Basser saves drowner on vid, Hackney’s crappie bass, More critter patterns


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Kid was wearing a chest GoPro at the time because he was shooting a smallie video. Gentleman saved was not wearing a PFD….

> “I could win the Bassmaster Classic, I could have the biggest bass boat out there. But…I’m glad I was there because I saved a life that day. That was the best day I’ve ever had fishing because of what happened in the end.”

Awesome. Hope B.A.S.S. recognizes him.

Birds, flies, crabs, whatever.




A motivated bass will bite anything. Face it — as much as we’re outwitted by them, they’re even dumber than this guy:
So I’m pretty surprised at how nuts everyone went over Aaron Martens’ Havasu-winning blackbird pattern. More on that:

>> Heard from a lot of people all over the U.S. that they’ve been fishing that pattern for decades. Not youngsters, which may mean they figured out how to fish on their own instead of from watching videos….

>> Some people mentioned fishing the blackbird bite, some mentioned other birds whose chicks hatch near or over the water.

>> Highlights from one story I got: “I saw several newly hatched clutches and 40 largemouth in the area where the day before I’d seen 4 or 5. Somehow they knew those eggs were hatching and came shallow. …in that area I literally could see bass camped out under those nests, waiting for a baby to slide off….”

>> The best article on this whole deal was scribbled by Stevie “All” Wright on Bassin’, here. The funniest line in that was: “The way Martens’ mind flits like a bird, especially when he’s on the weigh-in stage with emcee Dave Mercer….” Hahahaha!

In that article, sounds like David Walker may have happened onto a flying bird or dragonfly bite:

>> The fish came out of the water about a foot and engulfed Walker’s jig in the air.
“I’ve never seen that before,” Walker said.

Ike talked about a range of bites, including dragonflies and stone flies. Then there’s eels (what else is a 10-inch worm on the bottom supposed to imitate), turtles, rats and whatever the heck a buzzbait is supposed to look like.

So free your mind in Clunn-like fashion, and gitcha a Hover Lure and git goin’ already!

That was the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me in my life.




FLWer Matt Arey. Check this cool vid of that awesome thing:

Would you have ducked down and kept trying to catch the fish, or just stood there and reeled the bait back figuring the bass wouldn’t bite, and just flipped in there again — like I would have?


Guessing that fish came on the swimbait. Remember he used a 5-inch 3:16 Minnow swimbait with a 7/0 Gamakatsu EWG Monster Worm Hook, and a wacky-rigged Lunkerhunt Lunker Stick on a Gamakatsu 1/0 drop/split shot hook.

Btw pretty sure Matt said “follered” and “swallered” (Wright please check me on that) — which means he could write for the BassBlaster! (lol)




Greg Hackney goes fishing with “Mr. Crappie” and catches a crappie — then a 10-lb largie eats it and he lands both. Had the pics from this a while back, here’s the vid:

Guess we’re supposed to use bigger baits?

Gantarel punches like Bruce Lee?




Love the Blaster-like comparison shots yo!

Gitcha a Gantarel here on Tackle Warehouse.




1. J-Lu #1 in world.

Youngest ever — congrats grasshopper. Heard a rumor someone is coming out with a new world rankings….

2. Palaniuk fished with prototypes.

Storm Arashi (bless you!) cranks, which will be announced at ICAST in July.

3. FL: ‘Trap-only Open on Toho.

4. MS: Ross Barnett bite hot.

5. TX: Stamford up to 26% full…

…with recent rains.

6. CA: Diamond Valley making launch ramp longer?

Heard the Metropolitan Water District voted yes.

7. UT wants smallies out of Green River.

Threatening toothless native fish.

8. OH: Corps still want to dump in Erie.

Contaminated sludge. Corps says don’t worry, reminds me of this:

9. MN: New C&R records proposed.

10. Marine industry: ethanol is bad.

Yep! #ethanolsux

11. OH: Third Bass Pro Shops coming.

12. Anglers, hunters send $1.1 bil…

…back to states. Dang straight.

13. New Lunkerhunt website.

Simple, clean, I’m diggin’ it.

14. Bass U vid: JVD on smallie transitions.

Tip of the Day


The ultimate BYO rod?


Build Yer Own, from Anglers Resource:

> Last year, Anglers Resource completed a joint project with Fuji on a new proprietary rod-wrapping thread. The unique polyester construction (Ultra Poly) is more durable than traditional nylon and is the choice of the marine industry for UV protection.

> Ultra Poly is the first polyester thread made specifically for rod wrapping — all others are nylon. Polyester is better but always has silicone coating to pass through sewing machines, which makes finish bead up on the thread. Ours doesn’t. Lays flatter, burnishes smooth, resists fading, takes finish beautifully. 20 colors in 2 sizes.

> At about the same time, the company expanded an already large selection of custom cork and EVA handles specifically designed for Fuji Reel Seats.

> The only thing missing was the actual rod blank. Recently, after a 2-year developmental phase, Anglers Resource released a line of “super-modulus” blanks that are off the charts for light weight, sensitivity and speed.

> Point Blanks are a seamless blend of high modulus carbon fiber that many custom builders are calling the “next generation” of blanks. A 7′ medium-action blank weighs 1.49-oz [!!] and stores more casting energy for its weight than any comparable blank.

> Bernie Schultz says, “Point Blank is without a doubt the lightest, most sensitive rod blank on the market. My sons and I have tested them on everything from smallmouth bass to big tarpon, and for being so light, it’s amazing how strong they are. I’d recommend them to any rod builder.”

If you don’t BYO but wanna git one bilt, email [email protected] and they can hook you up an approved list of pro rod builders.

Quote of the Day


…nobody reaches more anglers than FLW.


Ken Mantel, senior VP of retail sales for Nickelodeon Consumer Products, talkin’ ’bout sponsorin’ former FLW head man Charlie Evans.

> …the Forrest Wood Cup, that’s the greatest thing in bass fishing history. That’s a $500,000 first place. Win that and life is made in bass fishing history. Everyone knows your name. It’s the upper echelon of all tourneys in bass fishing.”

Some folks in AL and AR be thinkin’:

Shot of the Day


Tommy Brady and his anonymous elves haven’t gotten ahold of this 5.5 smallie yet:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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