Alien bass abductions, Giant CA bass pics, Huge slow baits for hawgs

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4 things no one’s ever talked about in bass fishing.




That’s the title of an article Zona and I did in the current issue of Bass Quest magazine…which, no offense to Brent, should have Z on the cover. Anyhow, the first thing is:

> Alien abductions

Yep, tis all about bass fishin’. Btw you can now git that mag at more than 1,000 Wally-Marts so git er done dawg!




So far this year. Actual weight was 15.28512800283043827743 lbs, but who’s counting:

Mac Weakley, Lake Dixon:

> Weakley caught the bass in Catfish Cove on a jig while sight-fishing for spawning bass. The bass was released.



Two 5 for 30+ limits.



Koinkadentally, both from Cali:

5 for 35 at the Delta

Ken Mah and Jason Austin win their second derby in a row on the Cali Delta, this time with a #stout 5 for 32 lbs:

> The team caught more than a dozen fish for the day, most of them within the first hour as the tide was on the incoming. “It was insane,” said Mah. “I remember looking at Jason and telling him that we had been fishing 43 minutes and already had almost 25 lbs. Obviously, we were on the right stretch at the right time, throwing the right bait.”

> A 1/2 oz, green pumpkin ChatterBait with a contrasting Sweet Beaver (penetration = Black/blue) accounted for four of the weigh fish. “The best description of how I was fishing it is to say it was super, super, super slow and the fish that I was catching were barely eating it.”

Also flipped one with the Sweet Beav.


But…5 for 38 at Clear Lake – son!

Winning and losing in Texas.

Catching an 11 or even a 9+ is money…usually:

Granny’s blown away.


Not a bass but pretty dang funny! Maybe just to me….



1. FLWer Lefebre’s conversion van tow vehicle.

It’s one of these, can you guess which:

Wish the KISS van was mine….

Speaking of conversion vans, check Mark Hicks rockin’ the turtleneck and bandana:


Hahaha just messin’ with ya Hicks!

2. FLWer Daniels gets Snag Proof.

3. TX: 12.93 caught on Athens.

0.07 short of a ShareLunker:

4. CA: Record spot vid.

Had to run that shot again because it’s OBSCENE man! Here’s the vid on the catch:

Word. Those Tictactoetile Bassin’ dudes are:

5. AR: Norfork charity tourney.

April 18.

6. VA: Y.E.S. youth derbies.

7. BAM punts Scout?

The Scout dudes sucked in Bass Angler Mag and Wired2Fish, BAM is now out.

8. Help a Rigid guy…


…recovering from cancer. Brian Robison has donated a sweet matte purple Vikes dome-protector and ball, all you gotta do is share the post.



Headline of the Day


Ya think????

Tip of the Day


Ish: Big baits agonizingly slow for big’uns.


Challenging tip on, honestly too challenging for me:

> The big baits…are objectively big. They are not big as compared to the local forage. I’m talking about lures like 7-inch Mizmo tubes, 8-inch S-Waiver 200 River2Sea swimbaits, big and bulky 1-ounce jigs and 9X Yamamoto Senkos.

> With these baits it’s absolutely critical that you match the hatch. Big fish want something that looks natural to them.

> If you like topwater action – and that’s a great way to catch a giant – I suggest you go with a big frog. They’ll attract the bigger fish and they can be worked around heavy cover as well as over open water. My preference is a Phat Frog made by Snag Proof.

> No matter what lure you choose, however, you must learn to fish it slow, and I do mean real slow. If you’re throwing a Senko or a jig, let it sit, pour a cup of coffee or a soft drink, twitch it a couple of times and then drink some of the coffee or soft drink you just poured. Watch your line while you do this. It’s a waiting game.

> Do basically the same thing with a swimbait. Most of them are made to swim slowly. Learn to do it so that you’re just barely bringing the bait back to the boat. You can tell when you’re doing it right. It’ll kill you. All you’ll be able to think about is cranking faster.



Quote of the Day


If anybody wants to write a story on how to catch one fish and spend about $9,000, then I’m the man to talk to.


– Gerald Swindle, as writ down by James Overstreet in JO’s latest awesome blog entry. MANY money lines in that one, check it out.



Shot of the Day


Nice! I’m hearin’ a Billy Gibbons southern boogie tune….

Last Werd

Finally mailed out baits to the Rapala Shadow Rap weeners last weekend. At the Classic I was hit up for almost all the Shadow Raps and Strike King 8.0 mega-cranks I had on me, but just found a few in my backpack. Stay tuned for how to win ’em.



Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!


Gotta have it!

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