Foul-hook rule revisited, Dead bass at Clemson game, Gross smallmouth

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Should we nix the foul-hooking rules?




For tournaments anyway? I mean come on — there’s no intention to snag, and the fish are released anyway. More from a good Bernie Schultz column:

> [Rick Clunn said:] If, because of the rule, pros endorsing [treble-hooked baits] are reluctant to use them during competition, then those companies [that make those baits] could suffer substantial losses.

> Clunn went on to say that if the law had been on the books in those states where he had won some of his tournaments, those victories would be erased from the record books…including some of his Bassmaster Classic victories!

More recently, Mark Menendez DQd himself and Gerald Swindle tossed an important fish back. Here’s Swindle’s Sturgeon Bay fish, a fish he needed — great shot by James Overstreet:

Were they the only guys who caught a fish hooked outside the mouth in WI this Elite season? Should this rule be left up to the conscience or awareness of an individual angler, marshal or camera guy? Should any rule? Let me know here on Facebook.

Btw: Some Elite anglers are steamin’ about something related to this that B.A.S.S. is aware of. Since I’m not in the original reporting game anymore I’ll hold off on saying what it is, but it could be kinda like this:

What exactly is the WI rule?




The one that’s caused problems reads:

It is illegal to fish by snagging, foul-hooking, or attempting to hook fish other than in the mouth.

Okay, so derby anglers don’t snag, and don’t try to hook a fish other than in the mouth. That leaves foul-hooking, but the above implies the INTENTION to foul-hook. Bass anglers don’t intend to do it. They aren’t pulling treble-hooked baits through schools of fish hoping to foul-hook one. They’re catching bass that swipe at or bull into a bait and may, for all we know, have been hooked in the mouth to begin with.

2015 B.A.S.S. Elite rules say:

> All competitors are bound by the prevailing statutes and regulations of the various states within which they fish.

Maybe B.A.S.S. should get some clarity from WI — though probably still no love for bass anglers there — or interpret the rule their own way. Or not go to that and similar states. Because the “rule” as applies to tournaments seems…well, it reminds me of this:

11-11 caught in Flo-Ri-Da.




Instagram user @jmullinax33 cracked the biggest one in a while:

Gross smallmouth.




Fat bass are sexy, but this one is over the line mang!

What up with dead bass at Clemson game?




Can anyone ‘splain this??

Steve Wright, I would love some theories here man….



1. 2016 B.A.S.S. Elite changes.Good article on Bassin’ Highlights:

> Higher entries because now 1 more event (9 total)
> 8-man Classic-spot bracket derby on the Niagara River, NY [FLW bracket style?]
> No changes to AOY derby [hope they give a trophy this year?]
> Nation going from 6 spots to 3 in the Classic
> Elites who might have to requalify: J Todd Tucker, Britt Myers, Kenyon Hill, Kelley Jaye, Kevin Hawk, Byron Velvick, Randy Allen, Fletcher Shryock, Zell Rowland, Charlie Hartley, Kurt Dove, Kevin Ledoux, Scott Ashmore, David Smith, Joseph Sancho.

2. Justin Lucas gets long-term Berkley/Abu deal.

Makes total sense…for that to be covered on an ice fishing website?? Congrats to J-Lu.

3. 2016 Bassmaster Opens schedule.

If you fish the Centrals, you better like rivers and backwaters: Atchafalaya, Arkansas, Red.

4. Pro boats for sale.

5. MI: Tourney registration mandatory for 2016.

6. LA: Bass Champs championship big bass was 10.38.

Red Reever. No pic yet??

7. CA: New Diamond Valley ramp.

Concrete being poured. Just add water at some point.

8. OK: Tribe wants to stock Grand with smallies.

9. MD licenses now valid for 365 days from sale date.

10. How bad was the Erie algae?

Is this shot for real?

11. Amphibia shades on Kickstarter.

Wonder why they need the dough?

> We’ve experienced tremendous growth the last three years, and we want to keep that momentum going.


12. Protect your right to fish.

Sportsmen’s Act of 2015. Similar bill cleared House committee. Sad in a way that we have to defend the American way of life, but we do….

Tip of the Day

On Bassin’

> The fact that most of them stay deep, and that they don’t follow the baitfish in, doesn’t mean they aren’t feeding up for the winter…. And when the bite is on they’ll feed aggressively.

> The best way to catch one is to turn your back on the other anglers, ignore what they’re doing and throw a big swimbait. Sometimes they’ll grab it when it’s deep — we catch them here in California at 30-40 feet over water that’s 100 feet — but at other times they’ll come up just below the surface to take a bait.

> When they’re doing that I only fish with the big River2Sea S-Waver. If they’re way down on the bottom, try a really big worm. If they’re all the way on top go with a giant topwater plug.

> The best giant bass topwater plug I know about is a Whopper Plopper. If you’re looking for one 10 pounds or bigger, go with a 190. It was originally developed as a musky bait, but it’ll really do a number on giant bass, too. If the big bass in your lake are smaller, go with a 90 or a 130.

> I’m not going to suggest any particular color…. You have to know your water and pick something that looks natural to a giant bass, and natural is very important. It’s the key. Big bass are savvy. The water’s usually clear in the fall. They spot subtle differences between lures and real baitfish easily. They rarely fall for a pretty face.

Guess that would explain my lack of big bass…lol. But if Ish is good at catching them and they don’t fall for a pretty face then that means….

Quote of the Day

Some of my buddies had $15,000 worth of equipment and didn’t understand how to use it.

Jason Christie talkin‘ ’bout modern ‘lectronics. Raise your hand if that describes you hahaha! Not sure why this would be the case — the user manuals are super easy to read:

Shot of the Day

How ’bout that for a game face:

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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