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Mr. DT, meet 'The Belt Sander'

If you do any cranking at all, you’ve heard about past issues with the DT Series of baits, that being the lips would break in them. Some guys said randomly, others said it’s the weed slapping that did it. In my case, it was throwing it a bit too close to some riprap – oops! Guess I can forgive them on that one, as all my others have been fine. Anyway, here’s another ‘guts expose’ from custom crankbait maker John Mills, this time on an old DT bait.

You’ll notice the broken off lip at the bottom that John has already removed. It is actually just a post-like structure (cylinder) inserted into the bait and held in place with epoxy. A good grasp of the broken lip with a pair of pliers and a quick twist will free the entire piece to be removed. John added his own lip with the permanent metal twist tie as seen in this pic.

Here are his comments:

“When the DT series first came out I bought 4 – broke all four in the first hour. No, I’m not a weed slapper. Cold water seems to magnify the breakage issue. Never broke one in warm water even banging the bottom, but have broke them in cold water below 55 degrees.

The material they use for lips was not genuine Lexan (polycarbonate) but more of a Plexiglass (polystyrene), which explains the cold water breakage. If they had extended the line tie back into the bait it would have strengthened the lip quite a bit. They can be repaired and made bullet proof, but if you cannot do it yourself, its not worth the effort.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 5bites

    July 22, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Again I’m digging this. Are the front and rear hook hangers tied together on these dt baits?

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