Drake flips docks, Weirdest swimbait catch, Delta hit and run

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Today’s Top 5

Drake flips docks!

Who knew. Check it:

Weirdest thing is, the guy always used to call me on my cell phone…up until he left the city….

Was this the SD record smallie?

Current SD record smallmouth is 7-00 caught in Oct 2013 out of Horseshoe Lake. This one was caught a couple weeks ago by the gal pal of BB reader Ron W., weighed 6.9 lbs on a scale but:

> We believe this fish was a possible South Dakota state record after checking the scale we used to weigh this fish against another more accurate scale. If it was the state record it’s still swimming in a North East South Dakota lake [did someone really name a lake like that??].

> My girlfriend knows how to catch giant smallmouth bass. She caught a 6.1 and a 6.6 along with this fish that was most likely 7.1.

> Caught on a custom jig with a Strike King Rodent trailer. 21 inches long and 17 1/2 girth.

Weirdest swimbait catch ever?

It’s gotta be up there. Back in the day Bill “If it ain’t big I don’t fish fer it” Siemantel was slow-rolling a boottail swimbait on the bottom of Castaic Lake, CA when he snagged this:

If you’re not a career criminal, you may not recognize that as a sawed-off shotgun wrapped in plastic…which I saw up close and personal one night in Baltimore, but that’s another story.

Anyhow Bill: Suuuuuure that’s how you got it, but it’s a good story man hahaha!

Don’t see this every day, thank the good Lord:

> Anglers of this Nitro Boat are said to be okay but they were victims of a hit and run accident this morning in the fog at the area of 3-Mile Slough area on the CA Delta.

> The criminals were described as a Caucasian male driving either a 20- or 21-foot Bayliner/Glastron fiberglass boat similar to a fish n ski type…. After the boats collided, the criminals took off and didn’t stop at all to assess the situation.

Can you imagine just taking off?? Victims were okay, word is they kept fishin’. Stout!

Highlights from the BFL Regionals.

Better late than never I guess. Only took me 172 clicks on the FLW website to find what I was looking for (*eyeroll*).

Potomac River, MD

> Grae Buck snapped a crank (a Spro Little John) out of grass. Many tourneys there won the same way.

> Mentioning 2nd place John Vanore cuz he’s from Jersey yo! Fished a ChatterBait (black/blue) with a black Keitech Swing Impact swimbait.

> John Duvall fished docks flipping a 1/4-oz Katch-Her Lures jig, but he also mixed in some presentations with a 1/4-oz Picasso buzzbait.

> Brent Anderson fished shallow schools of main-lake bass, made long casts using a Heddon Zara Spook, also caught some on a Yo-Zuri Rattln Vibe.

> Todd Walters changed it up: upriver rocks in dirty water with a Rapala DT6 and homemade green-pumpkin jig with a Zoom Super Chunk; then went south to clearer water brushpiles with the same Texas-rigged black neon-colored tube.

> Mark McCaig junk-fished between the Highway 77 bridge and Canoe Creek. “During the first two days of the tournament I’d see shallow cover like brush and grass and then check my electronics to make sure that there was deep water within 30 to 40 yards of it.” His primary bait was an All Terrain Tackle Skip N Jig with a green pumpkin/orange and twin-tail grub.

> Shonn Goodwin fished main-lake points on the lower third with a black buzzbait and a River2Sea Whopper Plopper.

> Mike Devere targeted mud banks that had a little bit of rock mixed in in 8-20 feet with 1/2-oz Zorro Baits Booza Bug with a Zoom Big Salty Chunk.

Wish there was more bait color info….




1. You gotta read this.

Long but worth it story of Chris Flint getting soaked by towing companies at the Bassmaster Northern Open on Erie. Chris was one of a few anglers in that event whose boats got swamped. Here is his boat waiting for a tow:

Here it is after waiting way longer than he should’ve:

If you fish big water, definitely read it. If you subscribe to any towing service, also read it. What kind of business hits people when they’re down.

Awesome for Chris to write it up.

2. Remitz not returning to Elites.

> …competed on the Bassmaster Elite Series since 2007. “What it comes down to is money — I didn’t have the finances to do it. The guiding on Guntersville has been picking up, so I decided to try that for a year or two.”

> “It sucks to say it, but you can’t fish clean when you’re always worried about checks.”

3. Chapman Pro vs Joe: Pond throwdown.

Would LOVE to see more pros do a pond throwdown…from the bank.

4. Ike Live goes Special Ops.

Usually it’s Special Ed (lol) but this week is Spec. Ops Rudy Lindsey, Ret. (aka Captain Jack Ontario) is on Ike Live! this Sunday, Nov 22, at 6:00 pm ET. Check it on

5. 2016 Bass Fishing Hall of Fame inductees.

Big congrats to:

  • George H.W. Bush (that’s the first one, aka 41, did a lot for fishin’).
  • Billy Murray, for his role in Caddyshack (oops sorry, that was BILL Murray).
  • Gary Yamamoto, for creating the first idiot-proof bass lure…I think.

The induction ceremony at the Classic is always a time. Never miss one. Hope to see you there.

6. FLWer Cody Kelley gets deal.

> …second-year professional angler Cody Kelley of Conway, AR will represent the FLW Foundation on the Walmart FLW Tour in 2016. As part of the agreement, Kelley will organize and host a youth fishing-derby at each FLW Tour event held in 2016.

7. MD: Middle River fish kill update.

8. TX: Giant salvinia impacting Fork?

9. Wild West Bass Trail update.

From Gary “you’re lucky I’m not fishing my own trail” Dobyns:

> We have started with signups for WWBT. We have pre-signs from the following states: CA, WA, ID, AZ, OR, NV, UT. This is very encouraging for us. I’m asking you guys to please try and pre-sign. It’ll let us run our event numbers to sponsors.

Looks like you can register here? That right Gary?

10. CA: Sign the petition to save bass…

…on the Delta. Stupid politicians.

11. AR: Small craft advisory on AR River.

Some beavers named Steve Bowman, James Overstreet and Steve Wright dammed the whole place up for ducks….but don’t tell the Corps.

12. MS: Calling Panther ramp reopens.

13. BFL All-American qualifiers.

Congrats fellers!

14. 2016 BPS BBT schedule.

Once again, no lakes in NJ. WTHeck? lol

15. A-rigs not selling as well?

From a Bassin’Fan article on FLWer Shane Lahew, founder of the Shane’s Baits A-rigs:

> …rode the wave for a good bit, but once B.A.S.S. and FLW banned the use of the rig in most of their tournaments, other smaller circuits started to follow suit. As a result, demand for the multi-lure rigs started to wane, but Shane and his dad aren’t ready to call it quits.

> “It’s slowed down drastically. We either have to innovate or come out with something new and different.”

16. Buy a T-shirt, help a youth camp.

Gary Klein also helps with the camp.

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Tip of the Day


> When I fish a creek in the fall…I’m looking for creeks with some shallow and some deep water. I don’t want a creek that’s 100 percent shallow and flat, but I also don’t want a creek that’s all deep and has no flats in it.

> The one thing that you absolutely must have this time of year is bait. That’s the whole reason those bass push into the creeks.

> This time of year, I’ve caught a lot of big fish shallow. Either it seems like it’s first thing in the morning because there are some fish leftover from the night feed that are up shallow, or it’s late in the afternoon.

> Typically, I’ll start deeper in the mornings and work shallower – especially if we’ve had a lot of sunshine in the day. I’ll be looking for your standard fishing structures like docks, wood or isolated wood.

> …keep an eye on your electronics and try to establish the depth where the bait is holding. You can go out one day and the bait may be at 15 feet, and then you can go out the next day and it might be on top or it might be 30 feet deep.

> Fall is a very volatile time of year, and you really have to fish the conditions at the present moment. Because you have fish in various stages of their seasonal patterns, it’s not that common to find one area or one pattern that will last all day.

> I really like throwing a Booyah Buzz buzzbait because I can cover a lot of water with a presentation that gets the fish’s attention. I know I’m not going to get a lot of bites, but I’m going to get some big ones.

> If the fish are shallow, I might throw a Bomber Flat A or a 1/2-oz black and blue Booyah Bankroll Jig with a green pumpkin Christie Craw. The jig is a good bait for the mornings when fish are still cool from the night.

> My favorite for the fall is a Booyah spinnerbait because it’s a bait I can change up. I can slow roll it or I can burn it. I can fish it up shallow and then work it out deeper.
I guess that’s what I like about a spinnerbait in the fall — it’s diverse, just like a good creek.

Quote of the Day

We boated well over 60 fish today including a monster 7.5-lber, and…one at 9.5 and the other just shy of 11.

Dude who decided to hire the one and only Mark Pack to guide him and his bud on Lake Fork. How ’bout that for a day! Dang!

Mark said they were biting his M-Pack Lures Structure Spoon in golden shad:

Guided trip with Mark on Fork is on my bassin’ bucket (livewell?) list.

Shot of the Day

Purdy feesh:

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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