Guy gives away Triton to stranger, 15.7 SoCal largie, Robot chicken win


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Apparently this is true…and very cool. Guy named Fred McMahon won a new Triton boat at the Rayburn Big Bass Splash, and gave it away to a stranger:

> Thought I would never do this but I won this boat at the McDonald’s big bass tournament and then gave it away to a man that did not have a boat and he fished three days off the dock. I feel blessed.

In other words, the guy fishing on the dock fished all 3 days of the tournament from the dock to try to win the tournament. Think it went like this: They were both up for a drawing for the boat, Fred said, “I want him to have the boat” and withdrew from the drawing. When the name was drawn, he would have won the boat.

How stout is this?

15.7 SoCal largie!




Dude named Jay Saberon caught it, same kid who caught a 16 last year. No deets, only said on the Insta “Just say trout swim bait — too soon for exacts, still fishing it another couple weeks, maybe a month:” #ultratopsecretbassin’

Breakdown on Southern Open winner.




Alabama River, dude named Dustin Connell won it, sux for him he didn’t fish the first one because now he can’t fish the Classic. Here’s what he used — combo of BassFan and Bassmaster info because they conflict a little:

> Crank was key for him first 2 days: SPRO Fat Papa 70 (lavender shad).

> Jig — he just let it wash down the current: Either a 1/2-oz Strike King jig or 3/4-oz homemade jig (black/blue) and Missile Baits D-Bomb (bruiser) trailer on a 7′ 2″ medium-heavy Shimano Cumara casting rod [should be KUMARA haha!] and Shimano Curado I reel.

> Spinnerbait gear: 3/4-oz Strike King double willow spinnerbait (chartreuse/white), same rod and reel.

Looks like the spinnerbait was key for him on day 3:

R2-D2, Chicken win Gville.




Just in case you think the Elite got all the bites, dude named Ryan Salzman won this weekend’s BFL with 5 for 31-15, which included two 7s. Fished in 8-10′:

> The key colors for him were R2D2 in the Little Head, and pale chicken in the Big Head. He threw the LH 4.5 on a 1/2-oz head, and the BH 7.5 on a 3/4-oz head.


Not it.


Here we go — love the name R2D2 for a bait color:

Those are True Bass swimbaits. Check ’em out here.

How good/bad it is when…




…10 fish for 50 lbs won’t even get you a check. Clear Lake yo!

(Tx to Jodi Only for this one.)




1. CA moving to ban lead tackle.

> [The state] admitted in public hearings that it has no scientific studies demonstrating that lead poses an environmental problem in California. Yet…has declared fishing gear to be one of the top seven most significant threats to health faced by Californians and its environment.

2. MS: Ross Barnett user fee may happen.

To help with boat ramps and such…allegedly.

> Boats under 26 feet – $35 annual, $90 for three years.

3. Win Crews’ autism jersey.

And support a good cause.

4. SC: Shimano expanding East Coast presence.

5. NY: 2 soldier derbies on Oneida this weekend.

6. KY: KY Lake wounded solider derby.

May 9.

7. CA: 36 derbies nixed at Oroville.

Because of new fees. #fleecingfishermen

8. CA: Shore/float fees cheaper at Barrett.

2015 only, so far.

9. New Sweet Beaver color coming.

Dirty wizard:

10. FLWer JT Kenney on Bass Edge Raydeo.

11. TX: Rio Grande bass boat crash.

> A jet ski cut off a bass boat, which swerved and collided with a Border Patrol vessel, according to the Border Patrol source.

Friggin’ jet skis….

12. MO: What happens when the brake isn’t on.

At Lake of the Ozarks:

Headline of the Day

Gill nets are a bad idea for North Alabama.

Amen. And everywhere on the TN River.




Email from Chris Mitchell at, on the video games (“esports”) vs bass fishin’ thing:

The dorks already won.

League of Legends (another game) filled out the Staples for their championship.

Don’t ask me how I know this. I’m not a nerd or anything.

Hahaha! Dang….

Tip of the Day



Good article — I still use it too man!

> Chris Lane: “When it comes to end results, mono is still the best all-around line to throw. It’s the best and easiest to cast. You don’t need special knots. It’s forgiving.”

> Edwin Evers: “It’s mainly for topwaters. When I’m fishing a Megabass Pop-X or Pop-Max or a little prop bait, it’s important to keep the bait up. Fluorocarbon and braid sink. For that reason I use it with my wake baits and with some swimbaits, too. When you’re fishing lures with little bitty treble hooks that can pull out and you want to keep the lure up in the water column….”

> Ripping a lipless crankbait over super-shallow grass? Switch from 17-pound fluoro to 25-pound mono and it won’t bog down in the greenery.

Quote of the Day



Best thing I ever saw at a weigh-in by far.

Guy on the talkin‘ ’bout the Sealy boat-giveaway weigh-in. Word.


Shot of the Day


Sweet Old Man and the Sea-esque shot:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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