Arizona 13-lber, Big spoon double, Win a K2 cooler


Today’s Top 5

13-lber caught in AZ!


Don’t see this every day…or even every year: a 13.2-lber smashed by Steven Boyce out of Saguaro Lake, AZ. Was 28″ long, 20″ girth. Released.

Told his bud he caught it on a Carolina-rigged pink buzzbait…so when it comes to fishin’ lures and fishin’ spots:

Legit spoon double?




From Nichols:

Some Elites gotta be tossin’ ’em today….




You and I, being bass fishermen, are skeptical. Well, check the action in this vid:

Only 90 SAMOLIANS (!!) at




Does this mean more people can fish out of a real bass boat?

> Boatbound, a San Francisco-based startup, is an online marketplace where boat owners can rent out their vessels to landlubbers who want to escape to the sea.

> In the New York area, for example, listings ranged from a $180-per-day bass boat to “take ya kids out fishing” to $7,000 per day for a 97-foot luxury yacht.

Sounds like an insurance issue but what do I know.

Win ya a K2 cooler dads!


K2 Coolers and me are celebrating dads the whole friggin’ month! Giving away 1 high-end, high-dolla K2 cooler a week like one o’ these-here:

Drool over all the K2 offerings on their website.

How do you win? 2 possible ways:

1. Post a pic of you and your kids fishin’ to the BassBlaster AND K2 Coolers FB pages.


2. Send me a cool sticker (nothing worse than rated PG) for my cue-bald white K2 cooler, because a cooler without cool stickers ain’t cool. Mailin’ addy:

Jay Kumar
Sasq Media
PO Box 133
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Winners be random-drawled. Git on it yo, and good luck!




1. Velvick out for the year.

Good decision! His back was messed up pretty bad at the Delta.

2. And once again, I have let Kentucky Lake smash my manparts.

– Sounds painful, but that’s Kevin Short talkin‘ ’bout his BASSfestivus day 1:

3. TN: Big bass kill at Paris Landing.

> “I’ve never seen such a huge bass kill on this lake,” said Sam Lashlee. “It was sickening.”

> …an official with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) told BassFan on Tuesday that an investigation had not been launched and it was unlikely one would be.


4. FL: Toho whoppers.

Recent Help Our Heroes derby had some whoppers:

That’s Joey Thigpen and Terry Frisenda with 34.05. Fatty at right was 11.85. Used Chatterbaits. Trevor Fitzgerald (of Geraldfitz Rods) and Jason Gyunn were 2nd with 30.62.

5. PA: Save Susquehanna bass campaign.

Word is the PA water-quality folks may have a bad mentor:

6. TN: FLas in Nickajack, Watts Bar.

7. AR: Big Bass Bonanza June 26-28.

8. Randy Hopper new C.A.S.T. board member.

Randy runs Ranger Boats. Cool. Also this re: C.A.S.T.:

9. New ‘AguaDrone.’

> AguaDrone can first tell you where the fish are, and then fly your lure to that spot.

Drones. I’m thinking a drone loses against a 10XD and PowerPro….


Tip of the Day



Why weren’t these things named bobbleheads? From

> I tried a variety, including Strike King’s Jointed Structure Head and Mustad’s Fastach Football Weight, and came away impressed.

> The action these swing heads impart is unlike any other soft bait presentation. Because the hook swings freely behind the jighead, the bait does things you can’t make it do with other rigs….

> …these rigs are best utilized on hard, clean bottoms. They’ll work around scattered grass bottoms, but the hard bottom is key….

> While most people rig them with small creature-style baits, I found you can use anything from a straight tail finesse worm to a big swimbait and be successful.

> Baits that seemingly have no action, like a finesse worm or a stick worm, come alive behind that jighead.

> In water where you have 3-4 feet of visibility, the smaller baits with a more subtle action work best. But when fishing stained or deeper water, bigger bulkier baits like full-size creature baits, swimbaits or even a big worm are good because they displace water and help the fish find the bait.

> At Rock, for example, the water is clear and the forage base is predominately crawfish, so something like a Strike King Rage Craw or Structure Bug is hard to beat. In ultra-clear water, I like the Strike King Menace Grub, which is what Mark Davis used to finish 2nd at Rock last year.

Quote of the Day


It is fun, doesn’t feel like I’m going to work, but on the other hand, it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had.


Elite pro Bill “Ninja Turtle” Lowen, summing it up exactly. Some pros are out of balance — when it feels like work too much, they don’t do as well in my observation. Fun is a major ingredient.

Shot of the Day


Ever release a largie this big?? #daaaaaaaayum

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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