All-Star Tourney: WWYD?

A-Mart up shallow at S’ville. What’s he doing there?!

Found the Toyota All-Star tourney pretty durn interesting, here’s why: Everyone fished shallow. Every one of the 12 guys – including Aaron Martens – fished shallow. Shelbyville, I’m talking about, which had shallow and deep fish, not the Decatur bowl which was shallow only.

It was only 12 guys and seems like they all “defaulted” to shallow, largely shoreline fish. Why? It’s not like all the fish were shallow because:

> The lake has some good fish, none of which made an appearance, so obviously they were not shallow.

> Limits were scarce, so it’s not like most of the fish were shallow.

> BassGold, which they all have access to, showed conclusively – conclusively – this time of year that you can win with shallow and/or deep fish.

So the question is why on Earth would all 12 guys fish shallow – especially someone like Aaron Martens who is absolutely killer out deep?

Think it’s this: only 12 guys.

If you had 50 or 100 guys on that lake, all of a sudden people would be off trying to find something no one else was on. That means ruling out a lot, focusing like a mofo and finding something(s) with little to zero company/competition.

The All-Stars didn’t have that pressure, and it seems like that lack of pressure devolved into a shallow-water, smaller-fish deal. They didn’t have to get creative to the max, like they usually do.

Or not. Just a thought. Anyhow: You’re at Shelbyville fishing against the Elites. How would you fish?



  1. Big D

    September 26, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Fished deep! Plain and simply better fish out deep.

  2. Duke Jenkel

    September 27, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Based on their limited practice time…shallow. The best in the business often take their whole alloted practice time (usually 2.5-3days) in a normal tour event and devote it to looking deep. With only 1 day (I think) to look around on Shelbyville, Chances are they could put together a pattern quicker looking shallow than deep. Just my $.02

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