BassBlaster 9/21/12: Before Depthfinders

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Today’s Top 3

1. All-Star: 12 guys, 1 limit.

Say wha? Yep, turns out Edwin Evers was the only guy to weigh five on Shelbyville yesterday. Why?

“Some blame a fall turnover. Others say it’s the typical transitional malaise between summer and fall patterns. Still others say there just aren’t many keepers in the lake.”

C’mon guys! Edwin said he’s working two patterns, one “fairly shallow” and another offshore. that’s at least one guy who read the BassGold report!

Anyhow, here are a few of my favorite shots from

Ott Defoe and spectators: Three’s a crowd?!

Aaron vs. bank fisherman.

What KVD has tied on today.

2. U.S. fishing increased 11%.

You may have read already that the 33.1 million anglers in the U.S., as of 2011, is an 11% increase over the last time a federal survey was done in 2006. Awesome! Some more stats from the preliminary results:

> The biggest increase in anglers was on the Great Lakes anglers, a 17% increase.

> The rest of freshwater was 8% (saltwater was 15%).

> Anglers spent an average of 17 days fishing.

> Us anglers spent $41.8 billion on trips, equipment, licenses, and other stuff, partially broken down as follows:

– $6.1 billion in gear

– $2.3 bil on rods and reels

– $1.2 bil on lures

– $628 mil on terminal tackle

– $500 mil on line

3. He’d take a concrete block or heavy window or sash weight, mark a 60-foot-long rope at 10-foot intervals, tie one end to the weight and lower it over the side of the boat. As the boat drifted, he’d raise and lower the block a foot or so off the bottom. When the weight hit a drop-off, he’d line up objects like tall pines on shore to mark its location.

– Talkin’ ’bout the times before depthfinders, back when bassers had to have strong backs….



1. Field set for TX Toyota ‘Classic.’

C’mon folks, there’s only one Classic in bassin’. That said, couple highlights:

> Toyota angler Mike Iaconelli declined the sponsor exemption, with his wife due to give birth soon. Takahiro Omori will take his place.

> The other sponsor exemptions are Gerald Swindle, Kelly Jordon and Rick Clunn.

> Jay Yelas, the 2002 & 2007 FLW Angler of the Year, 2003 Bassmaster Angler of the Year and 2002 Bassmaster Classic champion will replace Andy Morgan.

> Brandon Card, the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year, will replace Dean Rojas.



Tip of the Day

KVD: picking crank colors.

From the above pic, looks like he thinks shad are the deal at Shelbyville.

> “No matter what time of the year I’m fishing, I’m concerned about bait color. What influences my selection is water clarity and the natural food source for the bass.”

> “If bass are feeding on shad, my first choice of bait color is pear or silver, and I’ll also use chartreuse or other bright colors in cloudy water. If the bass are feeding on bluegills or other small fish, I’ll fish dark colors like brown, blue and green.”

Quote of the Day

You’re always up before dawn rumbling off with your pockets stuffed with weird lures that would make a turkey buzzard hurl.

That’s an…interesting…way of saying it. Pockets?


Shot of the Day

This painting of a fisherman is supposed to sell for about $20 million in an upcoming auction. Huh?! Give your kids, dog or parakeet a paintbrush and get to makin’ your fishin’ fortune, dawgs!


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