HUGE Chickamauga limit, Gville hot, Denny flip tips


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Today’s Top 3

1. A-rig madness ramping up…

…on – Chickamauga?! Believe it. Last Saturday in a Chattanooga Bass Assn derby, the winning limit weighed – weight for it – 37.96 lbs! That’s an average of 7.58 lbs per fish. Did I say it happened on Chickamauga, in TN?!

Here’s a quote from one of the limit of a lifetime boys: “We caught all our fish on hog caller rigs with three wires and six blades. We had one over 9, three between 7 and 8, and one just under 6.”

The fo’ biggest:

Seventeen basses in that tournament weighed over 8. the TWRA has stocked Florida-strain largies in there, but still: awesome!

2. How ’bout G-ville?

Well-known beeg feesh factor Guntersville, AL is the site of next year’s Bassmaster Classic, so what it’s been doing the last week or so is getting a little more interest than it might otherwise. So:

> Classic week this year, TN’s Adam Wagner won a BFL with 29-01. Not too shabby. Some said it was all about the A-rig, but nope, his biggest bites were on a jig. Specifically Zorro Bait Booza jigs in Missouri craw. Here’s the only pic we could find of the color, full deets in this week or next.

> Yesterday, day 1 of this week’s EverStart at Gville, with air temps in the 30s and water Ts in the 40s, 39 20+ sacks were weighed.

If that doesn’t get the Elites and Open boys fired up, don’t know what will. Those suckas look healthy!

3. What it boiled down to was that the water was just too dirty.

Jason Christie on why the deeper-water big fish bite didn’t happen for him at the Classic.





1. See the B.A.S.S. guys at BPS this weekend.

Just some o’ the madness:

> KVD: Heading to the Bass Pro Shops Spring Classics in Clarksville, IN [today] with a seminar at 8. I will then be at the Sevierville, TN BPS on Saturday with a seminar at 2 pm. If you are in the area stop by and see Timmy Horton, Fred Roumbanis, and myself.

> Mercer: I’m on the road this weekend doing the Bass Pro Shops Spring Classic seminar tour with the one & only Gerald Swindle/GMAN . We will be at the Bass Pro Shops in Baltimore MD Friday night at 7pm, Hampton VA Sat afternoon at 1pm and finally Sunday in Richmond VA at 1pm.

> Z: My seminars are at 2PM both days. “Monster Smallmouth Tactics” – I should be there by 12PM. Clarksville, IN -SATURDAY ONLY – March 2nd, Cincinnati, OH-SUNDAY ONLY-March 3rd.

2. Bienville sponsoring Bernie Schultz.

Have always wanted to fish there, don’t think I have.


Tip of the Day

Denny: Prespawn flip tips.

> Look for them around suitable spawning areas. Generally that’ll be in the thickest cover they can find near a hard bottom area. I usually start near pockets or other backwater spots, but…I’ve seen many a largemouth bed on a big tree limb in standing timber over 40 feet of water. In Florida they often spawn on pad roots.

> Prespawn bass are very sensitive to cold fronts… [When] the weather turns cold, they’ll run back into the thickest cover around. A drop in water temperature of one or two degrees will do it. This situation presents one of the best flipping opportunities you’ll ever have.

> The bass are tucked back in heavy cover. You know where they are, and you know how to get a bait to them.

> My lure preference for this type of fishing is a jig. If the water is clear, I fish a brown and green pumpkin color (No. 46). If the water’s dirty, I switch to a black and blue or a Texas Craw.

> I like to put a Denny Brauer Chunk on the back of my jig. This gives me more bulk but doesn’t have an unnatural amount of action in cold water. I always match the color to my bait.



Quote of the Day

It was coldest tournament I ever fished in my life.

Takahiro Omori on the Classic. Also posted:

Official practice day for Bassmaster Classic. I stay under boat dock and try to stay away from snow. I’m not big fun of winter sports for sure.

Tak, you crack me up, man!


Shot of the Day

Who’s ready for one o’ these!

Caught from TX’s Grapevine.


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