Dock skipping jigs, Line viz doesn’t matter, Super shallow now

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And those of you still serving and your families. You are loved and massively appreciated by this one bassin’ idjit and many others. God bless you and yours.




This is awesome cuz he talks about how everyone else is skipping stick worms and shakey heads so he’s figured out something different:

Awesome vid. Wish Z did more of this — that’s a hint brother! Get the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig and Strike King Rage Craw on

He uses a G. Loomis NRX rod. Probably the most expensive rod ever built, but if you can swing it worth every dang penny — it’s that great.

Random cool shot of Z organizing tackle while the Apocalypse approaches:

I could care less about the fish seeing my line. It doesn’t matter.




Greg Hackney bustin’ a line myth….maybe:

> I don’t buy into the theory that fish seeing your line affects whether or not they’ll bite your lure. Look at spinnerbaits. They’re made with wire and they’ve caught several fish over the years.

> If fish were as perceptive or as smart as some guys would have you believe, we’d never catch one. You know what I’m sayin’?

> What I think line does do is affect the running depth, fall rate and the action of a lure.

Hold on a sec. Sometimes he DOES believe they can see it:

> When I’m casting with braid I do take something else into consideration. I never fish with black. I know they can see it. And, I never fish with white for the same reason. I color my braid either green or red.

> Another exception: I’m careful when I’m casting my lure 20 feet or so past the fish and then dragging it past him. Fish are curious creatures. If they can see the line, they might get wary — above all else they’re survivalists — and not bite the bait when they see it.




From Kim and Danny Stricker, hosts of the show Hook n’ Look. Pretty crazy how much we don’t know:

> …he’s seen massive crayfish colonies piled into craters in large logs…. “Big smallmouths continuously patrolled the log, picking off any crayfish that wandered outside the hideout.”

> “We can move through a huge weedbed without bluegills and won’t spot a single bass. But as soon as we start seeing sunnies, big largemouths are almost always on patrol nearby. Yet finding bluegill schools in deeper water or buried in vegetation can be nearly impossible, unless you’re diving or using an underwater camera.”

> “Diving under milfoil, hydrilla and pads, especially in slightly deeper water, has shown us that bass can relate to very specific areas, or hover at precise levels. Without this knowledge, you can spend a lot of time fishing the wrong presentation….”

> “It’s incredible, too, how bass consistently choose to swim through the same lanes in dense vegetation — almost like a game trail.”

> “We filmed a show…and found a big school of fish on sonar. …spent an hour trying to get them to bite…thought it was going to be a great smallmouth spot. But when we finally went underwater and dropped the camera, we found out the fish were suckers.”

> “Other than scuba diving, the only way for anglers to gain this information is to employ an underwater camera. On sonar, bass can look almost identical to many other species. But I can drop the Aqua-Vu and in less than a minute, see exactly what’s down there. It’s huge.”

Kim, from MI, was a top bassin’ pro back in the day…when Detroit still had people….

Holey smallmouth Batman!




How does this happen??

Batman and Robin were lookin’ buff back in the day:

When you know you’re not on ’em.




Who needs electronics when you’ve got fish-sniffin’ dawgs:




1. Justin Lucas joins the Bass Mafia.

Look out for Hackney’s initiation, dude, it’s pretty rough….

2. Another FLWer goes to Elites.

Chad Grigsby. Believe he’s from MN, a state which only has bass that will bite anythng you throw at them anytime you do it.


3. New Fletch Wally-mart glasses.

> May cause seizures.
> Not laser-tag compatible.
> For use with flat brims only.
> Do not attempt to find while under the influence.

Hahaha just kiddin’ Fletch!

4. Last chance to win Howell’s boat.

His Elite rig. A $100 donation to the King’s Home charity. Drawerin’ is THIS SATURDAY so git yer tix ASAP!

5. Btw that kid beat Brent Chapman.

On Onondaga, Pro vs. Joe.

6. Where Keith Combs found ’em on T-Bend.

Biggest was a 9-08. Not too shabby.

7. What Aussie bass look like.

They’re not even bass! And this Jocumsen kid comes over here and makes the Elites??

8. Bass U: JT Kenney flip/pitch class.

9. MMA fighter on Ike Live.

Sunday, 7:00 pm ET, livestreaming at

Is it bad to say I kinda hope the MMA dude flips out on the show??

10. MO: Zebra mussels in Bull Shoals.

Shots courtesy of the fisherman formerly known as K-Pink:

11. New heavier wire Shane’s Baits rig.

12. Crazy vid of bass grabbing a shad.

13. Crazy vid of gator torpedoing bass boat.

14. Win a trip to an MLF event.

Bring your camera cuz you may see a ‘Squatch.

15. New Rapala hoodies and shirts.

Can you have too many hoodies? No. No you can’t.

16. T-H Marine gets Grabbar.

> T-H Marine and Magnetic Marine Products LLC, of Ada, MI announce they have entered into an agreement that grants T-H Marine exclusive global rights to manufacture and distribute the patented Gear Grabbar line of magnetic tackle management systems.

17. Cabela’s updates.

Given the rumors of Bass Pro Shops maybe making a bid for Cabela’s, looks like maybe good timing for BPS:

> Cabela’s stock downgrades.

> Why Cabela’s stock down.

> Cabela’s punts on Gainesville, FL store.

> Cabela’s might get state help.

18. MI: Erie pollutant solutions are working.

> Efforts in MI to cut down on the pollutants feeding algae in Lake Erie have been showing signs of success. This includes changes to reduce farm runoff and the amount of phosphorus that comes out of Detroit’s wastewater plant and makes its way into the lake.

19. EPA urged to revise 2016 ethanol mandates.


Line of the Day

Like a largemouth on a 3-lb test, inspiration struck at Mississippi College back in 2010.

– Doesn’t sound like a good thing, but the article is about how bassin’ is a part of that school. Also never seen 3-lb line, but maybe that’s just me.

Hey bass junkies!
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Tip of the Day

Awesome tip on from the Turtle Man:

> Dropping water levels do not move the fish off the bank now like they do at other times of the year. It’s the opposite. They move them in even shallower.

> In fact, it can’t get too shallow. I’ve caught them in water that hardly covers their backs. At times the biggest problem you’ll have is getting the boat in close enough so that you can reach them with a long cast.

> Shad-imitating baits are still the thing, but I do change from my trusty squarebill to spinnerbaits and flat-sided crankbaits.

> I’m very specific with my spinnerbaits for late fall bass. I throw a 1/4-oz, white or white/chartreuse, with a #4 or #4.5 Colorado hammered blade. If the water’s stained I go with gold. If it’s not, I go with silver.

> The idea is to be able to slow roll it just under the surface. I want it to run really shallow and slow enough so that they have plenty of time to grab it if they want. The light head and big Colorado blade allow me to do that.

Full column worth a full read. Pay REAL CLOSE attention to what Bill says about spinnerbaits and how to fish ’em. If I made spinnerbaits I’d be throwing $ at that guy. #jedimaster

Quote of the Day

…while it was no fun watching all of my friends move out on their own while I was still living with my parents, I knew it was a sacrifice I had to make if I wanted to eventually fish for a living.

Justin Lucas talkin‘ ’bout “makin’ it” as a pro basser. Next line was:

> Sorry to the parents reading this! LOL

Lol. Also:

> …start young if you can. The fewer responsibilities you have while trying to make it, the easier it will be to stay focused.

> …don’t lose sight of your dream through the rough parts.

I will add these: You must LOVE to fish, do well in tournaments, and be able to talk to (and even seek out) the media. Some Elites can do the first two but not the third….

Shot of the Day

You think you love bass as much as this little guy?


BJ Baldwin chases bigfoot — or how Toyo Tires gets 700K views. Awesome vid:

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


New smaller ad sizes

For smaller companies

Lemme know…

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