4 for 40, ‘Traps cracking giants, Crochet on bait angles


Today’s Top 5

Four for 40+!


BB reader Matt D. gittin’ ‘er done mang! Wouldn’t give the deets, but let’s just say it MIGHT (wink-wink) have been thusly:

> Deps 250 (flash trout) over a deep rockpile.
> Lake Kaweah
> Caught all 4 in 20 minutes.

Asked for the GPS points and if I could borrow his boat, have not heard back…lol.
Tx Matty!

It’s ‘Trap time.

Here’s yet another T-Bend ham caught on a Rat-L-Trap:

Deets: Brian Branum, 11.57-lber, Six Mile Creek on Toledo Bend. Used a 1/2-oz L6 Lectric Red Rat-L-Trap on 16-pound Sunline fluorocarbon:

Btw, the winning team in the recent Guntersville Rat-L-Trap Classic (‘Traps only) were using 1/2-oz originals in these colors::

Cran-apple (#112)

Bone/orange belly (#06)

Rayburn red craw (#587)

Two 10+ fish in that derby.

Do it all.

KVD advice to Casey “yes I really am this nice a dude” Ashley, meaning:

> “Even if it’s an interview request from a newspaper reporter who doesn’t know anything about fishing and only has 10,000 readers, you should take the time to do it because that’s a chance to educate 10,000 more people about the sport.”

A little-known, frequently taken-for-granted thing about Kevin is he does all the non-fishing things — like being available — probably better than anyone.

Don’t get these from video games yo!


Can’t wait.

Why wasn’t Al Gore right??

Where is friggin’ global warming? I’m ready!! So ready this is startin’ to look almost fun:

Guess it’s cold in Japan too:

Speaking of Japan, check this teeny weeny dropshot rod — looks like an ice rod:


1. How Evers outfished himself at the Classic.

Great honest account. Did you know he checked in late on day 1?

2. Monroe-Pochet case closed.

3. Montgomery, Brauer on BassEdge Radio.

4. TN: KY Lake Cabela’s college event.

March 13-15.

5. MN: New C&R season for bass.

> Beginning May 9, anglers in most of the state can catch and release bass until the regular harvest season opens Saturday, May 23. Meanwhile, anglers in northeast Minnesota can continue to catch and keep bass during these two weeks. Northeast Minnesota is defined as essentially north and east of U.S. Highway 53.

Hello NY??

6. Power-Pole control on Lowrance.

Coming this summer:

7. 9″ ABT Suicide Glide available.

8. Story of the Bull Shad…

…and a couple other homemade baits. Cool.

Bass biz folks, check this statement:

> Bucca has stopped guiding and now employs a team of six who help him create Bull Shads, which he’s shipped to every state except Alaska and every continent except Antarctica. Australians use them to catch barramundi.


Is it just me or does this bait look like a dead fish?

9. NH: HS bass fishing seminar at BPS.

Pam Martin-Wells, Trait Crist and Nicole Jacobs Sunday, March 8, at 7:00 pm EST, live-streaming from

Love it.

11. Bass U TV: McClelland on jerkbaits.

Tip of the Day

Quick one but a good one:

> Cover allows bass to set up in a position so that they can always attack something.

> I think angles are very important. When a fish is set up on a certain piece of cover, I think there is always a certain angle that you can pass a bait that will force a bass to react and bite the bait.

Don’t know ’bout you, but I don’t spend enough time thinking about that….

Btw here’s a Cold Cajun at the Classic, day 1 launch. Asked him how he was doin’, he said: “I’m cool…I got a K2 cooler.” Thought that was pretty funny. Check K2 coolers here.

Quote of the Day

…several told me that if it wasn’t for fishing, wasn’t for the opportunity to be on a college fishing team, they wouldn’t even be thinking about going to college.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana college fishin’ kid after talking to some high school kids, as told to donny barone.

That’s not just stout but:

Shot of the Day

Coolio Brandon Palaniuk shot of a new Rapala Shadow Rap — that’s the Shadow Rap Deep btw:

Great rods/reels mang!

Awesome line!

Killah baits yo!

Rad info dude!

Gotta have it!

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