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JK_150x225_2Who’s Jay Kumar? You might recognize the name, maybe not. Cool either way. Jay’s done a few things in bassin’ – created BassFan.com and BassGold.com, co-host of the old ESPN show Loudmouth Bass with the Z-Train, former Bassmaster senior writer – those kinda things.

In 2007 he sold the Bassin’Fan and was locked out of the sport until 2010. When he came back, all he knew for sure was that he didn’t want to do another BassFan, and that whatever he did had to be unique again. So he came up with BassGold and the daily (almost!) BassBlaster – he figured the bassin’ world needed the sense of humor and insider knowledge only he can muster up.

Guess he was right because the BassBlaster became the #2 daily read in bassin’ pretty quick, and it’s still trending up. Hope you enjoy it, bass-heads!

The best, worst and funniest in bassin'! Jay Kumar is the guy who created BassFan.com, co-hosted Loudmouth Bass with Zona, was a B.A.S.S. senior writer and a whole lot more in bassin™. Make sure you sign up for the BassBlaster email!

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