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> …Holey Boat, a flat-bottomed craft into which a pair of holes have been cut and then topped with something like a stovepipe. Ice-fishing-style Vexilar fish sounders are mounted, and anglers fish through the hole at the top of the pipe, just as if it were a hole in the ice.

> The angler, closer to the line and rod tip, can better watch what’s going on there. More importantly, that angler sees what the fishfinder screen shows — the presence or arrival of fish, and how they react to the bait and presentation.

> By all accounts, the results are astounding. “Every time, people fishing in the holes in the (boat) outfish people fishing over the side.”

O….kay? I get it, but: What if you catch a fattie or a drum or whatever and it can’t get through that hole? What if you snag a rock or a stick? And: Does this mean we don’t need drain plugs anymore??

But crazy cool how someone would even think of that.

Robison sacks another one.




Talkin’ the Vikes’ B-ri Robison, who far as I know is the biggest bass-head in the NFL. Another bassin’ sack “dance,” this time against the Broncos — click on the pic to get the short vid:

#sweet #representin

Fishing FLW for the last 10 years, I think I’d gotten pretty stagnant. I’d done it for so long that everything was pretty routine.




– FLWer and Classic winner Luke Clausen talkin‘ ’bout working his tush off to make the Elites again. He made it through the Opens. Don’t know what he’s talking about re: the FLW Tour schedule…lol.

Unrelated, but in the same article he says:

> I think winning is easier when you don’t know as much and you don’t know what it is that you should be doing.

Herm Edwards say:

Sick swim jig.
Is this or is this not awesome-looking?
3/8-oz Lunkerhunt Natural Series Skirted Swim Jig, “spawner” color, 4/0 hook, wire-tied skirt. Not on yet, but more info here.

B.A.S.S. seeking Class V whitewater.




Apparently Sturgeon Bay and Erie were too tame. Under consideration are the Youghiogheny River, MD and the Colorado River, AZ:

Word is all you need is a jet drive and you’re good to go.

Okay, that’s sarcasm. #safetyfirstyo

[And for all of you ultra-sensitive types, no I am not implying that B.A.S.S. doesn’t have angler safety in mind. Sheesh.]



1. Mark Davis recovering from cancer surgery.

Skin cancer on his lower lip. Hope he’s doing well.

2. Scott Martin gets LiveTarget.

3. TX: Fork Berkley Big Bass Challenge Oct 17-18.

No tail clippers needed…lol.

4. OR: A little more on this fatty largie.

> The scale read just over 9, and that’s the weight I stuck with cause I’d rather downplay a fish than exaggerate it.

> I caught it on a big GP Custom baits football jig. It was caught on a large body of water in eastern Oregon better known for its other fisheries.

5. FL: 3K bass in TrophyCatch program.

6. 2016 Xpress boats lineup.

7. Yamaha cash back on outboards.

8. Garmin wins NMEA awards.

9. Big Rock Sports Canada Acquires KTL Canada.

Tackle distribution.

10. USFWS slaps down eel listing petition.

11. Candy crush bluegill.

Can’t tell if color blind or genius:


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Tip of the Day

Gary knows more about fishing than any 10 guys so:

> My son Richard and I have fished both rigs [Texas and wacky Senkos] side-by-side to determine the difference in the bites, and the wacky rig just gets bit 10-1.

> Some guys may use the smaller bait, but I don’t go any smaller than the 5″ Senko because if you do, you tend to catch so many little fish that it becomes a big waste of time.

> If the wind is blowing, I’ll throw the 6″ Senko because bumping up a little in size give me a little more mass and that can make a big difference when I’m trying to punch through a strong wind.

> Sometimes if I’m fishing a little deeper and I need to reach farther into the water column, I’ll put a 1/16- or a 1/8-ounce nail weight right in the middle of the bait by the hook to make it fall faster. I know some anglers like wacky jig head heads, but I prefer the nail weight.

> Over the years, I’ve lost a lot of fish on those little wacky jigheads, so I don’t want to give up my Gamakatsu split shot/dropshot hook. I like the size and the design of this hook and the weed guard helps me prevent a lot of snagging when I have to fish near cover. I use a 1/0-2/0 or even a 3/0….

> I always use an O-ring because, with the hook outside the bait, it gives me better action. On top of that, it also saves me time. Every time you get a bite without an O-ring, you have to change baits because the fish rips your worm.

Quote of the Day

Looking around and hoping to find a school isn’t a plan, and it rarely gets you anywhere.

Greg Hackney talkin‘ ’bout what he was doing when his Sturgeon Bay smallies moved on him. But Hack, that’s my plan every time I go out mang! Hahahaha!

Seriously. It is.

Shot of the Day

Looks like someone hit this smallie with some oxblood shoe polish:

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


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