Faircloth’s winning deets, BP’s crazy freighter pattern, Offshore tips

Today’s Top 5

Faircloth’s winning area and baits.




Spot, spot, spot. In the GPS era of fishing, that’s all some peeps can think about. But not Todd Faircloth. He won the St. Clair Elite fishing a pattern in an area — Bell’s Hump, on the Canadian side of St. Clair. Here’s what he texted me:

> 15-18 feet, big grass flat — key areas had clean spots, sand, where fish were.

> Just making short pitches around, blind-casting and casting to waypoints.

> Dropshotted a Strike King Dream Shot (KVD Magic), 1/4-oz Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Drop Shot Weight, and a Strike King Z Too (Arkansas shiner) with a 3/8-oz Strike King weight.

Here be the actual baits:

Todd caught more weight every day, a sure sign he was on the fish to win. The only other guy to do that in the top 10? Aaron Martens, who won a paper sign for AOY:

Guess the trophy will make an appearance at the next darby. Hopefully B.A.S.S. won’t take spelling lessons from the MLF:

Faircloth’s mystic smallie bond.




Every Elite season Todd catches the fire outta smallies. Seems like he has a unique bond with smallmouths for some reason:

Every time a ship would pass through the channel, it would literally suck the baitfish off the spot and create a feeding frenzy.




Brandon Palaniuk talkin‘ ’bout his spot, which was on the St. Clair River near Lake Huron. First time ever hearing about fishing the freighter pattern. Too cool, and props to BP for stumbling on that one.

The bite is fixin’ to turn on:

The donut kid.





James Elam had a shot at St. Clair glory, which brought his tourney jersey to my attention:

A donut-eating bass?? That’s AWESOME! Bet Bill Siemantel is already working on some kind of donut swimbait…lol.

If I had that shirt, I would alternate it with my Mr. Crappie shirt…only at school functions of course.

Speaking of donuts…




…a line from don barone’s hilarious piece about taking a Great Lakes boat ride:

Did you know a powdered donut hole is no match for boat spray.


> I obviously, didn’t.

> I am praying for a bilge pump, and frankly I don’t know what a bilge pump is.

> I have on me a thing strapped around my chest that knows when I’m in the water if I don’t and will save me apparently even if I don’t want to be saved.

> I have been in my hotel room for 24 hours and yet, somehow, I’m still riding waves.


Tip of the Day

Couple vids for ya:

KVD: How to dropshot using electronics.

Todd Faircloth: Fishing offshore structure.

Get Strike King cranks here on

Quote of the Day


Dude is from another planet and if you don’t believe me just talk to him.


Hank Cherry talkin‘ ’bout A-A-Ron from the planet Cali. Lol!

Shot of the Day


FINALLY a DD caught. 12.76 lbs and 27.5″ outta Lake Fork. Steven Wood fooled it wif a Carolina rigged Zoom Brush Hog (watermelon red flake) in 24 feet:

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

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