Coolest boat wrap ever, Ehrler fishes dark water, Iverson to Elites?

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Coolest boat wrap ever?




More real estate than a bassin’ boat but dang!

Cool wrap…til it attracts a megalodon….

‘You know, I was just floating around on my meter (aka, depth finder) casting to the dark water.’




Randall Tharp paraphrasin‘ Brent Ehrler’s western way of communicating (#sandbagging)…and why do western guys call graphs/electronics “meters”? Tharp also said:

> Honestly, I have no idea what he is even talking about, but it just sounds cool.

> He’s brought a ton of light line tactics over from the West Coast and consistently kicked our butts with them….

> One thing I know the “Meterman” [Ehrler] and I have in common is that when we show up for a derby we both have zero waypoints in our GPS units. We both agree that we want to fish the moment, not past history.

There’s a lot of information out there that shows that smallmouth do fairly well in rivers and streams.




– Ya think?? UT fish biologist talkin‘ ’bout why the state is going to poison smallies in Gunlock Rez to help native lake and river fishies.

Gotta wonder if these DNR guys actually fish anymore or just look at words and test tubes all day.

I want to get good enough to compete with the best in the world and be on ESPN.




Former hoops star Allen Iverson, who’s been on ESPN many times but now he wants to be on there as a bassin’ star:

> “I want to become a professional fisherman…. I’m good right now, but I could be the best. That’s my dream right now. I’m really going to make it happen.”

Would be awesome, but more awesome would be to see any of these Iverson looks at an Elite Series weigh in:






Yeah, that’s me with the sparsely-wooded dome. First time fishin’ the legendary Mille Lacs in MN last week, caught the fire outta chunk smallies and the biggest rock bass I’ve ever seen (Jim Lindner, our guide — awesome — is the Rock King hahaha!).

Guess what was working: green pumpkin curly tail grubs (raise your flipper if you’re surprised). Fishing Trigger X Swimming Grubs on a flat in 2-3 feet, and get this: If your jighead was 1/8-oz too heavy, you wouldn’t catch a single fish.

Never seen that before…which just proves I don’t fish enough….

Tx to Jimmy Lindner for the guiding and fellowship, and to Brian Miller at Sea Foam for making it happen. Makes me think we need to have an unofficial BassBlaster “show up and fish” derby at a lake sometime.

Btw, those grubs are on half-off sale at right now.




1. Good recap of Evers Hero derby.

2. Nina Wood being inducted…

…into Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. She deserves to be in every fishing hall of fame.

> When Nina was 11, her family was coaxed from its farm through the force of eminent domain so the [Bull Shoals] dam could be built.

> Had it not been for the Bull Shoals Dam displacing her family, Nina never would have had to switch schools and might never have known Forrest. She and Forrest met when both were ninth-graders at Flippin High School….


Love ’em both.


3. Ott DeFoe on BassEdge Radioe.

4. Win Greg Vinson’s boat.

5. New Shimano Citica coming.

Official intro at ICAST in July, but some retailers already have ’em:

> …the new Citica I series reels, including the CU-200HG and left-hand retrieve 201HG with 7.2:1 gear ratios, and the CU-200 and 201 (left-hand) with 6.3:1 gear ratios.

> The new Citica I reels feature Shimano’s ‘Hagane’ design concept. With the toughness provided by a rigid, impact resistant Hagane body, angler strength is transformed into cranking power to help land big bass. Anglers also are provided with X-Ship technology for smooth retrieves, plus they can achieve long casts with Shimano’s S3D spool for balance and reduced vibration. Shimano’s SVS Infinity braking system provides easy-to-manage centrifugal brake performance for precision casting adjustments.

> All four reels weigh in at 7.4-ounces, and will handle from 190 yards of 30-pound test to 80 yards of 65-pound test PowerPro braid. Suggested Retail…$149.99.


Git more info at

6. NY retracts idiotic photo rule.

Remember you could get a ticket or jail time for taking a photo of a fish caught out of season. Now:

> “DEC does not ticket anglers for taking photographs of fish. However, DEC urges everyone – anglers, researchers and others – to respect DEC’s regulation that fish caught out of season and endangered or threatened species inadvertently caught be returned to the water immediately to protect New York’s natural resources.”

I find this disturbing:

> DEC fishery biologists note that delays in returning out-of-season fish could affect their survival.

Doesn’t that pertain to ANY fish?? Is frickin’ Peta infiltrating DNRs or is this just more evidence of the wimpification of our country? #firedup

7. Keitech Swing Impact Fat on sale…

…some colors, at Tackle Warehouse — tip for ya yo!

8. GA stocking largies in Allatoona…

…to see if they can take back ground from spotted bass.

9. MN wants more men to wear PFDs.

> The agency’s statistics show that men between the ages of 20 and 60 are the least likely to wear a life jacket and most likely to die in a boating accident.

> In a five-year span, MN had 62 boating deaths. Out of those 62 deaths, only five were wearing life jackets.

10. LA: Nation champeenship back to Ouachita River.

Nov 5-7.

11. TX: Updated largie plate.

Had this a while back, but here’s the updated design — coulda been fatter!

Here’s the former, taxidermy-looking bass:

Also noticed this — only in Texas….

12. B.A.S.S. launches saltwater effort.




1. KY: North KY U wins Boat US Open on Pickwick.2. TN: Chattanooga HS bass derby winners.


Re: the “full retard” meme in the last Blaster, heard from 3 people about it, need to say:

1. Big-time apologies, no offense or even insensitivity intended. I didn’t think of parents who have, or people who work with, special needs folks. That line is from the awesome comedy movie Tropic Thunder, and in context is super dang funny…funnier than it was in the Blaster I guess.

2. My wife says I can be insensitive, and she’s for sure right, but usually I don’t mean to be (what I tell her…lol).

3. Have to once again say that if you do not currently have in your possession a sense of humor, what are you doing reading the Blaster?

4. Thanks to those sensitive about this stuff for pointing it out. Can’t promise I’ll be PC, but will for sure avoid the R word.

Reminds me when I mentioned Obama one time, some guy went ballistic and called me a communist.


Tip of the Day



> Ott DeFoe: “The heavier the cover, the thicker the grass, the lower the dock to the water, the darker the shadow, the bigger the bass.”

> In the summer, he will often target shallow heavy cover when much of the competition is playing bumper boats offshore.

> “You don’t have to have the greatest, newest electronics…there’s always fish shallow somewhere.”

And my favorite:

> Don’t have the time or patience to graph for offshore schools and then camp on them for hours, trying to cast at just the right angle to get one to bite? Set your trolling motor on high and flip a bunch of shallow, heavy cover.

Swimbait of the Day


No quote of the day today since 3 quotes up top, so instead you get these shots of BB reader Danny S. banging huge New England bass (one of those is from Rhode Island, which I understand is now on most major maps…) on Mike Shaw Slammer swimbaits.

The one with a tail is a baby possum. Think I’ve officially seen it all now.

Shot of the Day


Think Rat-L-Traps catch ’em? Hahaha! Love it.

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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