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Today’s Top 5

Spoon/worm/jig-fest at All-American.


Well, first a dang Canadian won the BFL All-American on Kentucky Lake! That even legal?? Would be like Dave Mercer emceeing B.A.S.S. events….

Curtis “cool hey” Richardson won the AA (congrats man!) throwing a Nichols Lures Ben Parker Magnum Spoon and dropshotting a wacky rigged Zoom Magnum Trick Worm…a bait we profiled last week here in the Blaster because it’s been kicking tail.

Check these factoids:

> 4 out of the Top 10 used the Magnum Spoon.
> 3 out of the Top 10 used the Magnum Trick Worm.
> 4 used a white hair jig.
> 3 used a swimbait.
> 5 used a jig.
> Only 1 used a crankbait.

Means the bait I will invent for summer fishing will be called the Magnum Hair Swim Jig.

3 things about the Nichols spoon.




When did it come out again — 2013? 2014? Anyhow, it was one of those “no way” and then “haaaail yeah!” baits once peeps fished it. Few things:

1. On the “shattered glass silver” finish Curt the Canadian used, Nichols’ Brooks Woodward told me: “It’s on a prism pattern blank so that it breaks up the smooth surface of the spoon. The silver in particular is highly refractive, and flashes more white than silver. It throws A LOT more light. Add in the rainbow-type holographic look — it’s just a bright bait. Really just gives the fish something less subtle than silver.”

2. The Mag spoon now has a new treble hook: a 4/0 short-shank EWG treble custom-made by Trokar. Brooks said: “Love that it’s made in the USA like all of our other components, and it’s a Trokar so it’s ridiculously sharp — they are freaks about quality control. Also, it’s nice having access to a hook no one else has. Sets us apart. We went with the EWG short shank to keep fish pinned better.”

3. Some folks are adding top/stinger hooks to the spoon. Brooks said, “We are releasing our stinger hook system at ICAST. It’s basically dual single hooks tethered to the top split ring. Decoy is making the hooks, super high quality, 3/0.” Here’s an advance shot of it. Brooks: “That’s what Ben’s [Parker] doubles have been coming on!”

Not sure I’ve ever seen a metal bait do so well in modern bassin’, but maybe Terry at the Bassin’ Archives can set me straight there (or you can!).

Btw the Magnum Spoon is big enough to hold a small banana split or can be used a spoon to eat said ice cream or Vie-ennee sausages in the boat.

Instead of going home during off limits, I went to Pickwick and figured out how to throw big baits and worked on those techniques. That was one of the biggest keys to me winning.



– That’s Richardson talking. Got that? He fished at Pickwick to learn how to fish Kentucky Lake. Called PATTERNING yo!

Everyone’s so focused on ultra-HD maps and GPS points, they’re missing patterning — but not people from Canada, which is weird because the fish there are so easy to catch (lol).

Share water or fight for it?




Greg Hackney’s post (nice one, homes!) about being shocked that a younger Elite dude ran up on him and started fishing at Kentucky Lake, and Stevie “I’m a gittin’ in the middle of it” Bowman’s follow-up post have gotten a lot of talk going. It’s good too.

Think it’s obvious that the younger dudes don’t look at things the same way the older dudes do, which you can verify by going to just about any college derby. Seems like some peeps want to know what I think about this, so here goes:

If a bear comes in your yard, run him off. If he comes back, pelt his rear with rock salt. (You know what I mean.)

Btw, ran across this shot of a Kentucky Lake community hole:

Unrelated: Peeps also wanted to know my opinion of this catch/kill invasive fish (including smallies) derby in Moosehead Lake in Maine. I don’t love it but:

Not a big deal. My thinking: First, biological pollution is the most insidious form of pollution. You can’t get rid of it. Second, used to hunt near Moosehead, have seen that lake, I’m not worried: Not a lot of peeps there, and there’s no way local meat-hunters are going to catch so many smallies that it kills that lake. Third, Maine closes fishing on that lake and many others for I think a couple months a year, so….

I get the precedent and feelings, but that’s where I came out after meditating on it.



New finding in the world o’ science:

> …researchers’ analysis showed that up to 95% of the power required for the suction came from the swimming muscles. The mouth muscles were too weak to produce anything but small amounts of suction.

> The fish researchers marveled at the neuromuscular control that the bass must achieve in order to switch from swimming in pursuit of prey to using the same muscles for producing suction.

> “It’s like they are doing a stomach crunch to open their mouth.”

Kinda like this guy:




1. Fish with Casey Ashley contest.

Then report back to me if he turns into Wolverine or Mr. Hyde in the boat….

2. Clunn Solar Bat glasses coming…

…but how will they look:

> Style and cosmetic appearance is important to marketing but is a distant second to how they function under different light conditions and how they protect your eyes.


3. Fish with J Wheels contest.

Just need to get a mortgage quote…!

4. How Terry Scroggins dropshots.

5. Get to know Guck.

Great dude on the biz side, works hard, allegedly can catch fish (hahaha Guck!).

6. CA: 70-year-old bassers win at Nacimiento.

Dropshotting, which you can do while asleep…(sorry Aaron but it’s true man!).

7. MI: New college bass circuit.

Now that’s an interesting and very good idea. Website here.

8. MD: PVA anglers fish Potomac.

Awesome. Love the PVA guys.

9. AL: Faulkner U signs HS bassers.

10. AL: 1 dead, 2 injured in Martin crash.

RIP brother.

11. TN raising license prices.

Remember that 90+% of all states’ DNR $ comes from license sales.

12. TX: Possum Kingdom gets largies.

13. New Stanley jig.

14. Yamaha behind salt group…

…B.A.S.S. recently joined. Already confused, but see if this makes sense:

> …Yamaha Marine Group launched a fishing access advocacy program that aims to unite the freshwater and saltwater worlds for a stronger national voice in Washington, D.C…”Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation“….

Motivation is good, execution makes me feel like this:

Win ya a K2 Cooler dads!

K2 Coolers and me are celebrating dads the whole friggin’ month! Giving away 1 high-end, high-dolla K2 cooler a week (winners will be announced all at once!) like one o’ these-here:

Drool over all the K2 offerings right here.

How do you win? 2 ways:

1. Post a pic of you and your kids fishin’ to the BassBlaster AND K2 Facebook pages.


2. Send me a cool sticker (nothing worse than rated PG) for my cue-bald white K2 cooler, because a cooler without cool stickers ain’t cool. Mailin’ addy:

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Git on it yo, and good luck! (U.S. residents only, sorry!)

Tip of the Day

Good basic vid. Caution: Opening music may cause seizures.

JT rockin’ the white turtleneck and the visor is givin’ me a Huggy Bear flashback (original on left):

Quote of the Day

Another Jersey guy. What are you doing here?

Unhappy local on NY’s Skaneateles Lake after a NJ bass club was locked out by a local but managed to fish their derby anyway. Who says NJ guys are the unfriendly ones??

Weird thing was the NY guy said this next:

Shot of the Day

Dude caught 2 rectangle smalls:


Topwater fishing for blacktips from the beach! I so want to do this:

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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