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You may have seen it already, but probly don’t know these deets.

Greg Casiciel caught it in a club derby on Hubbard Lake near Alpena, MI — 24″ and 9.32 lbs. Fish was kept ONLY because MI requires so much record verification. #changeitMI

Word from the BassBlaster Army (thx guys!) is the bait was a Mister Twister grub, lime green, probly 3″ on a Carolina rig.

Pretty sure Greg must’ve gone to Michigan State…just sayin’….




The Clear Lake Ray-o-Vac-o-Start was won by 1 oz (!!!!) by Joe Uribe Jr., his second Rayo win this-here year. #stout


> …a Lucky Craft LV 500 and RC 1.5 the first two days, but added a Texas-rigged Big Texan-colored Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver to the mix on the final day….

> …Earlier in the week, when Uribe was throwing the crankbaits more, he was making 20 or more specific casts to particular pieces of cover. Be it a shade line, rock, dock pole or clump of grass, Uribe was able to aggravate the fish into biting by really hammering on them.

> …shallow, rock and dock-studded banks…Uribe pitched and cast his 3/8-oz Texas rig to nearby grass clumps and saved his day. “I think the fish had just moved around a little and wanted it slower. Most of our fish were still shallow, only in like 2 to 5 feet….”

Had to run this double rainbow shot. (If it is a double rainbow, what does this mean? lol — watch the video.) Not sure if it’s real, but cool.

Other stuff from Clear Lake.




Top 10 stuff I found interesting:

> Uribe made ’em eat, and 2nd Jody Jordan did too: “I just kept throwing and throwing and throwing/They’re eating it because they are tired of seeing it, not because they want to eat it.” His best bait was a Strike King 10XD (gizzard shad — the only color he could make work).

> 7th: Kerry Harris’ crank of choice was a bluegill-colored 6th Sense Crush 50X squarebill.

> 3rd (Mark Crutcher) cranked in the a.m. then punched mats with this rig: 3/4-oz weight, punch skirt (green pumpkin), Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver (sprayed grass). 5th (Bryant Smith) punched mats too, and 10th (Carl Keller) also sued the sprayed grass color.

> 4th (Jim Hawkes) stroked a jig.

> 6th (Jimmy Reese, Skeet’s brother) shakey-headed points with a 7-inch Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm.

> 8th (Marco Valdez) mostly threw a 3/8-oz Booyah Buzz buzzbait, then went to a Strike King 6XD — also shallow — on the last day.

> 9th (Chris Franks) did sort of a Zaldain-esque finesse swimbaiting deal, fishing a new goby swimbait by Little Creeper behind people. (Could not find a pic of this bait, but here are Little Creeper baits on

What if we had a rule that before you launch to prefish on Monday morning a B.A.S.S. representative had to clear the waypoints from your electronics and make sure your chip is blank?




Greg “Two Fists of Fury” Hackney talkin‘ ’bout Elites gettin’ info in a GREAT column on Bassin’masterin’.com. Couple highlights:

> I know anglers who have friends, acquaintances and contacts at every place we fish. They get very specific information (waypoints) that put them on the best places to start fishing. They’re getting this information outside the 30 day rule and they aren’t paying for it so everything is legal. But is it right? Are we anglers, or are we information gatherers?

> To be fair, the majority of the guys who are doing this aren’t winning. Most of the waypoints they’re getting are known to other anglers. They’re more or less public. The winners are developing their own patterns and spots.

Hack also suggested this as a possible solution to the issue:

I think tournament fishing gets pushed too much.




Cliff “Cajun Baby’s Baby’s father” Crochet talkin’ on Mo:

> I love tournament fishing and I know a lot of anglers out there who do also, but I think that overshadows the guys who just like to be on the water. There is nothing wrong with that approach and I think as an industry, we could work harder on promoting that guy and his style of fishing, because that’s where we all came from!




1. Win Randy Howell’s boat.

Chance at a $75K boat with a $100 tax-deductible ticket. Git it!

2. Ike’s famous! (Almost.)

His “NEVER GIVE UP!” Classic celebration — which changed bass fishing more than you may know — was the 5th greatest sports celebration in sports history according to TSN Canada, which I think is some sports network…in Canada….

3. Z’s new wrap.

4. MFLers/Elitists are volunteer fire fighters.

Not really but…kinda looks like it?

5. FLWer Scott Martin on BassEdge Radio.

New BassEdge website too.

6. Cool story about Vietnamese basser.

> “When I went shopping with my mom, I’d stay in the magazine isle and read Bassmaster Magazine.”

I did the same thing too, but in an AISLE copy-editor yo! Pretty sure these guys work at Magazine Isle:

7. Bassers seen 7 miles out in Gulf.

Probly cheaper and safer to buy Chicken of the Sea.

8. SD: Yes spearing smallies is legal there.

Well, I guess it’s just one fish that I assume he will eat but it still looks wrong to me:

9. 2016 B.A.S.S. Nation schedule.

Will increase participation? Would be good if so.

10. AR: Beaver winter series starts soon.

Beaver + winter = ?????

11. Italian bass championship starts today.

Vini vidi vici!

12. Swim-jig tips with FLWer Matt Arey.

13. Hudd rods are back.

14. PA: PFDs required Nov 1-Apr 30.

15. Sweet Pizz flat-brim breast cancer hat.

16. Cheap way to get mercury out of water.

Made out of orange peel.

Tip of the Day

Pickwick guide Jimmy Mason:

> “A dropshot is something you want to keep rigged this time of year, even if it’s not the way you’re fishing any given day. When you mark fish below, it’s something you can often drop it down to those fish and make them bite.”

> The main exception to his vertical preference occurs when he knows of fish that are using a somewhat shallow spot, especially if the water is extra clear and the sun is shining bright.

> “If I’m concerned about spooking the fish, I’ll make a short pitch to a spot, with the boat not over it, tighten the line, and work the dropshot slowly across the area where I expect the fish to be.”

> Mason considers less to be more in terms of action this time of year. Once the bait is in place he’ll alternate gentle shakes or slow jiggles with pauses. …he keeps the bait above the weight by keeping the line tight.

> Mason noted that dropshotting isn’t only for working the bottom…it’s an outstanding rig for targeting fussy suspended fish.

> Mason’s go-to winter dropshot bait is the YUM Kill Shot…. With the bass and their forage slowed by the coolness of the water, he prefers a bait that doesn’t do too much shimmying. The Kill Shot has a small-diameter ribbed body that is flat on one side and tapers toward a rounded chub tail.

Quote of the Day

Gotta love a sexy fall morning.

Dave Mercer in a boat…in the morning…in fall. Are fall mornings sexy in Canada? Are they sexy everywhere and I’ve just been missing it??

Shot of the Day

This an awesome shot or what? Kid will either win the Classic or the Heisman:



Okay you Niners fans — do you see the resemblance?

You fish these baits yet?

The best, yo!

Gitcha informed…

Get a K2 cooler cuz!

Be learnin’ about these products


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