Future of boat batteries, Too many techniques, Learn to fish swimbaits

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Today’s Top 4

The future of battery recharging?




Check this pic from Troy Lindner’s Facebook:

He posted: “Anyone notice the big dark square on the front deck of my boat in recent videos and photos? Clean. Constant. Sustainable. Power.”

Word is he’s got something big. Stay tuned bassin’ peeps….

Now I can do a dozen things right, but I’m not sure I catch any more fish.




Gerald “dude wipin'” Swindle. Full quote:

> Sometimes the more we learn the worse we get at this fishing thing. Back in the day I did three or four things right. They worked for me. Now I can do a dozen things right, but I’m not sure I catch any more fish. It’s just gotten more complicated.

> Fish still bite crankbaits in the rock, and they still bite spinnerbaits in the grass. It’s not the fish that have changed. It’s us.

Word, G-man! Speakin’ of changes, here’s some possible changes for the Donald:

J-Lu fishin’ tip.




Here ’tis:

> Havoc Sick Fish, ghost minnow color.
> Check the size of that hook!
> Lake Guntersville.

Take that and run with it yo!

Large and in chargie o’ the day.




11.70 caught outta Diamond Valle Rez, CA from shore with a Lunker Punker:

Guess a gopher took the hero shot??




1. Win Vinson’s boat…

…help Outdoor Friends Forever, a non-profit AL group that gives kids with disabilities a chance to enjoy outdoors experiences.

I love this trend. Hope the Elites can afford it.

Vinson is also new on BassEdge Radio.

2. Skeet Reese’s new truck…naked.

Here ’tis before it gets all logoed up. Looks like a Ford F1,000,050 Mad Max edition:

Johnny Crews is rollin’ like this in 2-oh-16:

3. Gitcha some Edwin Evers pecans…

…for or ‘fore the holidays. They’s Okie-growed!

Seriously, they rock. Evers where’s my order man? Been 2 weeks already!

[lol, kidding everyone]

4. Keystone Light back with FLW.

5. TX: TTBC will be at Ray Bob.

> …2016 Toyota Texas Bass Classic (TTBC) will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a debut in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on Lake Ray Roberts…scheduled for May 20-22, 2016.

6. MO: Exhibit honors Charlie Campbell.

A legend. Can’t do him justice here but: in the Bass Fishing [virtual] Hall of Fame, double-digit wins on various trails, 5 Classics, qualified for the Classic as an am and a pro, designed the original Bass Tracker, and way more.

7. FL: Team loses to their own jig.

Sorta: Winning team used a Medlock jig to beat the Medlocks.

FL and “Medlock” reminds me of Rickey Medlocke, now in Skynyrd but here he is tearing it up in Blackfoot, one of the baddest bands ever:

Get the whole Marauder album. Here’s the first tune.

8. ID considers bass reg changes.

Some regions.

9. VA: Lawsuit settled in bass tourney crash.

Fatal wreck last year. Hate it for everyone. RIP bassin’ brother.

10. MD: Algae kill 100K fish.

In upper Middle River.

11. Bass Pro Shops new title of Big Bass Tour.

Bye to Oakley I guess.

What not to read

Brent Ehrler skiing story. Yes, skiing.


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Tip of the Day

Great stuff, worth a whole read:

> Focus on that lake exclusively for a year, spending as much time covering water, locating cover/structure and how the bigger fish are relating to those areas.

> Bring only a handful of proven baits that cover the entire water column allowing you to provide different presentations in changing conditions. Literally leave everything else at home.

> …there will most definitely be times that you won’t get a bite or catch fish.

> Once you have isolated several spots that consistently hold fish, start strategically hitting those spots at different times of day, from different boat positions, at different retrieve speeds to see what gets the best reaction.

> Make it a habit to practice netting smaller fish until you have perfected the craft and make sure that you have a working livewell, digital scale and a decent enough camera to capture the moment.

Learn that and you can have days like this — IF you live in Cali…and can catch fish on dry land:

All good but after reading it, y’all can have it. I’ll stick with worms, jigs, cranks, etc.

Quote of the Day

You can’t win a professional level tournament very often with ordinary bass.

Swindle again. Huh. Guess you need out-of-the-ordinary bass like this:

HAHAHA! Never get sick of those pics….

Shot of the Day

Fatty getting the red carpet treatment:

Gitcha Working Class Zero measurin’ board here.


Life discovered on the moon:

Dude! I KNEW the moon landing was fake!

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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