How Ben Parker fishes mag spoons, Jordon on IR, Ape crazy frog


Today’s Top 4

Near-record MN largie.


In MN this weighs almost 8 lbs. In Cali or TX, this is an easy DD — look at the shape of that fish!

Caught on the new Strike King 8XD crank! Git ’em on

It did something to me.




FLWer Mark Rose talkin‘ ’bout getting abducted by aliens his 1-day DQ at Beaver this year, which messed him up mentally for the season. Also said:

> I’m as mentally strong as anyone out there, especially on the water, but when you tell me that I did something wrong and give me a black eye, that does something to me. I work hard to do good by this sport and the outdoors.

With you brother. Some of the worst times in my life were when I was surprised like that….

And btw, if it happened to Homer it could happen to anyone:

Derby schedules and bait planning.




Interesting being at ICAST when the 2016 FLW Tour schedule was announced. A few manufacturers were already gauging how their sponsored anglers could do at those times of year on those bodies of water.

Well-known fact is that wins goose bait sales — not magically cuz the manufacturers have to do their part. So wonder if we’ll see more baits being intro’d for specific situations?

Btw, here’s the FLW schedule: Okeechobee, Hartwell, Beaver, Pickwick, Kentucky, Champlain. No sprises. Saw some FLW pros walking around with these signs, guess it didn’t work:




> Livingston’s definition of the “smart bait” now takes on a whole new meaning with the introduction of an expansive new line of 30 EBS sounds, BlueTooth connectivity, and a smartphone app which allows anglers to download and incorporate dozens of natural bait sounds into a single Livingston bait while storing critical information about their fishing success.

Does this mean we’re going to see Howell, Chapman, etc. looking like this nerd when they’re fishing?

Maybe…if the next step is hearing a bite?

Surprised to see no prohibition against electronic lures in the Elite Series rules.




1. Kelly Jordon out for rest of season.

Broke his wrist…arm-wrestling Boyd Duckett…okay not really….

2. OR gives finger to smallies…again.

Oregon DNR:

> The state Fish and Wildlife Commission will be asked in September to eliminate warmwater fish bag limits on the Columbia, John Day and Umpqua rivers — three of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in Oregon.

In the article a biologist says it will probably have “no effect” on the bass pops. So…why do it?

3. PA: Guy beats fine in court.

After not releasing a smallie immediately in the water because he wanted a pic of it. Good!

4. TN: Poachers caught with 71 undersized bass…

…at Nickajack:

#ruhroh #derp

5. IA: Yellow bass cheaters plead guilty.

6. Humminbird says victory over Garmin…

…after Garmin said victory over Lowrance.

Somewhere in there might be the transitive property where if a > b and b > c then a > c. Yes I had to look that up.

7. Interesting ICAST stuff.

Out of the ordinary stuff that caught my eye at that link.

8. TX: 13-lber caught on Toledo Bend.

12.93, Trent Curphy:

> Then Curphy decided to pick up an old crawfish-colored Bill Norman Little N (with rusty hooks)…. The anglers worked their way near a point on a nearby creek channel. “It was a little point in 4 to 6 feet of water with a little grass on the bottom.”

9. AR: Bowman going int Outdoors HOF.

Stevie Bowman?? Wow! Yet more proof that nice guys finish last…hahaha just kiddin’ bro! Congrats!

10. New Skeeter limited edition.


11. More on FLW China thing.

Part of a new B.A.S.S. Nation-like funneling to the FLW Cup.

12. Erie: Bad algae bloom coming?

13. Topwater name story.

Heart-warming family story about the Greenfish Tackle T.A.T.

14. Ethanol kills Mark Hicks’ Open.

> …the problem was, indeed, the pickup tube in the gas tank. It was sucking air between the aluminum fitting in the top of the gas tank and the plastic tube that extends into the tank from the fitting. Ethanol had eaten away the adhesive.


Tip of the Day


From the man himself:

Check that spoon plus the new sizes here on

Quote of the Day

The thing just went ape crazy and got psychotic on us.


Basser Jason Pittman talkin‘ ’bout a nutty aggressive 14-inch bullfrog caught on a frog. Wondering if Jason maybe picked the wrong mushrooms during morel season…but I dig the “ape crazy” term.

Reminds me of a dream I had once of these apes taking over planet Earth:

Shot of the Day

Let’s assume Terry Scroggins is NOT driving down the road with his rods like this:

Other than that, we’ll be taking donations for the “Scroggins needs more rods” fund soon…. Dang son!

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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