Eufaula brushpile battles, Ranger into UFO, Bassin’ taxes

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Get in touch with him, he guides for cash.


Larry Nixon posting on FB about his brother Donnie with this shot:

Larry — doesn’t Donnie use Square??





Here we go again (Lake Eufaula, AL), from a Facebook post.

First of all, anyone can make, sink and fish brushpiles:

> My dad and I spend countless hours and money constructing and sinking “fish attractors” in Lake Eufaula. We have brushpiles from the dam all the way up the river to Grass Creek. We take the months of December-February off from fishing and work exclusively on sinking brush in Lake Eufaula. [Nice!!]

> The recurring issue with fishing brush piles is that many individuals believe that they own or can stake a claim to certain areas/brushpiles. We do not share this line of thinking. Once the brushpile is in the lake it is fair game for anyone to fish. Of course, no one is happy when they see someone fishing a brushpile they spent time and money on, but that is just the risk you take….


Anyone can also find brush:


> The game has changed due to the recent advances in sonar technology. Everyone has side imaging sonar now. Finding these brushpiles is very easy to do if you spend a little time looking for them [or follow Casey Ashley around…lol.]

Listen up peeps: If you’re fishin’ a brushpile lake and don’t know how to find or fish brush, don’t pay money to enter the derby!

Let me know if there’s more going on here than mere logic….


Chaplin bass-fished?





Someone be havin’ too much time on their hands:






> When he attended a fishing tournament with a prize of $6,000, it spawned his interest in tournament fishing. Steve competed in 26 tournaments and eked out gross income of $4,241 in 2005. He entered 15 tournaments in 2006, and his gross income swelled to $10,932.

> But Steve racked up nearly $100,000 in expenses between 2005 and 2006, losing almost $50,000 in 2005 and $40,000 in 2006. But was he trying to land a profit? Steve’s wife always went along and he deducted all her entry fees, but she never fished.

> This conduct was inconsistent with intending to make a profit. The Tax Court concluded that Steve’s fishing activity was not for profit. That meant no deductions.

Judge tell Steve:


Ranger turned into a flyin’ saucer.




These guys made a UFO (un-IDd fishin’ object) out of a Ranger: #weird




1. Aussie Jucumsen crowd-sources $22K.

For Elite Series season. If this gives anyone a lightbulb moment, I had one too. Stay tuned.

2. TX: Rain will hurt Elites?

> “There is an overwhelming amount of water coming down the Neches and Sabine Rivers….”

> He also thinks the anglers will have to fish in a smaller area due to the river being washed out.

> “There’s not going be a lot of them fishing on the Sabine River. The water’s up and they won’t be able to see things in the water they would normally see.”

3. TX: Falcon Lake murderers caught?

Let’s hope so. Feelin’ pretty Old Testament about that, if you know what I mean….

4. Jamey Caldwell now national at Strike King.


5. New app coming from Barone.

Yes I know the deets, no I can’t tell you yet…but will at some point!

6. TX: Crazy youth bassin’ bill.

> HB 1979…introduced by Rep. Dade Phelan of Port Neches it is asking for a bass tournament exemption on the length limit of bass for the lower portion of the Neches and Sabine rivers…. The bill would specifically exempt only participants in high school or college bass tournaments, and would allow them to weigh fish 2 inches smaller than the regular limit.

Sounds like Dade’s kid can’t catch ’em?

7. TX/LA: 10.89 fattie yanked from T Bend.

Andrew Peters, Lowes Creek, 10 feet over grass.

> “I was ripping the bait and letting it sink down again when the fish hit.”

Bait was a 1/2-oz Strike King Red Eye Shad lipless crank, known for being a great rip/fall bait. If you don’t already have SEVERAL (hahaha!), git ’em here on

My fave color Red Eyes are chili craw, chartreuse perch and…anything VanDam uses.

Btw, another Strike King bait — a Shadalicious swimbait — caught this 11.36 on T-Bend. Bigger fish, just doesn’t look as purdy:

8. CA: Drought killing Diamond Valley.

Diamond Valley launch indefinitely closed as of April 15.

9. KY’s new Chicken of the Sea.

> Kentucky State University researchers first tried to dub Asian carp as “Kentucky tuna” in 2010. Now, Paducah entrepreneurs backed with state aid have changed the name to “Kentucky blue snapper.”

My name for them would be: Kentucky underbite trash muffin.

10. FL: Record # of manatees counted.

Bass-related because manatees are the reason for speed limits down yonder.

11. GoPro contest, win a Nitro.

12. New Xpress Boats website.

13. Chrome/blue Deps 250 coming?

Google translator be puttin’ it thisaway:

> The ‘m glistening even 175, but it is great because there are many minute glistening of the area is larger of 250!!

> Now that you experience the flushing effect of about dazzling even in painting, it is thought that it might be able really appeal to Girari and bus Isuzu.


14. New Zoom Z-Craw.

Looks kinda familiar….bait is so new, does not appear to be on yet:

> “We built it to be the ultimate flipping bait. We wanted something that wouldn’t twist your line but would still have a lot of action, but we’ve found out that it’s really good for everything. Where I think it’ll really excel is on the back of a wobble head.”

Btw, Swindle may or may not be without a hard-bait sponsor right now…which if true would be pretty amazing.

15. New Ike VMC Swinging Rugby Jig.

16. New ABT Wagtail swimbait.

> 8.5″ hard swimbait with soft plastic fins and a rubber, top hook insert. 3 hook option to insure those short strikers get in the boat, available in 2 fall rates, and 5 colors.


This is just cool:

Tip of the Day


B-ran Don Palaniuk: Full-contact river cranking.


‘Sclusive to the Blaster:

> Deflection has always been the name of the game in shallow cranking. Has been since the start, and will be until the last squarebill gets thrown. But not all square bills will deflect the same.

> In the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series event on the Mississippi River I was targeting main river smallmouth that positioned themselves behind 2-4′ wing dams. These wing dams had small sections that had blown out over time and created a current funnel that would push bait directly to the fish. The fast-flowing current positioned the smallmouth so tight to the cover that getting your bait into the strike zone was challenging.

> For this I chose the Storm Arashi Square 3. The #1 reason that crankbait shined was the self-tuning line tie. That allows the bait to deflect off the cover and come back to quicker than a standard squarebill, putting it right in their face.

> They wouldn’t eat any other crankbait, period. Any other crankbait and they would never see it.

> A couple more key features of the bait were that it has a circuit-board lip for extra durability and rotated hook hangers which allowed me to upsize my trebles for a better hookup ratio.

> The next time your river is ripping with current, don’t be afraid to hit the main river and battle the current. Make sure your batteries are charged ’cause you’ll have your trolling motor on 100!

Maybe be usin’ this color this time of year:

Quote of the Day


Most anglers that have never fished competitively tend to overestimate their abilities and this can be pretty costly.


– Hahahaha — no way! Dude was talkin‘ ’bout folks who haven’t fished derbies, but really this is ALL anglers and ESPECIALLY the competitive ones.

Shot of the Day


‘Nother pigtrocious spot ketched by FLWer Cody Meyer:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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