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Article on Bassin’Fan. If I read it right, bottom line is this:

> Competitor in Potomac FLW is allegedly harassed on the water by a non-competitor…

> …who just happens to be the guy who protested that competitor belatedly in 2011 and got him banned from FLW in 2012!

> Competitor was 5 lbs out of 1st after day 3 and after that fiasco ended up 8-04 out.

Choice quotes:

> “When I would try to turn and go the other way, he would speed up to catch up to cast close to me to provoke me to mess my head up. I never said a word. My camera guys said they never have seen this before.”

> For the next 5 hours, Schmitt [competitor] left and returned to the same spot, only to find O’Donnell [non-competitor] waiting for him each time.

> “He was there to provoke me and I wasn’t going to let it happen,” Schmitt said. “I was watching my chance of finishing in a top spot slip away. It was one of the most painful days I ever had. I hope no one else would have to experience this.”

This was tweeted that day from the water by a media boat driver:

Candy Thompson at the MD DNR told me that although MD has a hunter-harassment law, there isn’t one for fishing…lucky for that dude….





A personal story — don barone style — on Trip Weldon. This is like not just seeing a Sasquatch, but playing volleyball with him in your backyard.

Very stoked the man, the myth, that is Trip did am interview. Read it here on Bassin’ Couple things that stood out to me:

> “…how did I meet my wife, well db, my Mother and my wife’s Mother were fishing buddies and one day as they were in the boat together my wife’s Mother asked my Mother if she happened to know any eligible bachelors and…” [Awesome story.]

> …his favorite “all time band,” are The Eagles.

Somehow Trip trippin’ to Hotel California in 1977 with, you know, the “warm smell of colitas,” makes me…happy. May make some of you hungry…lol.

Love ya brother Trip!



You probably saw this covered somewhere already, so just a couple things:

> Lister location is Stockton, CA. The Delta??

> Starting bid is $120? Seriously? Dude, if you’re selling that info, it should be at least $10,000 to be seen as legit.

> Love this line: “…while this listing is for 30 days, its highly recommended you do not wait that long to gain this information.”

How many peeps can tell that a 25+ is a 25+ just by looking at it — maybe half a dozen in the world?

Btw, these-type auctions has been done for years with deer, not sure about bass.

Be glad this ain’t yer local lake.

Fallen Leaf Lake near Tahoe. Dang!

Boat ramp etiquette.




Lol — blew up on Facebook but if’n y’all missed it here ’tis — know you’ve thought about something like this at times:




1. New Randy Howell Sig Series Ceramaxx Super Cutters.

Supposed to be for braid but here’s what they were originally designed for:


2. Reed Montgomery back from cancer.

Needs help with medical expenses:

> Because his wife, Margie, had lost her job prior to Reed being diagnosed with cancer, the Montgomerys also lost their health insurance.

Bless you, Reed. Help him by donating here.

3. PA: Dude fined $120 for bass photo.

> …there are specific rules in a 98-mile stretch of the Susquehanna that during the spawning period from May 1 through June 12, it’s unlawful to target or catch a bass. It’s also unlawful to remove the fish from the water while unhooking it.

Suuuuuuure it’s no problem to remove a hook from a fish while it’s in the water. Who writes these friggin’ laws?

Hello fish and game agencies, WE PAY YOUR SALARIES.

Pretty sure in western NY it’s illegal to even look at a bass during the spawn….

4. TX: Randy Dearman/Brian Brandum won $50K.

TX Shootout. 5 for 23.9 lbs on Rayburn — or, alternate spelling in the Bass Champs email, “Raybutn” (heehee).

5. OR changing bass regs.

Too many regs = fewer fishermen (duh). Word from BB reader Paulie Z is:

> Bass regs will be a win for warmwater fishermen as they will probably be 5 per day, only one over 15″ statewide. This will give the bigger fish better survival from the meat-hunters and bass-haters in Oregon.

> Tournament regs will still allow any five temporally held till weigh in in permitted tournaments….

Let’s hope so.

6. TN: Cabela’s Collegiate Bassin’ at KY Lake.

2016: The Cabela’s Collegiate Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley will be held on March 11-13, 2016 on Kentucky Lake.

7. AL: Jordan gets 250K Floridas.

8. MI: Wixom bass pops “modest.”

9. MO: Bolivar HS has new bassin’ team.

Very cool. Take that, marching band!

10. MN: Copper sulfate killing fish in lakes?

11. MN: Perch declining in state.

Steady decline since 1970, sounds like…but perch-colored baits still work…!

12. Another biodegradable lure effort.

Been tried a bunch o’ times before, not sure it’ll ever succeed without a law banning plastic….

13. Chris Zaldain on Bass Edge Radio.

14. Rapala 4th of July sale.


New stuff (ICAST-related)

1. Teases from Strike King.

Strike King Swinging Swim Jig (jointed head):

New Rage Craw color “delta red:”

2. Freedom Lures brush-less jig.

Sounds crazy, but maybe not:

3. New Humminbird Helix 7 Series.

> Even in full sun, the jaw-dropping 480×800 HD resolution and 1500 nit brightness glass-bonded display delivers a clear and precise picture of fish and fish-holding structure. Plus, the ultra-wide 16:9 ratio screen gives anglers ample room for split-screen views, making fishing and navigating even easier.

Tip of the Day

> First, no matter what you’ve heard, the metabolism of big fish is slow at this time of the year. Work your baits carefully. Give her plenty of time to decide to attack and give her plenty of time to find her target. [I assume this is why the Cali swimbait folks reel so slow?]

> The other thing is the role of water clarity with topwater lures. Bass will move up farther than you think to grab something on top. If the water’s clear, they’ll come 25 feet or more if they want it. And even if the water’s dingy, they’ll come up 10 feet. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking topwater is only for shallow fish. It isn’t. [He means “ain’t.”]

Quote of the Day


Oh man I’ve caught bass on hot dogs all my life.


– From a random forum post. Proves 2 things:

1. A bass will eat ANYTHING.

2. Hot dogs are one of the most delicious foods ever invented.

More from this guy:

> I will stuff a tube with hot dog chunks sometimes and it will slay bass. I’ve used half hotdogs on straight shank worm hooks and caught bass, even bought hot dogs and let them sit in the fridge for a while and take the dogs out and put plastics in the juice to soak up scent — try it and you will be amazed how good it works.

> Bar-s jumbo franks are the best brand imo.

Thar you have it bassin’ peeps!

Shot of the Day


Eleventeen lbs 3 oz of large from Lake Perris, CA, on a smoke/purple Yamamoto Senko:

Wonder why that color never works for me….



Is this one of the “best” fishing vids ever? Always wondered how the oceans could get fished out. This might shed some light on it — wow:

You need to be fishing this stuff…

…with this stuff…

…and this stuff!

Get informed-ation!

Do you not have a K2 cooler yet??

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