumption warning on Bartlett.

7. 46 mil Americans fish.

> 46 million Americans, or 15.8% of the U.S. population ages 6 and older, participated in fishing last year according to the 2015 Special Report on Fishing released by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.

This is interesting, and very cool:

> Hispanic Americans fishing participants average 25.8 days on the water per year, over 6 days more than the average for all fishing participants (19.4 days).

La vaca es en la finca yo! (Lo siento, pobre espanol.)

8. Vikes head coach Mike Zimmer is a bass dude.

Now we know why Brian Robison keeps gettin’ those sweet contract deals hahaha!

9. GA: New regional Corps commander.

Hartwell, Thurmond and Russell area. Says he fishes, though mostly salt.

Tip of the Day



Good article:

> Weedy voids are one of the last frontiers for finding big bass because most anglers have no idea such places hold fish.

> Almost anywhere weeds grow deep and thick, “void fishing” can be practiced effectively. It works in weeds such as hydrilla, coontail moss, pepper grass, water lettuce, cabbage, even in deep lily pads.

> A good weed void looks something like a low-to-the-floor coffee . Weed stalks are like legs, which top out and form a thick, dense surface layer much like the a top.

> Usually there’s just a horizontal tunnel or long pocket 1 or 2 feet in diameter right on the bottom. Bass use these tunnels like highways…

> Many anglers favor bow-mounted flasher fathometers [flashers] to pinpoint deep weed voids. They must be set on manual control with the gain on high. Some LCR fathometers can be used to find voids, too, but flasher units are generally best because they are so instantly responsive.

Reminds me of some Ace Frehley “Into the Void” yo!

Quote of the Day

Candidates who don’t get in might as well take up bass fishing.


Columnist talkin‘ ’bout national politicians not getting invited to a televised debate. Pretty sure that’s some kind of attempted insult…by someone who has never had a bass on the line. (Don’t care about politics but this stuff comes across my screen….)

Shot of the Day


This ever happen to you?? Cool shot:

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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