Froggin’ Tips from Westy Stick Dan Wells


Dean Rojas and Ish Monroe are just a couple of folks who have proven that frogs work just about any time you feel like tying one on. They’re from the Westy/Lefty Coast, and so is fellow frog lover Dan Wells, who’s been red hot of late and recently shared a few tips about his froggin in this article.

Following are some excerpts – bear in mind the interviewer is asking him about the CA Delta.

> I think the difference in what I am doing and what everybody else is doing has to do with location.  First of all, it seems like everybody is looking for big mats, like 20 to 30-ft across and I think those are tough to fish.  I concentrate on bits of mats that have blown away or broken off and gotten stuck on grass flats or hydrilla.  These are good spots for big fish to position themselves.

> …it was into the 60s at the start of the day I targeted the open water the bite and went with a slow, methodical walk for my retrieve.  As the water was more stable and warmer, I went into the mats because that’s what the fish did.  I could also speed up my retrieve.

> I think too many people focus on the tide.  I like to read an area that is right to fish if it is good to fish on big water then I go there on big water and when its low water, I go where it is right for low.  I don’t want to keep running from point-to-point looking for that magic, specific window.  I’ve got high water spots and low water spots, to keep it simple.

> Most of the time, I use a darker frog. More importantly than the brand of frog is having the right gear to fish a frog.

Luckily the interviewer asked that question and it’s: Dobyns Champion 736, Abu Garcia 7:1 Revo SX, 65-lb Spiderwire braid. Btw, the 736 is listed as extra-fast tip for 15-30 lb line and “made for fishing frogs, pitchin’ and flippin’.”

Dang it, I think I’m using the wrong rod for froggin’.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bass Pundit

    August 29, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    I think the 736 is for those monster Delta, Clear Lake, and Florida bass. Here in MN the 735 is probably a better choice. I would love to try one of those rods Dobyns 735’s..

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