Goldfish-largie hybrid, Z’s smallie insanity, Couple teeners caught


Today’s Top 5

Goldfish-largie hybrid??



What the…

Maybe this was one of the parents??

(Got that screenshot texted to me, no idear where it’s from….)

Z’s insane St. Clair spot.




Check this vid — think a few fish are there??

Yep, all those blobs are smallies…said he caught 100 before he dropped the camera down.

Btw, not sure if you caught Zona’s latest show with Mercer. Dave did not catch a single fish while Z mowed ’em down. I assured my son that Dave is a good fisherman. He doesn’t believe me…lol.

Couple teeners landed.




First, this 15.6 from Lake Ikehara in Japan, caught on an 8-inch Madness Mother worm…which looks more like a soft jerkbait:

Lots o’ folks on me to point out that jaw-clamping pandas ain’t good, so gotta ask: Is it possible to get a cool holdup shot without doing that? Yep — here’s a 13.8 from GA:

You might be surprised to learn that several of the Elite guys actually have por gauges in their boats.




Ike talkin‘ ’bout this:

Hahaha! Kidding. Was talkin’ ’bout barometers, and:

> They watch what’s happening all the time they’re fishing and adjust their presentations accordingly.





…who’s going to be on Shark Tank for his bait biz (good luck mang!):

> “No shoes on the boat (shoes make noise); no talking during the drift (stripers recognize their enemies); big eels catch big fish…no radios either.”

Takeaways: How much noise can we reduce from bass boats, and how much does the noise bass boats make screw up the fishing?

He also created a rattling jig to mimic the sound of lobsters — by listening to crayfish in his 200-gallon aquarium with a stethoscope. Rattle is supposed to be killer for other species. I am intrigued….




1. Matt Arey swimbait was a 3:16.

A 3:16 Minnow. Here’s the shot from again:

2. CA: Elite impact = $1.6 mil.

3. NJ: Rep wants stripers as national fish.

Bill introduced, supported by boat/engine manufacturers…who apparently don’t know where their bread is buttered. B.A.S.S., get someone on this!

4. NC: Norman BBT won with Biffle Bug.

Oakley Big Bass derby, dude fished for one bedder for 5 hours to win it, a 6.63-lber.

Gitcha Biffle Bugs here on They’re named after some guy from Oklahoma….

5. TX: Reasons for low ShareLunker numbers.

6. WA: Potholes smalls and larges weigh the same.

> Derby: …most unusual is that the average weight of the 179 smallmouth bass weighed in was the same, at 2 pounds 11 ounces, as the average weight of the 907 largemouth weighed in. The heaviest largemouth weighed in exceeded 7.5 pounds and the heaviest smallmouth weighed more than 5 pounds.

7. GA: Hugh Gillis has some DDs.

8. SC: Linebacker recruit bonds over bassin’.

9. AZ: 40K Floridas stocked in Roosevelt.

10. PA: New Presque Isle King of Bass derby.

Cool idea, not sure yet about the insane Wile E. Coyote logo:

11. FL: Istokpoga plant meeting Monday.

12. FL: BPS job fair May 18-20.


Terry Burt from…Africa??…come on down! Email me back, and let’s see if Shimano can ship you a reel out there. Hakuna Matata man!

Tip of the Day

> If you are interested in targeting giants, I’d say you should look to the biggest lakes in your area.
> If you’re interested in targeting giants, I’d say you should look to the warmest places in your area.
> If you’re interested in targeting giants, I’d say you should look to places that have a lot of dumb forage.
Hahahahaha! Okay, he backs those sentences up in the column on, but the “dumb forage” line cracks me up. More on that:

> Hatchery trout like we have here in California are stupid. They grow up in tanks without predators around them. When they’re released they just swim around in open water until they get eaten. That makes a better forage base than natural tilapia, shiners or shad, all of which have a survival instinct and are harder for the bass to catch. That’s something that should factor into your hunt.

Look for baitfish with this expression:

Quote of the Day

Fish don’t know sex.


Eric Lopez talkin’, B.A.S.S. director of event operations. Well Eric, let’s sit down sometime and I’ll tell you how we get baby fish. Here’s a hint:

Okay he was talkin’ ’bout how fish don’t care who’s in the boat re: women being on the Elites. #gotrait

Shot of the Day


Awesome catch for this young dude — stayed til sunset, gotta love that:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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